Everything You Should Know About High TG PCB 

A high TG PCB is a printed circuit board. It can tolerate high temperatures. High TG refers to the glass transition temperature. It indicates a point at which the printed circuit board will start to de-shape.

If the current temperature crosses the designated TG value, the board will begin to change its shape. It changes from a solid to a semi-solid state. This situation will affect the circuit board’s performance in a particular device.

Heat generation and high temperatures badly affect the working of PCB in modern machines. Engineers focused on heat and temperature resistance instead of finding a way to minimize heat generation; they introduced high TG boards.

Let’s have a closer look at what high TG PCBs are and what their advantages are. How do high TG PCBs perform well as compared to ordinary PCBs?

What is high TG PCB?

 The transition temperature of glass (TG) is one of the significant characteristics of epoxy material. That’s why high TG PCBs are a requirement of every machine. Other famous names for High TG PCB are high-temperature PCB or high-heat resistance PCB.

Commonly printed circuit boards (PCBs) can endure the operating temperature up to 120°C. Such PCBs can work in normal devices and appliances. Such PCBs are not suitable for high-temperature electronic devices.

When the TG of any matter is more than one-sixty Celsius, then that specific material is called a high TG material. High TG materials are ideal for manufacturing PCBs. FR-4 material is one of the High TG materials. FR-4 material is suitable for PCBC that can tolerate temperatures up to one-sixty Celsius. That’s why high TG boards are suitable for high-temperature electronic devices.

High TG PCBs can bear high temperatures. They also have many other mechanical and electric properties. They can resist pressure and moisture, too. That’s why high TG boards are in great demand and are part of all modern electronic devices.

 What happens to ordinary PCBs at extreme temperatures?

When the temperature is high and more than the TG value of PCB, then the problem starts. Circuit board changes from its solid crisp shape to a rubbery state. The Circuit board doesn’t melt properly but becomes rubbery and affects the performance of the device or appliance. 

Characteristics of a High TG PCB

Nowadays, electronic devices are more complex with high power density designs. Multilayer and complex circuits generate more heat and raise the temperature. For such devices, ordinary PCBs cannot work efficiently.

PCBs should be resistant to the high temperature generated during the device’s functioning. That’s why high TG PCBs are ideal for complex electrical and mechanical devices. Following are some characteristics of High TG PCB that make them ideal for all modern devices and appliances.

High resistance to temperature and pressure

High TG PCBs have High resistance to temperature and pressure. Their high thermal resistance value makes them ideal for working in the highest temperatures. Such devices and appliances that use more power to work produce more heat and temperature inside. High TG PCB doesn’t affect their efficiency.

Never De-shape, even in high temperatures.

High TG PCBs have enhanced mechanical and electrical properties. So they don’t lose their solid crisp shape even in extreme heat and temperature. High TG PCBs have a low thermal expansion, so they are ideal for complex circuits and devices. It means they don’t expand even at higher temperatures.

Show less chemical damage in the harsh internal environment.

High TG circuit boards are robust and also show resistance to chemical erosions. They are less affected by chemicals. High TG PCBs are undoubtedly superior to ordinary PCBs but can cost you high. Devices that have high TG PCBs are also expensive because their robustness and temperature resistance make them ideal for working in high-energy electronic applications.  

 Why are high TG PCBs in great demand?

Why are high TG PCBs in great demand? Following are some reasons: high TG PCB has unmatchable properties that enable them to work in high operating temperatures.

It increases the life of electronic and mechanical devices.

A high TG PCB is a durable printed circuit board. It can resist extreme temperatures and humidity. It also has high chemical resistance, so there are fewer chances of acid damage. That’s why electronic devices with high TG PCBs have a long life span.

 It is ideal for high-power density designs.

 Nowadays, devices are complex, so a high TG PCB Printed circuit board is ideal for high-power design electronic devices. Due to technological advancement, their demand in the heavy mechanical industries has been growing for the last few years. 

It improves the functionality of multi-layer PCBs.

Since multi-layer PCBs are delicate and complex. Multi-layer PCBs are part of complex and delicate devices. Multi-layer PCBs work in extreme temperatures and stressful environments, so a high TG Printed circuit board can increase the efficiency of the product.

If multi-layer PCBs have ordinary material, they will melt at high temperatures. That’s why high TG boards can also improve a device’s functionality.

 Industrial uses of high TG PCBs

Heat management is crucial for complex circuits and multi-layer PCBs. Whenever thermal load and heat dissipation issues arise, high TG PCBs come to rescue you. The majority of industrial applications require high-temperature and ideal electrical conditions to operate. As a result, these PCBs are in high demand for industrial applications. Different equipment with dense circuits and high heat needs PCBs.

High TG PCBs in auto-mechanic appliances

The majority of contemporary auto-mechanic appliances have high TG PCB. Radar technology and security systems have high TG PCBs. Self-driving cars have high TG printed circuit boards. However, in the coming years, their demand is going to increase drastically.

High TG PCBs in the Computer industry

 Your laptops and computers have high TG boards for better efficiency. For instance, if the laptop has an ordinary PCB, then it will not function properly. It is because they can’t control their operating temperature.

High TG PCBs in aeronautical appliances

High TG PCBs are beneficial for better performance in aeronautical appliances. In these appliances, higher temperatures and moisture resistance are problems.  

Wrapping up the things

High TG Printed Circuit Boards are ideal for complex machines. These machines internally produce excessive heat and stressful environments. High TG BCP has unmatchable properties. As a result, they are gaining popularity. Similarly, their demand is also increasing.

No doubt, a high TG board has so many advantages over ordinary PCBs. High TG board retain their rigid shape, but ordinary PCB circuit boards become rubbery at high temperatures. That is why high TG multi-layer PCBs are the functional part of many devices nowadays. Above all, you need a high TG PCB for modern machines.

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