Top 10 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers in the World

PCB manufacturing is a complex process that needs to be handled by professionals. These professionals are commonly known as printed circuit manufacturers. PCB manufacturers handle every stage of the production process. Therefore, these manufacturers must have great expertise and skills as regards PCB manufacturing. As we all know PCB manufacturing isn’t a child’s play. Each of the stages involved requires serious attention.

Gone were those days when PCB manufacturing was left in the hands of a few manufacturers. These days, some companies offer services from prototype to large volume PCB manufacturing. Also, these manufacturers are in countries like the US, China, India, etc. When choosing a PCB manufacturer, it is crucial to make inquiry about their products and services. This is because not all PCB manufacturers deliver quality.

That is why we have helped with your assignment. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 10 PCB manufacturers. These printed circuit board manufacturers offer nothing but quality products and services. Also, these manufacturers fabricate printed circuit boards with quality and great functionality in mind.  In this article, we have compiled a list of the best PCB manufacturers in the world.

Best Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

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Custom Circuit Boards

Custom Circuit Boards has its headquarter in Arizona. Also, this PCB manufacturer fabricates prototype and high volume PCBs. It is one of the top leading PCB company in the US. Custom Circuit Boards specialize in quick turn PCB services. Therefore, this manufacturer is a good option for fast and rapid prototyping.

Furthermore, you can rely on this industry leading manufacturer to offer high quality boards at competitive prices. Custom Circuit Boards fabricates printed circuit boards quality, functionality, and reliability in mind. Also, this PCB manufacturer delivers advanced circuits used in high performance applications like military, aerospace, and medical.

Custom Circuit Boards can fabricate up to 24 layer PCBs. At Custom Circuit, the maximum size for a multilayer board is 16” by 26.” As a top rated PCB manufacturer in the U.S, Custom Circuits fabricate boards that range from simple to mission critical ones. Also, this circuit boards manufacturer can fabricate PCBs in its in-house facility at Phoenix, Arizona.

Custom Circuit offers electronics manufacturing services. Also, Custom Circuit fabricate printed circuit boards to exceed the expectations of its customers. This circuit board manufacturer offers professional advice to its customer.

Zhen Ding Tech

Zhen Ding Tech is a renowned PCB manufacturer in Taiwan. Its headquarter is in Taoyuan, Taiwan. With more than 15 years of experience, this manufacturer keeps delivering quality PCB products and services. Also, Zhen Ding Tech specializes in fabricating high density interconnection (HDI), rigid PCBs, flexible PCBs, and Integrated Circuit Substrate (ICS). This company’s products are widely integrated in areas like consumer electronics, networking products, and computer information.

Zhen Ding Tech has its major manufacturing facilities across China, India, and Taiwan. This leading circuit boards manufacturer integrates 5G Technology, AI, and IoT to offer multiple customized solutions.  Zhen Ding Tech offers large scale production and PCB assembly services. One great thing about Zhen Ding is that it prioritizes the needs and demands of its customer.

Great customer service is one of the great benefits you get to enjoy from this company. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and integration of strategic and advanced procedures, this circuit boards manufacturer is one that you can rely on.  One great thing about this manufacturer is that it carries out thorough research and development. This company integrates quality materials for its PCB fabrication.

RayMing PCB

rayming box building assembly

This leading PCB manufacturer can offer partial turn-key and full turnkey PCB assembly services. RayMing PCB works with a team of highly skilled professionals who devote their time to fabricating the best quality printed circuit boards. RF and microwave boards are often utilized in 5G designs, therefore, RayMing offers high quality materials to fabricate high frequency boards.

RayMing believes so much in quality and as such, it doesn’t compromise the quality and reliability of its printed circuit boards. With much emphasis on quality, RayMing integrates the best testing methods. RayMing offers the following services:

Also, RayMing PCBs are widely used across industries like medical, defense, aerospace, IoT, and more. The PCB manufacturing facilities are IPC-A-610 and IPC-A-600 compliant. Also, RayMIng has ISO9001 certification as well as UL and RoHS certification. With a fully developed manufacturing facility, RayMing will continue to meet the increasing demand of PCB assembly services.

