The Most Important Things You Need to Know About ROGERS RO3035 Laminate Overview

If you’ve been looking for another laminate floor that doesn’t cost the earth but still looks and feels great, then look at the ROGERS RO3035. It boasts of all the features of a premium laminate in an affordable package.

The RO3035 has one of the strongest backing boards in the industry. It’s virtually tearproof and easy to cut. This flooring is also suitable for underfloor heating due to its very low thermal conductivity. In addition, it boasts a lifetime guarantee. This laminate floor also offers exceptional value as it is available in 12mm thickness and all sizes except 1000mm x 2000mm.


The detail and craftsmanship on this new range are exceptional, boasting seven color tones with coordinating border strips and 3D effect faux wood grain. There are also three excellent surface finishes Bright, Natural, and Dark Oak. With a strong, durable, and realistic feel, the ROGERS RO3035 is one of the most popular laminate floors today.



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Professional installers and DIY enthusiasts alike can install this laminate flooring. It can provide a smooth finish on all edges and joints. It makes it suitable for use with underfloor heating, including gas, radiant, or convected heat (Warmlite). However, many users prefer to use underfloor heating.

You should avoid installing this flooring with underfloor heating that has a ground source heat pump.

This product is moisture sensitive. Therefore, standard underfloor heating systems are not suitable for use with water, steam, or wet rooms. Please get in touch with our Technical Support team for further advice if you wish to install this floor with an underfloor heating system.

Material Description

ROGERS RO3035 Laminate has PTFE composites offering dramatically increased gloss and durability,

AND NOW with an added heat resistance backing board.

Unlike other floors with a paperback, adding to the labor-intensive fitting process, we have used a very high-quality plastic back, which does away with the need for double gluing the planks. Additionally, the plastic is water-resistant and can lay in wet rooms, which would typically not be possible with laminate flooring that has a paper backing.

The new ROGERS RO3035 combines the strength of a 10mm backboard with the increased durability and added heat resistance of a 0.4mm thermo-plastic film composite, giving you the best possible combination of strength and protection for your floors.

One 5M* roll covers 7.48 sq m at 12mm thickness, so don’t forget to consider this when working out how much you will need to cover any particular area.


This product may be delivered directly from the supplier to your door, or you may collect it from our store (subject to availability). In the case of collection, please bring your receipt so that we can ensure that only your order is ready for collection. In this way, we can avoid any complications at delivery.

This product should not be stored in any heated or un-insulated spaces and always be kept in the original packaging.



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Laying Out The Flooring:

First of all, it is essential to plan and layout the flooring where we will place the furniture. The pattern of these may differ from one room to another. It would be different for each customer depending on their preferences. It is essential to lay out the flooring before installing it to avoid complications.

Installation Of The Flooring:

Ensure that nails are forced into the plank from left to right when laying the floor. This will help with the easier fitting of furniture when re-laying in case of an error during installation.

When installing the flooring, ensure that you place the central plank into position before laying out the other planks.

It is advisable to check each plank by inserting a coin or similar object into any gaps between two planks as a precaution. In this way, we can confirm that there are no hidden gaps and that you can enjoy your new floor without any surprises!

Also, ensure that you leave some space around walls and edges for expansion joints, fixing points for wall units, etc.


Use the “filler” (provided by manufacturers) to bind the planks together. The filler is an adhesive that binds the planks together and transfers loads evenly into each plank. It also reduces the chances of squeaks in joints caused by furniture movements on a wood floor. In addition, the finished floor gives a very soft feeling, making it ideal for all types of furniture placements like TV units, wardrobes, etc.

Multilayer Adhesive System:

This product is undoubtedly a very attractive flooring, but it can be challenging to install, such as a laminated floor and furniture. Therefore, it would be wise to use the “Multilayer Adhesive System” to help you with the installation process and ensure that you will not have any accidents while installing this product.

The manufacturer of these laminate floors guarantees that you will get the best possible result. So, you can enjoy your flooring for many years.

Multilayer Bond Cycle:

The adhesive cycle is based on a laminated floor that the wrong application of the adhesive could easily damage. Therefore, the first layer (step 1) gains and adheres to the floor surface, is easy to fit and stretch, and does not shrink.

Step 2 will help fasten the first layer and provide a stable condition for further layers.

Step 3 is essential to strongly bind planks, slow down movement from furniture, etc.



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Double-Sided Circuit Processing

When using Double-sided Circuit Processing, filling up the gaps between planks with any ordinary glue (polyurethane or polyester) is recommended.

This technique would allow you to easily fit furniture onto the flooring and make it possible for you to fit into places that are difficult to reach, such as corners.

Using this technique will not be necessary for using a “cleaning agent” to remove any residue glue once you finish laying the floor.


Make holes with a drill with a hole width of 4mm. If you are not sure whether your flooring has its template, you should consult the manufacturer in this regard.

It is worth investing in a machine that can do this job for you regarding the number of holes that need drilling into the planks. Also, it is essential to use a suitable machine (yes, this could also save you time).


It is essential to deburr any sharp edges of the plank. This will ensure that your flooring will not be affected by any accidental damage or injuries.

This laminate flooring can be expensive and will be in use for a long. Therefore, ensuring that you finish the edges to protect your investment. You can do this by using a suitable machine or a file (though it may take time).

Hole Preparation:

It is advisable to clean the surface of your flooring with a suitable machine that can make the edges smooth. If the edges are not smooth, you may have accidents during the installation and fitment of furniture.

Preground Preparation:

It is advisable to pre-clean you’re flooring before laying it down. This will help to make it easier for you to lay the flooring in a straight line, as well as help it to be able to reduce any possible problems that may occur during installation (such as cracking).



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It is also wise to use the appropriate tools to cut the planks as they are very sharp.

Using a machine to ensure all these steps are critical is best because your hands would get injured otherwise. In addition, with a machine, you can easily follow the lines and make sure the edges of your flooring are smooth. And some of these machines (such as those made by Rayming PCB & Assembly) allow you to do almost everything without much effort.

Final Surfaces:

To ensure that you get the best out of your flooring, you must make sure that you leave some space around edges and corners for expansion joints. This will ensure that your flooring will last longer and make sure that it allows for any movement in the flooring caused by furniture movements.

Final Circuitization:

This technique is an excellent way of ensuring that your flooring will last for years and ensure that the flooring you have will not be affected by any accidents. It also helps ensure that your flooring does not crack at all. In addition, the final circuitization will increase your floor’s stability and prevent any movement from furniture caused by activities like children, pets, and even adults.

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