PCB Capabilities

PCB Capabilities 

PCB Capabilities

PCB Technology is changing very fast,Every year new technology or new machines join PCB manufacturing,If you doubt your design that can manufacture or not ,Send emails to sales@raypcb.com,We love to give some suggtions basing on the lasting production process .


1. Max Layers: 1 to 56 Layer PCB

2. PCB Raw Materials:Fr4,Rogers,Aluminum,Copper,Cem1,Teflon,Taconic,Arlon,Isola (Mixed Lamilate  is accepteable like:Fr4+Rogers Material)

3. Max Panel Size : 600*770mm( 23.62″*30.31″)   for long PCB board one side can be 1500mm .

4. PCB Thinkness: Rigid PCB – 0.1mm -5.6mm         Flex PCB:0.1 -0.3mm

5. PCB Hole Size:   Min 0.15 by drilling  , Min 0.1mm by Laser

6. Min Line Width/Space : Rigid PCB – 3mil/3mil  , Flex PCB 2mil / 2mil

7.Inner /outner Copper Thickness : Max –  6 oz/10 oz

8.Solder Mask Colors: Green,Black,Blue,White,Yellow,Red,Purple ( Mixed colors is acceptable like Top green bottom white )  Peelabe Solermask  is welcome .

9.Silkscreen Colors: White,Yellow,Red,Black

10.PTH Hole Tolerance : ±0.076mm(±3mil)  (Request pressfit hole :≤±0.05 )

11.Non-PTH Hole Tolerance: ±0.05mm(±2mil)

12. Hole Copper Thickness: 20um normall , 25-30 is available .

13.Min Solder Mask Pitch : 0.1mm (4mil )  (Solder Mask Bridge  0.1mm)

14. Min  Inner Layer Clearance : 3 mil

15. PCB Impedance Control:  1×1012Ω(Normal)   Control Tolerance :   +/- 10%

16.PCB Warp and Twist Control:  ≤0.7%

17.PCB  Insulation Resistance : 1×1012Ω(Normal)
18.PCB Through Hole Resistance :  <300Ω(Normal)
19.PCB Thermal Shock :  3×10sec@288℃

20.Test Voltage 50-330V

21. Outline Tolerance : ±0.15mm ±6mil

22. Outline Methods: Routing,V-Groove, Beveling punch

23. PCB Surface Process : OSP,Hasl,LF-HASL,Immersion Gold(ENIG), Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,Plating Gold (Hard Gold) ,ENEPIG (NI/PA/AU)

24. Others:   1.Countersink Hole 2.Carbon Oil 3.Half Hole  4.HDI (Blind and Buried any layer connect)5.Rigid Flex PCB

25. Standard: IPC II / IPC III , Military Grade



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