Which is the Best PCB Mount Stabilizer?

If you are looking for the best PCB mount stabilizer, then you are at the right place. This article will give you the details about the top options on the market. These include the Everglide, Durock, and CuXiu CuXiukeys. In addition, it will provide you with a quick review of the features of each stabilizer.

CuXiu CuXiukeys

Plate mount mechanical keyboard stabilizers are a great way to add stability to a mechanical keyboard. There are a variety of plate mount keyboard stabilizers on the market, but CuXiu CuXiukeys is our top pick. Its MX-compatible plate design provides optimal stability for mechanical keyboards.

Plate mount stabilizers are the easiest to install. A small plastic clip snaps into the metal plate and attaches to the PCB, offering stability and elegant touch to the board.


The Everglide PCB mount stabilizer is an easy-to-install screw-in stabilizer with a gold-plated stabilizer bar. This unit fits most PCBs and keycaps. There are three different sizes available. They are easy to install and have clear housing.


When it comes to PCB mount stabilizers, there are a few different types. Some clip into the plate, while others are screwed in. The latter type is more stable than clipping stabilizers. However, either type will require you to assemble the board before mounting the stabilizers.

Those looking for a more budget-friendly alternative should consider Sumgsn Gold Plated PCB mount stabilizers. These stabilizers are made of thick plastic and feature quality metal rods. They are available on Amazon for less than $20. However, there are some disadvantages to these stabilizers.

The ZealPC stabilizers come with a gold-plated stabilizer bar and transparent housing. This makes them compatible with most keyboards. They can even work with different-colored keyboards. They are also pre-clipped for easy installation, which increases your typing comfort and productivity. ZealPC and Durock stabilizers have similar features and benefits but differ in how they attach to the board.

Everglide is another good option for low-budget PCB mount stabilizers. This brand offers gold-plated stabilizers that screw into the board. The screw-in style of Everglide stabilizers is very convenient and inexpensive. Everglide stabilizers also come with gold-plated stabilizer bars and are sold in various sizes. They can be purchased separately or in a bundle.


The Durock PCB mount stabilizer is a screw-in type stabilizer that screws directly into the PCB. Its unique design prevents wire pop-outs and is easy to install. It comes in clear, smokey, and pink colors and comes with pre-clipped wires.

The Durock PCB mount stabilizer can work with most keyboards. Its screw-in design is excellent for a wide variety of keyboard layouts. The wires should always be level, and you should lubricate the housing with a thick lubricant to prevent pinging noise.

A Durock stabilizer can be screwed right into the PCB or clipped into the keyboard plate. These stabilizers do not come pre-lubricated, so applying lubricant is essential before installing them. However, some stabilizers can be challenging to install. For this reason, it is necessary to follow the instructions carefully and ensure that the screws are seated firmly.

Regardless of the type of stabilizer, it is essential to know how to tune it properly. Some methods to tune stabilizers include testing them before soldering them to the PCB. Testing the stabilizer before soldering a switch will help eliminate ping and rattle. Also, when soldering a switch, ensure the wires are appropriately balanced. You can also add more lubricant to the wires to eliminate rattling.

Durock PCB mount stabilizers have a reputation for smoothness and low rattle. The screw-in stabilizers have gold-plated wire and a clear housing to prevent wire pop-outs. They are also available with pre-clipped wires and new wire hooks.

How to Install PCB Mount Stabs

If you have never installed PCB mount stabs, you might wonder how to install them. There are several ways to go about it. It also discusses how to check the balance of the stab wires and lubricate the stabs.

Disadvantages of screw-in stabilizers

Screw-in PCB mount stabilizers are the more popular type of PCB mount, but plate-mount stabilizers are also available. These stabilizers clip into a metal plate, adding stability and a nice look to your board. They also cost less than other types.

Some stabilizers feature protruding legs, making them prone to contact with the PCB. To remedy this problem, you can try a band-aid mod, which involves cutting a small piece of fabric adhesive bandage and sticking it to the PCB. Alternatively, you can use stabilizer pads, which have the same effect but can be more expensive.

Screw-in PCB mount stabilizers are commonly helpful on mechanical keyboards. Screw-in stabilizers are the most common type, but not all plates and boards can support a particular type. Therefore, ensuring your keyboard is compatible with the type of PCB stabilizer you’re planning to use is essential.

Types of stabilizers

There are two PCB mount stabilizers: plate-mounted stabilizers and PCB mount stabilizers. Plate-mounted stabilizers are less expensive than PCB-mount stabilizers but cannot fit all keyboards. A PCB mount stabilizer attaches directly to the PCB, while a plate-mounted stabilizer attaches to the keyboard plate.

PCB mount stabilizers are available in several styles. Plate-mount stabilizers are flat and clipped into a metal plate. They add stability to the board and provide a nice aesthetic touch. They are an affordable alternative to other stabilizers and are easy to remove when not in use.

Another type of stabilizer is the screw-in stabilizer. These stabilizers can provide stability to long keys. They also prevent wire pop-ups.

Testing balance of stab wires

The main concern for stab wires is balance. Wires that are unevenly balanced will produce a stab that rattles or has an odd feeling. A simple way to test balance is by placing the stab wire on a flat surface. While this may seem a bit tedious, it is the most effective way to ensure stabs will feel smooth and balanced.

Stabs are available in three basic types: screw-in, plate-mounted, and clip-in. The screw-in variety has a plastic leg that fits into the mounting points. This type of stab also reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge.

Lubrication of stabs

PCB mount stabs require lubrication to keep them functioning properly. Several different methods are available. Some use silicone-based grease, which can fill gaps and reduce rattle. Other methods include using a dielectric grease, which will significantly muffle rattle noise and give a better sound signature.

Another common method is to use a high-viscosity lubricant. This is suitable for PCB mount stabs because of its viscosity and can be applied to the stab housings. However, over-lubrication can remove the clicky, tactile feel of the switch.

Reinstalling stabs

Before you begin reinstalling PCB mount stabs, it is essential to understand what each one does. First, the plate mount stabs an extra housing around the mount, which prevents the spacebar from depressing the mount. On the other hand, PCB mount stabs do not have this extra housing.

If installing the stabilizers on a PCB, you must remove the switch first. You can use a keycap switch puller to remove them. If removing them manually, use a thin tool to clip them in. After you’ve removed them, you can lubricate them with G lube and then reinstall them.

You can also use silicone-based grease to help keep the wires from rattling. This grease is thick and will not move around as easily as 205G0, but it will fill gaps and reduce rattle. The downside to silicone-based grease is that it is difficult to remove.

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