CEM 1 PCB Materials Used, Electrical Properties and More

In this article, we will be discussing in detail what CEM 1 PCB means. This means that if you wish to become an expert in this field, then this guide is a must read for you. We will be covering both advanced and basic concepts of the CEM 1 PCB. Please sit tight as we enlighten you on the topic.

CEM 1 PCB: What does this Mean?

This has to do with a base material of low grade, which is useful in the production of PCBs. Majorly, it is useful for the production of one side PCBs.

Although there is a developed technology, the material is widely useful because the cost is low. This composite material is placed on a specific cellular basis, with its surface having a glass fiber laminate on a layer. Normally, a CEM 1 PCB usually has its color in milky yellow or milky white.

CEM 1 PCB has a limitation. This is because it is only useful for the manufacturing of single-layer PCB devices. It has a cheaper material in contrast to the FR-4 when manufacturing single layer printed circuit boards.

Therefore, if you are searching for a PCB for your low-cost electronics and electronic devices, you should try using the CEM1 PCB.


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CEM 1 PCB Vs FR1 PCB: What’s the Difference?

CEM 1 is a laminate that is paper-based. This is manufactured by the combination of two woven glass fabric layers. These two layers are then sandwiched between the paper cellulose. This forms the single-layer printed circuit board. Therefore, this only works for single layer PCBs.

FR 1 (Flame retardant), on the other hand, possesses a high temperature for glass transition as 130 degrees centigrade. This is also useful when producing single layer printed circuit boards. One reason for this is that it doesn’t work for through-holes passing, such as CEM 1.

However, before you go ahead and make your choice between CEM 1 PCB or FR1 PCB, it is necessary that you analyze some factors. These include:

  • The fabrication process of the printed circuit board
  • Requirements of the application
  • Cost implication

Materials used in Manufacturing CEM 1 PCB

The manufacturing of the CEM 1 PCB is from a composite material, which is on the cellulose bases. This has a single layer of the laminate called glass fiber. CEM 1 PCB is made when you combine two layers of phenol compounds, epoxy resin, and woven glass cloth.

Also, the placing of the paper cellulose is in-between these layers. With epoxy resin used in impregnating it to form a single layer printed circuit board.

In contrast to the FR-4, this material is much more fragile. Though, it is very cost-effective during the production of one-layer printed circuit boards.

Furthermore, these materials possess good electrical and mechanical properties. Also, they are usually milky yellow or milky white.

Also, CEM 1 is coated using copper. Copper here is a good conductor of heat.


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Electrical Properties of the CEM 1 PCB

CEM 1 PCB’s electrical properties come in different forms. This depends on the epoxy resin type used in its manufacturing. Also, the fiber chosen for the reinforcement of the surface layer influences it.

Whenever the CEM 1 PCB is less than the temperature of transition, it can support many devices and components mechanically. This is because of its rigid nature.

Furthermore, when the temperature exceeds that of the temperature for transition, this epoxy resin then becomes viscoelastic. Why is this so? At this particular temperature, the secondary bonds (intermolecular) are broken.

The CEM 1 PCB’s electrical properties include the dissipation and conduction of electrical energy. They also help in the storage of electric energy.

Advantages of the CEM 1 PCB

Below are the advantages of the CEM 1 PCB.

  • When producing PCBs, this is a less expensive option. