1. I don’t work in Flash
    I wrote a best selling book in 2000 called Flash Web Design but stopped using Flash a few years later as I moved into bigger corporate site design.
  2. I no longer design web sites
    Though I still love site design and have in the past designed a few pretty heavilly visited sites out there, I gave up web design to make films and commercials in 2007.
  3. I make films for the web
    Most of the work I do is for the web. I have been making short films for the web since 2001 with clients ranging from IBM, Nokia, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, Sprint, Rolling Stone and others. In fact I wrote a book called “Making Short Films for the Web” in 2005.
  4. I make commercials for TV
    Not as often as I’d like to, frankly, but I did shoot four of the most viewed commercials of 2010 for IBM/Ogilvy.
  5. I make feature films
    One so far. David Byrne’s “Ride Rise Roar” which premiered at SXSW and got great reviews from Wired, Hollywood Reporter, and Variety. I’m hard at work on another. The new one is called “The Happy Film”.
  6. I make short artist profiles
    Called the Artist Series, this popular series has been ongoing since 2005 and has featured mostly designers like Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, and David Carson, but also filmmaker Mark Romanek, artist Lawrence Weiner, and architect Daniel Libeskind. Collectively the series films have been viewed millions of times.
  7. I make short dramatic films too
    I’ve made nine so far and though they have been awarded various medals and been included in film fests and such, they don’t get the attention the Artist Series Films do. They’re really good though. Have a look.