RayMing integrates excellent quality control throughout its manufacturing process. Also, this PCB company offers professional advice to its customers. It provides both low-volume PCB assembly and SMT prototype PCBA.

Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies has emerged as a reputable printed circuit board manufacturer due to its quality services and products. This manufacturer is well known for offering one-stop PCB assembly services like component sourcing, PCB fabrication, and complete PCB assembly. Epec Engineered Technologies employs modern technology and procedures to cater for the needs of customers across the world.

One of the great qualities to look for in a PCB manufacturer is certification. Epec Engineered Technologies has the right PCB certifications and as well as comply with the industry standards. Employees at Epec ensure that they check all specifications including Gerber files and BOMs. This helps to detect any problem related to pre-production designs.

With its headquarters in Massachusetts, the U.S, Epec Technologies has facilities in Asia, Europe, and North America. Also, Epec Engineered Technologies provide customized PCB solutions to OEMs. Furthermore, this circuit board manufacturer ensures the most accurate and cost effective manufacturing process.

Epec Technologies lays great emphasis on the quality of the material used in fabrication its circuit boards. This PCB company conducts thorough research before integrating a material in PCB manufacturing. Also, it complies with certain industry standards. Epec Technologies produces printed circuit boards that are safe for the environment.

Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

Advanced circuitry international is one the most reliable PCB manufacturers in the world. ACI has manufacturing facility in Brazil, India, and the U.S. Also, this PCB manufacturer devotes its time to fabricating quality printed circuits boards. ACI complies with the standards in the PCB industry and as such, keeps improving its quality management system to improve the products it delivers.

All of ACI products are thoroughly verified In-Process. Also, this PCB manufacturer works with trained assembly personnel who are compliant to the IPC standards. ACI is primarily dedicated to achieving the greatest customer satisfaction by delivering “Zero defect” PCBs. With more than 20 years of experience and research, ACI keeps integrating procedures that contribute to the development of PCBs.

Furthermore, ACI has kept investing so many resources on testing its processes to ensure great quality for the 5G market. Therefore, it integrates innovating processing procedures for the benefit of its 5G clients. Also, ACI manufacture a vast range of applications that span across several industries and technologies. From prototype to large scale manufacturing to PCB assembly, ACI has got you covered.

Compliance to necessary standards in the industry is very paramount to this circuit board manufacturer. ACI doesn’t integrate lead in its PCB products. Therefore, it is RoHS compliant.

Redboard Circuits

Redboard Circuits is a reliable PCB manufacturer of a vast range of advanced circuits that support every industry and application. Also, this PCB Company fabricates printed circuit boards for cell phone boosters, DSP audio processing systems, and low voltage systems. This American based PCB manufacturers that are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

Redboard Circuits is one of the biggest full service PCB manufacturers throughout North America. This manufacturer fabricate single sided PCB, double sided PCB, and multilayer PCB up to 36 layers of PCB. Also, they fabricate flex PCB, RF and microwave, and rigid-flex PCB. Redboard fabricates advanced PCBs which are ideal for use in advanced electronics.

Furthermore, Redboard Circuits integrates the best-in-class technology and procedures for PCB fabrication. Also, this PCB manufacturer employs a team of professional engineers and designers that deliver quality. When choosing PCB manufacturers, one of factors to consider is the certification of the manufacturer. Also, Redboard Circuits has the necessary certifications and is ISO certified.

In addition, Redboard Circuits aims at unraveling some of the challenges being faced by PCB consumers. Therefore, this printed circuit board manufacturer prioritizes customer satisfaction. One of the goals of Redboard Circuit is to positively impact the PCB industry.

Shennan Circuits

Shennan Circuits is a world-class provider of advanced PCBs and electronics. This PCB manufacturer delivers quality services and products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Also, Shennan has evolved over the past decades. With its vast research, this PCB company has introduced new trends into its PCB design capabilities. Also, Shennan has Research and Development sites in Europe.

