Taconic RF-35TC Thermally Conductive Low Loss Laminate

The International Society of Automation and Control Engineering (ISACE) collaborated with Taconic. They acquired the RF-35TC Thermally Conductive Low Loss Laminate. We use this material for the first time in a few places worldwide. They will be placing this material onto their existing RoHS compliant PCB design, which Krewer Group originally developed

The Taconic RF-35TC-A Thermally Conductive Backplane Continuous Ceramic Sheets is essential. You can use it both in the circuitry and as thermal interface material against the Taconic CP-3515 Heat Sink.

Taconic RF-35TC-A PCB design

For this particular design, we have worked closely with a manufacturer such RayMing PCB and Assembly to design the PCB using the RF-35TC. First, they apply the material as the base layer of a PCB. Then they add components to it.

  1. A service bureau that include RayMing PCB and Assembly manufactured the PCB. For this particular design, they create the design and then transfer it to another machine for manufacture.
  2. They test the result of the board to ensure that the performance of the material is not affected by the application process or post-assembly.
  3. The PCB was then encapsulated with the RF-35TC using a hot plate to ensure high quality of materials and soldering. They then bank the PCB to remove all moisture from the laminate. Then they placed it in a vacuum chamber to check for defects. The final step included testing to ensure that they solder all components correctly. It also ensures that they resolve other problems before shipping them to the customer.
  4. Finally, they tested the PCB to ensure that the laminate was not affected by the testing process and was ready for use in its final application. The result was a high-quality product that was fit for its intended use.


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Taconic RF-35TC-A Soldering profile with Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink

  1. To solder the PCB, we have used a combination of a hot plate and soldering iron to create the desired profile. The combination of materials means that it is possible to achieve a good bond with minimal heat generation.
  2. Under normal circumstances, we recommend that when soldering through two layers of material. Then if you are to add another layer, you should remove the first layer from underneath before adding the second one
  3. The Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink was then used to thermallybond the PCB with the Heat Sink. This allowed us to achieve an excellent thermal joint to transfer heat from the top of the Heat Sink. The combination of materials could achieve a temperature drop that would not have been possible with either material on its own.

Test Report

They tested the Taconic RF-35TC-A on several test boards. In each case, they installed it as the thermal interface material between a Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink. They also installed several different electronic components. In each case, they supplied RF-35TC as a 20 mil thickness.

They measured the thermal resistance of the RF-35TC in free air conditions against a selection of different metals acting as heatsinks. Then, they selected heatsinks to model various applications and PCB technologies.

The second set of tests evaluated the RF-35TC thermal conductivity in the presence of other components such as a package and solder. They designed the test board to measure the thermal resistance at various points before and after soldering.

The third set of tests involved using a hot plate. This series of tests allows us to evaluate the thermal performance under realistic conditions. In addition, this would act as an accelerated aging test. It will provide us with data that should be applicable over the entire lifetime of production.

The final test of the report had to do with a thermal shock test. This design simulates the application of a heat sink.

Test conclusion

The Taconic RF-35TC has unqualified measurements against a wide range of components. The materials tested all performed as expected, with no unexpected behavior. The conductivity is excellent. However, there is a small increase in the Test Board resistance under normal operating conditions. This increase took place after soldering. One can use the RF-35TC against the CP-3515TG Heat Sink. It has a good combination of high thermal conductivity and good temperature stability. The solder encapsulation of the Taconic RF-35TC has a material still under investigation, which one will do in future reports. However, adding a solder encapsulation to the material is not necessary. Also, we do not see it showing how to improve the thermal performance.

The RF-35TC Thermally Conductive Low Loss Laminate has an unqualified rating for use in a wide range of applications. Experts also recommend that you use the Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink.


The RF-35TC-A series is essential in thermal interface material. This role must produce a low thermal resistance with minimal (if any) degradation over time. This series contains a combination of materials that achieve superior long-term performance. You can also achieve this with excellent short-term thermal resistance. The manufacturers did not intend for people to solder to this material.

