Steve Jobs

Picture 1


I’ve always been one for heroes. My artist series is all about creative people who are ¬†heroic in their approach to work and process…and I’ve been in awe of Steve Jobs for many years now. The reasons should be obvious, but recently I’ve been moved by his courage. In a society that fears illness and death deeply, the pressure for many struck with illness is to isolate and hide. I have some experience in these matters. Watching Mr. Jobs introduce the 2011 WWDC and get a standing ovation was moving. His voice was weaker than before and he slipped up a couple of times but there he was…fearless and involved. Not isolated nor hiding out.

Watching second in command Phil Schiller bumble on stage immediately after, chubby and completely devoid of charisma yelling “come on…energy in the room” ¬†was classic silicon valley exec. wonk.