Furthermore, this PCB manufacturing is highly committed to delivering the best PCB products in the world. Shennan develops full PCB value chain which includes circuit boards, PCB testing, scheme design, and PCB manufacturing. Furthermore, this PCB manufacturer develops a 3-in-1 printed circuit board design process. This process comprises substrate packaging, PCB design, and electronics assembly.

With over three decades of operating in the PCB industry, Shennan Circuits has vast experience in PCB fabrication, design, and assembly. This company ensures all of its products undergo stringent testing in all stages of production. Shennan produces electronic assemblies, packaging base plates, and other electronic products.

In addition, Shenan as a PCB designer and manufacturer has evolved over the past years and has introduced new trends in PCB design. Shenan Circuits has over 30 years of experience in printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing.

JY Circuits

JY Circuits is one of the industry leading PCB manufacturers devoted to quality. Also, this PCB company prides itself in delivering high quality and competitive priced printed circuit boards. JY Circuits has been able to gather vast knowledge in PCB fabrication with its accumulated years of experience in the PCB industry. Also, JY Circuits has its headquarters in Fountain Valley, U.S.

JY PCBs are widely used across industries. The PCB company specializes in fabricating single sided PCBs, multilayer PCB, heavy copper PCBs, and rigid-flex PCBs. Also, it is an industry leader in fabricating boards that have undergone stringent testing. JY Circuits integrates stringent testing at all stages of PCB production. Also, it maintains strict compliance with the set standards in the PCB industry.

This RoHS compliant PCB manufacturer does not include lead in its products. Therefore, its products are safe for use in the environment. Customer satisfaction is one of the topmost priorities of JY Circuits. Therefore, it fabricates its printed circuit boards to meet the requirements of its customers.

Furthermore, JY Circuits is well known for integrating the most recent procedures and technologies in its PCB production. It is one of the most reliable circuit board manufacturing companies in the U.S. Its printed circuit boards feature great electrical and mechanical features.

Suntak Technology

Suntak Technology is an award winning printed circuit board manufacturer in China. This Chinese based company engages in the development, manufacturing, and sales of printed circuit boards. Also, the main products of this company include high density interconnector (HDI), thick copper plates, embedded panels, high frequency boards, and more. Also, the products of this company are primarily used in industrial control, security electronics, and communication equipment fields.

Suntak is a renowned PCB manufacturer that has won several awards. In June, 2022, Suntak received the 2021 strategic supplier award. Also, Suntak received an outstanding contribution award for the delivery of 5G. Furthermore, this company has contributed to the development of 5G and Internet of Things. Receiving this award is recognition of Suntak’s contribution in the electronics industry.

More than 80% of Suntak’s products are exported to Europe, America, and Asia. Suntak’s mission is to offer high-quality PCB and satisfactory service for electronic information industry.  Also, Suntak integrates the best procedures for PCB fabrication. All Suntak’s products undergo strict testing in its facility. Therefore, Suntak products are reliable when used in high performance applications.

Also, Suntak integrates the best method for testing its PCB. This PCB company ensures that all circuit boards undergo stringent testing before approving it for use. Suntak is majorly concerned with the safety of its PCB products.


TechnoTronix is a Californian based PCB manufacturer. It is a reliable PCB manufacturers in the US. Also, this world class PCB manufacturer offers PCB assembly services, PCB prototyping, and custom PCB manufacturing. TechnoTronix takes pride in its state-of-the-art facility. With more than forty years of expertise and experience in fabricating quality printed boards.

The engineer at TechnoTronix integrates advanced manufacturing practices and production techniques. TechnoTronix can test at box build level and board level to offer the benefit of unmatched technical expertise. Also, the company offer services like Design and PCB layout, mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly, and testing services among others. Technotronix understands your technical issues.

TechnoTronix can deliver products in less than 24 hours based on the quantity of the products. Also, this PCB manufacturer is ISO 9001:2015 certified. The products of this company are RoHS compliant and as such are environmentally safe. TechnoTronix offers unparalleled standard of service, value, and quality to its customers. The PCB products manufactured by this company are widely used across industries like medical, aerospace, and defense.

TechnoTronix is one of the PCB manufacturers that offer advanced and high performance printed circuit boards. Furthermore, this manufacturer delivers electronic products to OEMs.

