Paper Jam Press

paper jam press

One of my best friends, Arianna Orland, has a new batch of posters. I have “Today was a Good Day” above my desk and some days I really need it. These are hand pulled and it’s almost a shame to have to frame them because it feels so good to run your hands across the paper, feeling the recessed letters. See the collection here  

Ride, Rise, Roar in the UK


My sister in-law recently told me she saw my first feature film “Ride, Rise, Roar” at a theater in London, double billed with Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Sounds like a good double bill and she told me RRR held up nicely against the Banksy film which I loved. But in general the film is generating more attention and laying more screens in the uK than anywhere else. I’m hoping now that we have a solid stateside distribution deal we’ll start to see it on screens here as well.

Steve Jobs

Picture 1

  I’ve always been one for heroes. My artist series is all about creative people who are  heroic in their approach to work and process…and I’ve been in awe of Steve Jobs for many years now. The reasons should be obvious, but recently I’ve been moved by his courage. In a society that fears illness and death deeply, the pressure for many struck with illness is to isolate and hide. I have some experience in these matters. Watching Mr. Jobs introduce the 2011 WWDC and get a standing ovation was moving. His voice was weaker than before and he slipped up a couple of times but there he was…fearless and…Continue

Josh Davis Shoot


I recently had the pleasure of filming Josh Davis at his home studio in Long Island. The film was a commercial for Nokia through the agency RGA. I’ve filmed Josh three times now. The first was in his studio for Adobe back in 2004, then we travelled to Germany to film him at the BMW headquarters a few years later. This one found Josh at 40, a drinker of 16 oz redbulls – sometimes as many as five in an afternoon. This struck me as odd since Josh has more natural energy than two of me.

The Happy Film in Bali

Hillman, producer Ben Nabors, and Stef Sagmeister in Bali

We returned from almost two weeks in Bali filming Stefan meditating with some solid footage, including a new maxim comprised of Balinese dancers forming the words with large orange swaths of material. This section will be a challenge to edit but will no doubt render a few golden nuggets.