What is 2 Oz Copper PCB ?

The copper thickness of a printed circuit board determines a lot of factors. Therefore, it is important manufacturers pay attention to copper thickness in circuit boards.  Also, the application requirements will determine the copper thickness of a PCB. This article seeks to provide comprehensive details about 2 oz copper PCB.

2 Oz Copper PCB – What is it?

This is a type of circuit board that features copper weight per sq.ft of two ounces. 2 oz copper thickness is the standard external and internal layer copper weight for circuit boards having 3 oz finished copper weights. This is because it allows a better arrangement of the outer layers. The fabrication of 2 oz copper PCB entails flattening 2 Oz copper over the square dimension of one foot. 2 oz copper PCB features a copper thickness of 2.8 mils or 70 microns.

Furthermore, 2 oz copper PCB is one of the commonest types of PCB. It is popular in the PCB industry since it offers great benefits. 2 oz copper thickness is the most reliable foil in several appliances. Due to 2 oz PCB compatibility with etched PCBs, it is preferable to 1 oz copper PCB.

Current Carrying Capacity of 2 oz Copper PCB

There are factors that influence the current carrying capacity of this circuit board. These factors are explained below;

The trace’s cross-sectional area

The cross-sectional area of the trace will determine the amount of current in circuit boards. By increasing the cross-sectional area of the trace, you can increase the amount of current moving via the PCB.

Copper’s thickness level

The copper thickness in the 2 oz PCB determines its ability to conduct the current in the PCBs. The amount of current moving through a thick copper PCB determines the amount of copper available in it. Therefore, when the copper thickness increases, the current in the board increases.


This is another factor that determines the current in the 2 oz copper board. The amount of current in this board depends on the operational environment of the PCB. The decrease in temperature results in an increase in the current conduction of this PCB.

How to Fabricate 2 Oz Copper PCB

2 Oz copper PCB is a heavy copper board. Hence, the fabrication process is delicate and complex. However, if a manufacturer follows these important steps, this process becomes simple.


The first step in this process is preparing the materials used for fabricating 2 oz copper PCB. You can also use computer programs to prepare the 2 oz copper boards. There are instructions already installed on the computer programs.


Here, a machine known as a photo plotter helps you achieve this process. This machine creates the specific designs of the prepared materials. The manufacturer designs the thin inner layers based on the application requirements.


This process involves placing the internal layers of the PCB under extreme pressure. Manufacturers use a photosensitive dry resist to laminate the board.

Component placement

This involves drilling holes on the PCB. The manufacturer drills some holes and plates them to enhance current conductivity.

Solder masking

Here, the manufacturer coats the copper traces using a solder mask. After this, the manufacturer applies a surface finish.


The PCB must undergo proper testing and inspection to verify its functionality.

Comparing 2 oz Copper PCB and 1 oz Copper PCB

2 oz Copper PCBs and 1 oz Copper PCBs are both heavy copper boards. However, they are different from each other. 2 oz copper boards are more effective and efficient than 1 oz copper boards. These boards offer a large amount of current compared to 1 oz.

Also, thermal control is more effective in 2 oz copper boards compared to 1 oz. The thicknesses of these two boards differ. 2 oz copper PCB features two ounces of copper per sq.f. However, 1 oz copper PCB features one ounce of copper.

The copper thickness of 2 oz copper thickness is 2.8 mils. 1 oz copper thickness is 1.37 mils. This means that these boards feature a different level of copper thickness. In terms of cost, 2 oz PCB is more expensive than 1 oz PCB. This is because more copper is available in the fabrication of 2 oz PCB. Also, more copper increases the time and effort in manufacturing.

Properties of 2 Oz Copper PCB

You can determine the copper thickness of a board by the properties it offers. Different PCBs feature different copper thicknesses. However, for a 2 oz copper PCB, the properties are:

  • It comprises a copper weight of 2 ounces per sq.f
  • The panel size of this PCB is 2 feet by 2 and a ½ feet
  • The minimum copper traces are 7 mils
  • Features holes with 0.15 mm as its minimum diameter
  • Material composition changes copper thickness
  • Features great impedance control
  • Features liquid photo-imageable mask
  • Provides vias for multilayer boards

Components Present in 2 oz Copper PCBs

There are various passive and active components in 2 oz copper PCB. Some of these components are mentioned below.

Electronic transistor

This helps in amplifying and switching electrical signals. Generally, PCBs feature several electronic transistors. These components transmit electrical signals to passive components.

Electronic capacitor

This is a crucial component on 2 oz copper boards. An electronic capacitor stores electrical charges in small quantities. It discharges or charges the circuit. This component saves up charges by generating them from the voltage in the circuit.

Electric diode

This component enables current to flow in the circuit. With a diode on 2 oz copper PCB, there are no chances of reverse voltages.

Integrated circuit chips

These components feature small components on a die and interconnected with each other. They serve as a memory bank in PCBs.

Applications of 2 Oz Boards

These boards are suitable for use in a wide range of applications. This is because they have great features. You will find them in high-performance applications.

  • Medical devices
  • Telecommunication components and handheld units
  • Automotive industry
  • Consumer electronics like sound systems and televisions
  • Industrial systems
  • Military devices


2 oz PCBs are industry-standard for a heavy copper PCB. These PCBs offer great properties for high-end applications. Also, manufacturers fabricate these PCBs with adherence to quality standards.

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