How Raspberry Pi PCB is Changing the Electronic Industry

The Raspberry Pi PCB is a unique type of PCB. There are different types of raspberry PI. The Raspberry Pi is a series of computers designed by Raspberry PI Foundation. The circuit board used in the production of Raspberry PI is the Raspberry PI PCB. Since the Raspberry PI is available in series, it is important to shed more light on each of the Pi.

What is Raspberry Pi PCB?

Raspberry Pi PCB is a circuit board with a combination of through-holes and castellated holes with pin header pitch. The Raspberry Pi PCB is a computer board featuring credit card size. The credit card size is ideal for carrying out several tasks. It carries out tasks like word processing, games, and spreadsheets.

The Raspberry Pi foundation established the Raspberry PI. This technology has been available since 2012. The Raspberry pi was specifically designed to improve experimentation, innovation, and learning. The Raspberry Pi PCB is a portable board available on Raspberry computers.

The majority of Raspberry Pi PCBs are available in mobile phones. In the 20th century, a good percentage of mobile phones featured ARM technology. The Raspberry Pi is available in two different models. These models are Model A and Model B. Model A Raspberry Pi boards consume less power and don’t feature an Ethernet port. However, Model B Raspberry Pi boards feature Ethernet ports.

The Raspberry Pi features a series of open source technologies. The foundation of the Raspberry Pi PCB resulted in the launching of a computer module.

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Specifications of Raspberry PCB

custom raspberry pi pcb

The raspberry PCB features a lot of components. It features RAM, CPU, GPIO pins, processor, and graphics chip among others. This board includes several interfaces for other external devices. Raspberry PCB requires mass storage, which uses an SD flash memory card. This will help this board start up from this SD card. This is similar to how a computer starts up into windows from its hard disk.


The raspberry Pi model A board features 256MB of SDRAM. Model B features 51MB. The memory of the Raspberry PI is smaller compared to other PCs. Usually, the RAM memory of a PC is available in gigabytes. However, the Raspberry PCB features RAM memory of 256MB or 512MB.


The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is available in the Raspberry PI board. It is a specialized chip designed to enhance the functioning of image calculations. The Raspberry PCB has a Broadcom video core IV. It also supports OpenGL.


GPIO pins refer to general purpose input and output pins. These pins help to connect with the other electronic boards. GPIO pins accept both input and output commands according to programming raspberry pi. For instance, these pins can connect to the temperature sensor to enable digital data transmission.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is the brain of the Raspberry PCB. It carries out any instruction of the computer via mathematical and logical functions. The raspberry pi makes use of ARM11 series processor.

Power source connector

This is a small switch mounted on the side of the shield. The power source connector enables an external power source.

Ethernet Port

This serves as the gateway for interconnecting with additional devices. The Ethernet port helps to connect the home router to gain access to the internet.

Raspberry Pi PCB Models

There are several models of the Raspberry Pi PCB. It is important to understand each of these models. Here, we will discuss each of these models.

Model A raspberry Pi PCB

This raspberry PCB features ARM1176JZF-S core CPU, 700 MHZ, and 256 MB of SDRAM. This PCB gets its power from a micro USB adapter. The specialized chip enhances the operation of image calculations. This model is for a low-cost application that needs a PC without networking capabilities. Model A raspberry Pi PCB has the following features;

  • Dual Core Video Core IV Multimedia coprocessor
  • Linux Operating system
  • SDRAM memory of 256 MB
  • 6cm by 5.4cm by 1.5cm dimensions
  • 0 USB connector
  • 5 MM Jack
  • MMC, SD, SDIO Card slot on the PCB storage

Model B raspberry Pi PCB

This Raspberry PCB is a BCM2835 SOC (system on chip) board. It features SDRAM of 512 MB, ARM1176JZF-S core CPU, and 700 MHz. The USB port of this board makes use of external data connectivity options only. The Ethernet port interconnects with additional devices and model B’s internet.

This Raspberry Pi board gets its energy from a micro USB adapter. The specialized chip enhances the manipulation of image calculations. This model is ideal for an application where the strongest Pi is important. The model B raspberry PI board features the following;

  • Linux Operating system
  • Dual Core Video Core Iv Multimedia coprocessor
  • SDRAM memory of 512 MB
  • Dimensions of 8.6cm by 5.4cm by 1.7cm
  • 0 USB connector
  • On board 10/100 Ethernet port RJ45 jack

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What is Raspberry Pi 4 PCB?

The Raspberry Pi 4 PCB features the highest potential specification. This is an ideal choice for general purpose applications. Also, Raspberry Pi 4 PCB is the most powerful Pi. This raspberry PCB features a fast clock speed, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It can run dual screens at the resolution of 4k. Therefore, this is an ideal choice for projects where speed and power are vital.

The price of this board varies based on the amount of RAM it features. The RAM of this Pi is up to 8 GB. However, more gigabytes isn’t necessarily better. RAM helps to save whatever data you open at any time. More RAM is more preferred when intensive data processing is a factor. Raspberry Pi 4 PCB is very fast and powerful. However, you might have to get new cables for the mini-HDMI ports if you are upgrading your model.

Pi 4 enables the provision of additional power to downstream peripherals. The Raspberry Pi 4 PCB is ideal for gaming emulators, desktop PCBs, and computer vision.


  • It can work as a desktop computer
  • Features dual-monitor support
  • Can output 4K video at 60 Hz
  • Has USB 3 Ports
  • Features about 4GB RAM


  • Generates heat

What is Raspberry Pi 400 PCB?

