What are the Features and Properties of Astra Mt77?

As the 5G world continues to advance, the applications of the Mm-Wave continue to increase. This is why there will be an increase in demand for the advanced PCB material over time. Furthermore, the 5G technology will also help in increasing demand for lead free low loss PCB laminate. Moreover, this laminate will help provide more value to our industry.

Furthermore, the Astra MT77 material has now become very popular among different PCB manufacturers. In addition, the material used widely in different applications such as the mm-Wave systems.

We will be explaining what Astra Mt77 is, what this material offers, as well as the areas where this material is applicable. Stay on this page if you wish to learn more about this material.

What is Astra Mt77?

The laminate materials of the Astra MT77 possess great electrical properties that are extremely stable over a wide temperature and frequency range. Furthermore, the Astra MT77 is also great for the majority of the microwave and commercial RF printed circuit designs of today.

Also, it includes a stable Dk (dielectric constant) that falls within -40°C and +140°C, and reaches the W-band frequencies. Furthermore, Astra MT77 provides a very low Df (dissipation factor) of 0.0017. This makes it a cost-effective option to the PTFE as well as other microwave laminate materials used commercially.

The main applications of the Astra Mt77 include radar applications and long antennas for automobiles, like pre-cash, adaptive cruise control, systems for stop and go, detection of blind spot, and lane departure warning.

What does the Astra Mt77 Material Offer?

The Astra MT77 is known as a low loss Prepreg and laminate. The PCB material works well with FR4 processing. Furthermore, it provides great physical properties that include a higher range of temperature as well as a wide operational frequency. Also, the PCB material is useful in RF/microwave and mm-Wave applications.

In addition, the PCB material is great for radar applications used for automotive. Also, the Astra Mt77 plays a great role in departure warning. The laminate and Prepreg material offers some reliable electrical features such as great dielectric constant.

Also, the Dk falls within a temperature range of about -40 and +140 degrees Centigrade. In addition, this material has a dissipation factor value of 0.0017. The majority of mm-Wave frequency applications usually want the ultra-low loss materials. Furthermore, the Astra MT77 is another good option for the PTFE materials. One reason for this is its cost-effective nature.

What are the Applications of Astra Mt77 Material?

Astra Mt77 is very useful in different applications. The PCB material can be used in RF/microwave applications. However, it is also useful in other areas. Let’s consider them

Defense and Aerospace

The Astra MT77 material is most widely used in the defense and aerospace field. Also, the material has a stable value for the dissipation factor and dielectric constant when placed over a wide range of frequency. Furthermore, it provides thermal reliability. Note that signal integrity as well as thermal reliability are very important in the designing of defense and aerospace devices.


Another aspect where the Astra MT77 is applicable for automobiles. The fact that this material is becoming more popular on a daily basis shows how important it is. The Astra mt77 is useful in applications that involve adaptive cruise and pre-cash control. Furthermore, it is very important in any application demanding the detection of blind spot.

Microwave and Radio frequency

The microwave and radio frequency market also depends on the Astra Mt77. Why is this so? This is because the Astra Mt77 has great thermal, mechanical, as well as electrical features. In addition, there has been an increasing demand for additional speed and bandwidth in the application. From all these, we can say that the Astra Mt77 offers great benefits here.

What are the Properties of the Astra Mt77 Material?

Its Tg and Td value is high

The Astra Mt77 has a glass transition temperature value that falls within 190 to 200 degrees Centigrade. With this value, it means the material has a high Tg (glass transition temperature), which is great for all microwave/RF applications. Materials having a high Tg like the Astra Mt77 usually has high temperature durability.

Also, this material has a high decomposition value, which is usually denoted by Td. Its Td value is 360 degrees Celsius. With this high thermal decomposition value, you can be sure of a higher thermal performance.

Low dielectric constant and dissipation factor

The Astra mt77 has a low dielectric constant and dissipation factor. At a frequency of 10 GHz and 2 GHz, its dielectric constant value is 3. This shows that the material has a stable dielectric constant over a wide range of frequency. In addition, this property ensures the maintenance of signal integrity whenever it is used in the mm-Wave frequency applications.

Furthermore, at a frequency of 10 GHz and 2 GHz, the material also has a low dissipation factor value of 0.0017. Any material having a low dissipation factor like the Astra mt77 usually has higher insulator systems. This is why the material ensures the reduction of signal loss in different applications.

Flexural strength

The flexural strength indicates the ability of Astra Mt77 to stand against mechanical strain. The flexural strength value of the Astra Mt77 is 49 ksi anytime it is in the lengthwise direction. Furthermore, in the crosswise direction, its flexural strength value is 38 ksi.

Water absorption is very low

The rate of water absorption of the Astra Mt77 is very low at 0.1%. This is why the material has the ability to stand firm even in any humid environment. Furthermore, its water absorption comes at an extremely high rate.

Surface resistivity value is high

The surface resistivity of a material helps in measuring the electrical resistance or the insulation of the surface of that material. Astra Mt77 has a surface resistivity value of 1.33 x 10^5 Mohm. With this value, this material has a high surface resistivity.


Hope you understand everything we have explained regarding the Astra Mt77 material. If you have questions on the topic, please contact us.

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