How to Choose Top Electronics Manufacturing Companies

The electronics industry is positively contributing to development in the world. As technology keeps advancing, the industry keeps experiencing great improvement. Electronics are part of our daily life. Consumer electronics like radio, mobile phones, and more make life easier for us. The increasing demand for technological advancements is a great challenge for electronics manufacturers.

Also, electronic manufacturing companies design and produce electronics at small-scale and large-scale. An electronic manufacturing service provider may offer full systems assembly for OEMs. There are several EMS providers in the world. However, some companies offer top-quality services and products.

An Overview of the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

The electronics industry spans across different sectors. These sectors include aerospace, medical, automotive, and more. Also, this industry contributes to the growth of other sectors. For instance, the use of advanced medical devices has a huge impact in the medical sector. Also, robotics and automation are the driving force of the industrial sector.

There is an increasing demand for automotive electronics. This demand for safety systems contributed to this surge. Also, there is a growing demand for consumer electronics. The electronics industry keeps evolving as new technologies are being introduced.

Top Electronics Manufacturing Companies

TE connectivity Ltd

This electronics company is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Also, TE Connectivity Ltd designs sensor and connectivity products for extreme harsh environments. This electronics company designs electronics products for several industries.

TE connectivity is offering solutions to the toughest challenges of the future. The electronics products designed by this company can connect and enable data flow. Also, this company is a leader when it comes to electronics production.

This company works through three segments. These segments are industrial solutions, communication solutions, and transportation solutions. The industrial solutions segment provides products like connector systems and terminals. Also, the communication solutions segment provides electronic components for devices and appliances markets. The transportation solutions segment provides sensor and connectivity technologies.

Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation manufactures advanced materials for use in power electronics and PCBs. Its products include power electronics for hybrid-electric vehicles and solutions for radar systems. Also, Rogers Corporation is an electronics company dedicated to offering superior solutions to meet the demanding challenges of its customers. Also, this global technology leader progresses with rapid technology development.

With its headquarters in Chandler, Arizona, Rogers Corporation has a great reputation.  This company comprises two different segments which are elastomeric material solutions and advanced electronics solutions.

Also, Rogers Corporation has over 180 years of experience in material science and process engineering. This explains why it offers high reliability and high performance products. Rogers has been able to power and connect the world with its innovative material technologies.


ABB stands for ASEA Brown Boveri. It is one of the largest electronics companies that develops and supplies automation and power technologies.  ABB has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. This electronic company has more than 100 years experience in electronics production.

Also, this company transforms the electronics industry by connecting its software to automation, electrification, and robotics. ABB has a history of excellence and productivity that stretches back to 124 years. Also, this electronic company works with skilled and experienced professionals.

ABB has continued to deliver top-quality electronic products. This company has had a huge impact in electronics production. Also, it offers support and professional advice to its customers.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics specializes in the manufacturing of consumer electronics and home appliances. It is one of the largest producers of smartphones and other consumer electronics. Also, this company keeps reinventing the future by discovering technologies to make lives better.

Furthermore, Samsung Electronics produces electronic components like image sensors, camera modules, and more. Also, this company works with professionals who have vast experience in electronics production. With a large market capitalization, Samsung keeps focusing on great innovations.

Samsung has several sales network and assembly plants scattered all over the world. Also, it focuses on delivering quality. The company also invests in the development and innovation of new technology to provide high reliable electronic products. Also, Samsung focuses on four major areas in the electronics world. These areas are LCD digital appliances, digital media, telecommunication, and semiconductors.

Hon Hai Precision Industry

Hon Hai Precision Industry is one the largest electronics companies in the world. The Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturer produces electronics for several countries. Hon Hai precision, also known as Foxconn, is one of the largest employers of labor in Taiwan. Foxconn designs connectors and cable assemblies. Also, this company focuses on delivering a range of cable assemblies and connectors for notebook PCs and desktop.

This industry leading company offers integrated mechanical solutions for environmental and functional problems. Also, this company has several distribution centers across cities in Asia and Europe. This company has partnered with United Keys Inc to design display-key input devices. Display-keys enable image-based and interactive communication between users and software.

Intel Corporation

Intel is one of the top electronics companies in the world. This American multinational electronic company has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Intel was one the largest producers of semiconductor in the world. Also, it was once the world’s largest value chip making company. Intel produces integrated circuits, motherboard chipsets, and network interface controllers.

This electronic company focuses on shaping the future of technology. Also, this company contributes to development that makes our daily lives better. With more than 50 years of experience, this company focuses on powering the future of communications and computing.

Intel’s incomparable depth of experience enables it to deliver advances in connectivity and power across diverse data-centric workloads. Therefore, its customers can explore the power of data. Also, Intel works with a team of professionals that enable great experiences in AI, 5G, and more.

Apple Inc.

This industry-leading electronics company is well-known for its dedication to rendering quality electronic manufacturing services. Apple Inc. is a Californian-based electronics company that designs, manufacturers, and delivers consumer electronics. Also, this company has more than 40 years experience in electronics production.

Apple Inc. has made huge contributions in communication and computing. Also, this company has maintained a long-standing reputation over the years. Therefore, it has gained devotion from its loyal customers. Apple Inc. designs and produces consumer electronics like personal computers, wearables, and smartphones.

This electronics company has a great history in innovation and competence. Apple Inc. employs skilled professionals who focus on contributing to advancement in the electronics industry. As a result of its influential reputation in the electronics industry, this company ranked the largest electronics company in 2020.


Huawei is a Chinese-based electronics company that specializes in designing and producing consumer electronics. This company provides top-notch electronics manufacturing services. Also, it is a leading producer of ICT infrastructure and smart devices. It is one of the top electronics manufacturers that offers integrated solutions across four major domains. These domains include cloud service, telecom networks, smart devices, and IT.

With a large market capitalization, Huawei focuses on bringing digital to every individual and organization. It is one of the electronic companies that have been able to provide competitive products and services. Also, this company invests hugely in basic research that aims to provide technological breakthroughs.

As a result of collaboration with ecosystem organizations, Huawei has been able to create great value for its customers. Furthermore, it considers customer needs as regards innovation.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Electronics Manufacturing Companies

There are several electronics manufacturing companies in the world. However, It is important to consider some factors when choosing these electronic companies.


Experience is an important factor you need to look out for in an electronics company. Also, experience tells more about a company’s reputation. Full-fledged companies are reliable as they provide top-quality services. Reputable companies take pride in offering high-quality electronic products.

Industry compliance

Top electronic companies should ensure utmost compliance with industry standards and regulations. Also, they should adhere to quality regulations and standards for electronics production. Compliance to industry standards reveals the level of a company’s commitment to quality products. Therefore, you can look out for high degree certifications like ISO 9001 and DD2345.

Design capabilities

Design capabilities are critical when choosing an electronic company. Also, this company should have ample design resources. This company should be able to assist you throughout the design procedures. In addition, this company should be able to offer feedback and advice on any component. Therefore, a top electronics company should offer great design capabilities and proficiencies.

Technology advancement

Top electronics companies adopt advanced machinery and equipment. Also, these companies integrate state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, their electronic products are very reliable and effective.  A company operates well when it employs advanced technology and practices.

Post production services

Some electronic companies offer post-production service to their customers. Such companies will guide you throughout the post-production phase.


There are several electronics manufacturers in the world. However, it is important to partner with top electronics manufacturers to achieve quality. In this article, we have reviewed some of the top electronics companies in the world. Also, we have outlined factors that help you choose the best companies.

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