This Raspberry is another series of Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi 400 PCB is a complete board incorporated into a keyboard. Incorporating this PCB into a keyboard eliminates the need for other accessories required to operate a Raspberry.

Raspberry Pi 400 PCB features a RAM of 4GB. It is the best for portable computing. The Pi  400 is specifically made for desktop use. However, it features GPIO pins for hardware applications and other ports needed for connectivity. Raspberry Pi 400 PCB is the latest model of the Raspberry Pi. Pi 400 was launched in November 2020.

Pi 400 features a greater default clock speed than the Pi 4 model. Raspberry Pi 400 PCB is clocked at 1.8GHz. This raspberry performs much faster than the Pi 4 model. Pi 4 is a ‘computer-in-a keyboard.’ The Raspberry Pi 4 PCB features a USB-C port used for power. Also, this port supports 5v, 3A operation.

This Raspberry Pi is the most convenient portable Pi ever due to its keyboard form factor. However, this same factor makes it the largest pi ever.

Other Raspberry Pi PCBs

Asides from the Raspberry Pi PCBs explained above, there are other Raspberry Pi types.

Raspberry Pi 3 PCB

This board offers a good desktop PCB experience. The Raspberry Pi 3 starts up within a matter of seconds. You can open applications such as Mathematica and Libreoffice on this board. These applications work exactly like they should do on a PC. Furthermore, Raspberry Pi 3 is ideal for retro gaming emulation. This board is fast enough to copy N64 and PSX.

Raspberry Pi 2 PCB

The Raspberry Pi 2 PCB was recently upgraded to include the BCM3837 CPU. The major difference between Pi 2 and Pi 3 is the absence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Pi 2 also works like a desktop PC, although it isn’t as powerful as Pi 3.

Pi 2 is ideal for applications that don’t need wireless connectivity. There are not many discrepancies between Pi 2 and Pi 3. The Raspberry Pi 2 doesn’t need much power to run, unlike Pi 3. You can use this board as a desktop PC.

Raspberry Pi Zero PCB

This Raspberry board is the cheapest and smallest Pi available. Raspberry Pi Zero is very lightweight. This board is ideal for embedded applications that don’t depend on wireless connectivity. You can add a Bluetooth dongle or Wi-Fi to this board.

The board can’t function as a general purpose PC. This is because it requires adapters to change from micro USB and mini HDMI. P- Zero doesn’t use much power. It also features RAM of 512MB, which gives you a good desktop experience.

What is a Custom Raspberry Pi PCB?

A custom Raspberry Pi PCB is a type of board designed according to your specification. It is very easy and cheap to make a custom Raspberry Pi PCB. You can use the compute module development kits to design your board. The custom Raspberry Pi PCB is designed to meet your exact product specifications.

This PCB maintains the highest level of design flexibility. For a custom Raspberry Pi PCB, you can choose the components you want via an online tool. One of the advantages of the custom Raspberry Pi PCB is that it is built from scratch.

With the compute Module, you can create a custom Raspberry Pi PCB within a few hours. However, you will need to choose functional components you want in your custom PCB. The compute module allows layout customization and display ports on your custom PCB.

When designing a custom Raspberry Pi PCB, there are factors you need to consider. These factors will determine the specifications of your PCB. Factors like speed, memory, size, and model type should be considered.

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Advantages of Raspberry PCBs

Raspberry PI PCBs feature a lot of advantages. These boards are ideal for use in several applications due to the benefits they offer.

Supports various codes

This is one of the greatest benefits of these boards. When compared to Arduino, you will realize it is a better option. Raspberry PCBs functions as a single board computer. However, you have a Linux desktop environment to code any language. Raspberry boards are quite popular due to their ability to work with various codes.

Peripheral support

Raspberry Pi boards feature GPIO pins. These pins are useful for interfacing hardware and embedded projects. GPIO pins help you know more about component interfacing. With Raspberry PCBs, you can join several digital sensors due to the number of GPIO pins.

Faster processor

Raspberry Pi boards feature a faster processor, unlike other boards. Raspberry boards feature a 1.6 Ghz processor. A board with a faster processor will perform better. Raspberry PCBs offer a faster processor at a great price.

Several sensors

Raspberry boards have several sensors. These boards include a lot of GPIO pins and as such, they support several sensors at once. Several modules, displays, and sensors can be connected to the Raspberry Pi PCB.

Serves as a portable computer

This is the greatest benefit of Raspberry Pi. It can function as a portable computer. You can attach a display to it and turn it into a pocket computer. With the Raspberry Pi board, you can connect to WiFi and carry out some tasks a computer does.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the applications of Raspberry PCB?

Raspberry PCB is ideal for use in several applications like;

  • Tablet computer
  • Controlling robots
  • Media streamer
  • Internet radio
  • Home automation
  • Cosmic computer
  • Arcade machine
  • Carputer
  • Solar street light

What is the thickness of a Raspberry Pi 4 PCB?

The thickness of the Raspberry Pi 4 PCB is 85.6mm by 56.5mm. The Pi 400 designers designed a long PCB to fit into the Pi 400 keyboard. The keyboard features dimensions of 286mm by 122mm by 23mm.


The Raspberry PCB is a functional board with great features. These boards are available in series. The Raspberry Pi PCB is ideal for use in several applications. Due to its inclusion of USB devices and HDMI, it is commonly used by computer hobbyists.

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