Things to Consider Before Working With a PCB Manufacturer

There are several PCB manufacturers available. When choosing a PCB manufacturer, there are certain factors you need to consider. This manufacturer should fabricate your boards to meet your demands and requirements.


This is a crucial factor you should look out for when choosing a PCB manufacturer. When we talk about expertise, we mean the combination of knowledge and skills in PCB fabrication. There are several PCB manufacturers with great expertise in PCB manufacturing. One of the things you will need to inquire about is the capabilities of your manufacturer.

Quality and certifications

Quality is a crucial factor you should always look out for. Choose a manufacturer that puts quality in mind when fabricating a circuit board. Furthermore, you will need to consider the Quality Management system of your manufacturer. A printed circuit board manufacturer should have the right certifications like ISO. ISO certification indicates that your manufacturer integrates a quality management system.

You can also consider the manufacturing yield percentage and test yields. Your manufacturer should provide these pieces of information for review. Other certifications include A-600, IPC J-STD, and A-610.


Cost determines your overall decision regarding the PCB manufacturer to opt for. There is variation in the price charged by PCB manufacturers. Some PCB manufacturers charge more for PCB fabrication. However, there are several factors that contribute to the cost of a circuit board. Some of these factors include the cost of material, number of layers, and type of PCB assembly technique integrated.

Timely delivery

Meeting deadlines is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a PCB manufacturer. Timely delivery is crucial. Make sure your PCB manufacturer has a track record. Also, this manufacturer should be able to deliver within the lead time stipulated.

Important Questions to Ask a PCB Manufacturer

There is nothing wrong in asking your PCB manufacturer some questions. Asking the right questions enable PCB manufacturers acknowledge that you have knowledge, insight, and credibility. Also, some questions help to reveal important information about your PCB manufacturer. The following are questions you can ask your PCB manufacturer

How many employees does your manufacturer have?

PCB manufacturers with the right staffing levels operate better and can sustain the best practices when delivering large volume of printed circuit boards.

What are the qualifications of your employees?

A PCB manufacturing company should ensure that its employees have the right qualifications. Asking these questions will reveal the ability of your manufacturer to partner with different organization levels.

What type of certifications do you have?

It is crucial to question the compliance and certifications of your PCB manufacturer. The UL listing is a major certification for PCB manufacturers. Also, compliance with the necessary standards in the industry reveals the quality and safety of a PCB product.

What type of testing methods do you integrate?

In PCB manufacturing, there are several types of testing methods. Also, it is crucial your PCB manufacturer integrate in-house procedures and maintenance procedures. Major parts of testing procedures comprise First Article Inspection (FAI). Also, automated optical inspections, X-ray inspection, and manual inspections are important. These testing methods help manufacturers check for possible defects in a circuit board.

What post-fabrication procedures do you integrate?

PCB fabrication issues can happen between fabrication and assembly. This is because a crucial part of quality involves storing the circuit board after fabrication. Therefore, IPC issued a standard to cover PCB handling. You should ask if the circuit board manufacturer integrates climate-controlled storage. Also, ask about the humidity and temperatures your PCB manufacturer observes in its storage facilities.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What standards should PCB manufacturers comply with?

PCB manufacturers need to comply with IPC standards like IPC 6012, IPC 2221, IPC 2581. Also, there are other standards like ISO, UL, and RoHS. Compliance to these standards indicates that a board manufacturer integrates the right procedures and technologies.

What country produces the most PCBs?

When it comes to production, China is the largest producer of printed circuit boards. The country accounted for about 50% in the year 2020. Taiwan is the second largest producer of printed circuit boards after which is South Korea and Japan. This explains the reason why there are many PCB companies in Asia. However, the U.S has a good percentage of PCB manufacturers. More countries have started showing interest in PCB production.  


Manufacturing printed circuit boards is a complex task. Therefore, it is important to choose PCB manufacturers that will make the process less complex. The best PCB manufacturers have great expertise in PCB manufacturing. There are some factors you must look into when choosing a circuit board manufacturer.

We hope that this article will help you to choose wisely having discussed the best PCB manufacturers in the world.

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