Advantages and Disadvantages of Rogers RT Duroid 6002

RT/duroid 6002 laminates are excellent high-frequency performance circuit materials. Their excellent electrical and mechanical properties make them reliable for multi-layer board constructions and microwave circuits. However, we should consider some disadvantages before purchasing one of these materials. Let’s look at some of them. The price and thermal conductivity are two significant concerns to be considered before making a purchase.

The high-frequency circuit material

When it comes to high-frequency circuit materials, the RT/duroid(r)6002 high-frequency circuit material has many benefits. Its high dielectric constant and thermal expansion coefficient are perfect for applications requiring rapid and high-temperature changes, such as microwave devices. It is also compatible with FR-4 based printed circuit boards.

Firstly, Rogers PCB comprise woven glass reinforced hydrocarbon. These are available in different combinations, including PTFE ceramic laminates, epoxy laminates, and cross-piled woven glass-reinforced hydrocarbon. The materials also bond with Thermoset Thermal & Electrically Conductive Adhesive Film. This material offers a wide range of dielectric constant (DK) values, ranging from 2.55 to 10.

Unlike FR4, RT/duroid 6002 high-frequency circuit materials are low-loss microwave materials. As a result, they provide low-loss performance, good electrical stability, and excellent dimensional stability. In addition, the material’s unique multi-layer board construction offers several advantages to designers. And it is compatible with most semiconductor processes.


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RT/duroid 6002 is an outstanding electrical and mechanical laminate. Besides its excellent electrical and mechanical properties, we can reinforce it with woven glass. So whether you need a high-frequency circuit material for a spacecraft or an antenna, Rogers can help you find the suitable material for the job. They’ll display samples at ACM. If you’re interested in learning more about Rogers’ RT/duroid 6002 high-frequency circuit material, visit the Rayming PCB & Assembly website.

The material from Rogers reduces stresses on the printed circuit board (PCB) and minimizes unwanted changes in shape. This PCB material has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and is compatible with electro-less copper processing. Its glass transition temperature is close to 280degC, making it a perfect choice for projects requiring a high-temperature range. It also has a high decomposition temperature, which is essential for heat-sensitive components.

Better electrical and mechanical properties

The RT/duroid 6002 laminate is a high-frequency material suitable for complex microwave structures. Its low-loss performance is essential for spacecraft applications. The material is also ideal for multi-layer circuits and offers excellent mechanical and electrical properties. It is a good choice for high-frequency circuits as it has excellent electrical and mechanical properties. As a result, the RT/duroid 6002 is an excellent choice for spacecraft applications.

This high-frequency circuit material offers better electrical and mechanical properties than competing materials. This material has a low dielectric constant (Dk), and we reinforce it with woven glass, which provides greater structural support. The RT/duroid 6002 material is particularly suitable for flat, non-planar structures and microwave circuits that must withstand extreme temperatures. Because of its low Dk value, it has excellent electrical stability and is ideal for high-frequency applications.

Compared to other microwave materials, Rogers RT/duroid 6002 has a low dielectric constant. As a result, it has a low loss and an excellent thermal expansion coefficient, making it ideal for high-frequency, mixed-layer PCB constructions. Moreover, this material is known for its long-term reliability in microwave circuits. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for complex microwave structures.

Another benefit of using the Rogers RT duroid 6002 is its ability to resist moisture and improve electrical and mechanical properties. This material is more resistant to corrosion and other corrosive environments. In addition, it has a glass transition temperature close to 280degC and is more stable than conventional PCBs. The RT duroid 6002 can be helpful in all sorts of temperatures, making it ideal for high-temperature applications.


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The Rogers RT/duroid high-frequency circuit materials are a family of filled PTFE laminates. These materials are widely helpful in defense, aerospace, and other high-reliability applications. The RT/duroid series of laminates are ideal for their long industry presence and superior performance. Listed below are some of the features and benefits of this product. These advantages make it an excellent choice for many high-performance applications.