They recommend this material as a thermal interface with the Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink. It provides a high thermal conductivity that allows quick heat transfer from the Heat Sink to the PCB. They test this material for a wide range of applications. These tests have shown this material to be effective against metals and a good source of long-term data on testing boards.

The Taconic RF-35TC Thermally Conductive Low Loss Laminate qualifies for use in many applications. This material has been successfully applied against several components. In addition, it has excellent performance under realistic operating conditions.


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1. High-end power amplifiers:

These amplifiers require high heat flow to dissipate the heat generated by continuous operation. We can use this material with the Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink for efficient heat transfer. It can also help reduce operating temperature.

2. Satellite transceivers:

These designs require a very high thermal resistance for correct operation. In addition, one must efficiently dissipate the heat to avoid damage to the chip’s silicon and parts that control the data flow. You may use these materials with a Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink to provide excellent thermal performance.

3. Optical communication equipment:

These designs require high thermal resistance to reduce signal distortion. One can use the Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink with the RF-35TC to allow correct signal reception and transfer.

4. Digital or microprocessor-based motherboards:

These designs need to be thermally and electrically stable for a long period. The Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink coupled with the RF-35TC Thermally Conductive Low Loss Laminate will allow efficient heat transfer from the board to the air and lower operating temperature.

5. Radar equipment:

This type of equipment must have a very low thermal conductivity to ensure accurate radar performance. You can use these materials with Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink and RF-35TC to provide excellent results for applications in the control room.

6. Military systems:

The RF-35TC Thermally Conductive Low Loss Laminate is suitable for military use. This is because it can withstand high levels of shock and vibration. In addition, this material allows the use of more expensive materials without any adverse effects.

Benefits of Taconic RF-35TC-A PCB

Several benefits can come from the use of Taconic RF-35TC-A PCB.

1. Exceptional thermal management

The Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink has a very high thermal resistance, which means that it can transfer the heat from the chip in a very efficient way. In conjunction with the RF-35TC, the Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink can reduce operating temperature overall by as much as 50 degrees Celsius. This lower temperature also helps extend the life of components within the device and leads to cost savings for customers.

2. Enhanced radio frequency performance 

The combination of the Taconic RF-35TC and the CP-3515TG Heat Sink delivers superior performance to other designs that use individual materials. As a result, you get less signal distortion, higher channel capacity, and lower operating temperature.

3. Excellent loss tangent

The combination of materials has a very low loss tangent. As a result, it allows for excellent high-frequency performance. This is particularly important for applications in the military and telecommunications industry. In addition, the extra performance can mean better signal reception and lower costs.

4. High thermal conductivity

The use of both the Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink and the RF-35TC allows for excellent thermal performance at lower operating temperatures. This means that the device can work more efficiently and last longer, allowing for higher operating cost savings from a customer.

5. Enhanced mechanical stability

The combination of the materials has an effective thermal conductivity, making the device more stable and less likely to fail. Conversely, this means that it is possible to achieve a greater thermal performance over a longer period than would be possible if you use either single material alone.

6. Excellent adhesion to very low profile copper

The combination of the Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink and the RF-35TC creates a very effective bond to the copper layer with minimal heat generation. This allows for good thermal transfer and makes it possible to achieve higher thermal performance over time.

7. Stable multilayer performance

You can trust the combination of the Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink and the RF-35TC Thermal Conductive Low Loss Laminate. This is because it can deliver stable multilayer performance. The material can remain very stable in many different applications and is less likely to fail over some time.

8. Excellent price/performance ratio

The combination of the Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink and RF-35TC Thermal Conductive Low Loss Laminate is excellent. It allows us to achieve excellent performance at a lower cost than with other materials. This combined with its high performance means that the Heat Sink can deliver high-quality performance. You will also get it at a very competitive price.


The combination of the Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink and RF-35TC Thermal Conductive Low Loss Laminate it the best. It will deliver exceptional performance in various applications. The Taconic CP-3515TG Heat Sink has excellent thermal properties. It allows for an improved operating temperature while using much less power. This translates into a very high thermal efficiency. It makes it possible to develop new efficient and cost-effective products.


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