Sunstone PCB: Services, Advantages & Disadvantages

Sunstone Circuits is a promising producer of PCBs and operates from different continents of the world. The company originated in Oregon and has been functional for many years. 

The company took its start with different services related to printed circuit boards, System integrators, and others. The company takes great pride in its production of remarkable circuit boards. The professionals can also deal with different circuit boards that contain 5-6 layers. 

The designs and layouts of the company are also reliable to work on for the pragmatic production of the circuits later. There is a large workforce of associates of the company that are always well-equipped and prepared to deal with all sorts of client problems. The additional services of the company are the design development of printed circuit boards, an inspection of these circuits, and other relevant services.

The company has a long list of allies and boasts a large network of electronic suppliers as well. There are several attributes that pervade the company and boost its firm stance among the customers and in the market.

Services offered by Sunstone PCB

1. PCB Manufacturing

One major service offered by the company is the production of printed circuit boards. The professionals will schedule your meeting for a friendly and transparent consultation and order placement.

The company is open to producing intense and simple circuits, RF/microwave circuits, and pinout/breakout circuit boards as per the client’s requirements.

There is a definite management system of 3-4 levels of services. These levels are variable to exceed the expectations of different customers. The quotations are also flexible so that the clients can freely discuss their ideas with the associates. 

2. DFM Solutions for CAD Tools

There are different reports that show the significance of designs of printed circuit boards. These layouts are actually the foundation of the later production of the PCBs. In this case, CAD is a reliable software. The company specializes in CAD to rectify all the errors in the designs for clients. The tool is also helpful in producing quick prototypes so that these can be further refined for production. 

3. DFMplus

DFMplus is a special tool from the company. It helps in the seamless submission of the last design that was under development. This online service that is absolutely free for the customers.

The additional services offer by the tool is delivery of the project reports according to the type and size of circuit boards.

The system is helpful in determining the quality of the prototypes. Also, for the rectification of technical issues in the layouts, the system is tried and tested, which renders astonishing results.

4. PCB Solder Stencils

Another irresistible offer made by the company is the solder stencil. This can be included easily in the production of printed circuit boards as soon as they go into the production phase.

Customers need to choose from different stencil options in terms of size and type so that technicians can start working on the orders immediately. It is a good move from the company, and several people have procured huge advantages from this offer.

Stencils provide an extra edge to the printed circuit boards and set them apart from the others as well. This boosts their performance and life length as well so that these can outperform all other variants in terms of durability. 

Major Advantages of Sunstone PCB

The major advantages rendered by the company and its viable strategies are for making its products cost-efficient and balancing time to market at the same time. There is a dedicated system for reducing the production duration, and all the companies can follow its approach. The system is an ECOsystemSM design environment.

The sole advantage of the setup is to reduce the time consumed by the production and would expedite the process as well. This particularly helps when the company has to deal with bulk production. The setup is useful for maintaining flexibility for the companies, and they become unstoppable to keep growing. The setup also houses the ECOsystemSM design environment.

This type of development offers services and expertise in inspecting the prototypes and detecting the user interfaces for any flaws and errors. 

This strategy accommodates the companies in lowering the production budget as much as possible. The five major pillars of this system are:

  • User-friendly Designs
  • Easily searching
  • Configuration of parts
  • Common processes and parts
  • Smart Cloud Manufacturing

The Disadvantage Of Sunstone PCB

Despite the fact that there is a bright side to the system. The system has its cons as well. One major setback that comes with the system is that it does not work with Altium.

The users have to rely on a separate tool called PCB123 for finalizing the designs of printed circuit boards. This can be problematic for users who are used to working with Altium for their projects. 

· Altium and PCB123 integration

The Altium Designer’s interface is identical to some of the other designing tools. There have been different modifications in this tool for ease. The tool is beneficial for flawless design development.

There are different converters like CAD-to-CAD or PCB-to-PCB converters. Their job is to help the users submit their prototypes into the database of the system. The Altium is now supportive of collaborations as per its new modifications.

The file transfer is encrypted and works with a protected website network. It comprises a cloud-driven system programmed by the company. The objective is to empower the user to develop fast and cost-efficient circuits.

The prototypes act as a foundation with the help of different materials like FR4 plastic and foils made from copper metal. The circuits are developed by working on the intricate layers and placing them accurately to achieve a particular prototype. 


The parameter of the ECOsystemSM design environment can be the origin and inspiration for different producers these days so that they become more vigilant to use their raw materials and resources in a productive way with less wastage as possible.

The system will also allow the companies to deploy their dedicated teams in a good manner to save time and investment. The designs and prototypes will be state-of-the-art and will also be unmatched in performance, reliability, and standard. 

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