The RT/Duroid 6002 is a high-frequency laminate. The product’s exceptional electrical and thermal properties make it ideal for complex multi-layer circuits and multi-frequency structures. The Rogers 6002 offers high dielectric constants, low thermal coefficient, and excellent mechanical properties. The Rogers RT/Duroid 6002 laminates are available in various thicknesses.

The RT/duroid 6002 laminate provides low outgassing, an essential concern for spacecraft designers. In addition, Rogers 6002 laminate offers excellent mechanical and electrical stability, making it valuable for many aerospace applications. In addition, it has a low thermal expansion coefficient, which is suitable for high-reliability multi-layer board constructions. However, the Rogers 6002 is expensive. Therefore, it’s best to compare prices and features before you decide.

Unlike ordinary PTFE materials, the Rogers RT/duroid 6035HTC circuit material consists of ceramic. As a result, it offers greater electrical performance than the PTFE-based Rogers RT/duroid 6035HTC material. And, unlike the PTFE-based materials, it has a much higher dielectric constant. Therefore, it’s more expensive than PTFE-based materials.

Thermal conductivity

The Rogers RT/Duroid 6002 high-frequency PCB has a material with low dielectric constant and exceptional temperature stability. The PCB’s mechanical properties and low thermal coefficient make it the ideal choice for high frequency, mixed multi-layer, and complex microwave structures. It also features a wide dielectric constant range and a low thermal coefficient. These characteristics make the Rogers 6002 a valuable addition to your design toolkit.

The RT/duroid 6002 is an excellent electrical and mechanical laminate for various applications. It has excellent mechanical and electrical stability, ideal for spacecraft applications. It also offers excellent reliability, a quality that aerospace electronics designers look for when deciding on circuit board materials. Here’s a comparison between RT/duroid 6002 and RT/duroid 6202:

In the late 1980s, there was introduction of a new high-frequency circuit material known as the RT/duroid(r)6002 material. Previously, high-frequency circuit boards could only choose materials with high dielectric constants. PTFE materials also had high coefficients of thermal expansion and lacked the electrical stability needed for high-frequency applications. RT/duroid 6002 solved this issue by providing both high and low Dk.


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Wide range of dielectric constant

The RT/duroid 6002 laminate provides outstanding electrical and mechanical properties. Its exceptional dielectric constant and low thermal coefficient provide the mechanical and electrical balance needed for high-frequency multi-layer boards. The RT/duroid 6002 compares well with other ceramic or woven glass materials.

The dielectric constant of Rogers material is typically between 2.55 to 11 for both high and low-frequency applications. This wide range of constant dielectric increases the impedance stability of driver circuits. High-frequency circuits operate at 50O characteristic impedance values to provide maximum power transfer. The high-frequency and low-frequency impedance should not develop standing waves or low-wave reflection from the load.

In addition to offering a wide range of dielectric constant, Rogers RT/duroid 6002 microwave material offers excellent mechanical, electrical, and thermal stability. Its limited woven glass reinforcement prevents double etching. This material is ideal for high-frequency applications and is compatible with FR4 and other materials. This makes RT/duroid 6002 an excellent option for high-frequency applications.

The Rogers RT duroid 6002 has a low dielectric constant and a very low dissipation factor. Its CTE is low, and its surface resistivity is extremely low. In addition, it is suitable for multi-layer structures, high-frequency applications, and microwave circuits. It is highly reliable and dimensionally stable. So, it is ideal for power backplanes, minicomputers, and microwave circuits.

RT/duroid 6002 laminate is a low-loss material. Its excellent electrical and mechanical properties make it a good choice for aerospace applications. It is particularly suitable for multi-layer circuits with flat structures. Its low thermal expansion coefficient also makes it an excellent material for spacecraft. Further, it’s lead-free and compatible with the lead-free process.

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