Mark Romanek

Directed, Shot & Edited by Hillman Curtis. Produced by Hillmancurtis

I had been a fan of Mark’s for years leading up to this shoot and had met him briefly on the Fox Searchlight lot in L.A. At the time I think he was interested in me doing the website for One Hour Photo, but that project went to another firm. About a year later I was in L.A. again buying a car and I asked Mark if he minded if I came over a shot an Artist Series on him. I found his house up in the hills and we started to set up a shot infront of his giant cork board full of pictures of his influences. He sat down and I lined up what I thought would be a good shot. “You like that shot?” he asked. “Think so” I said. “You sure?” he asked.”Maybe not” I said knowing what was coming…”want to look?”

At that he got up and had me sit in the chair and began adjusting the tripod and untacking some of the pictures on the board and placing them strategically to augment the shot. “There” he said, “thats better”

And it was.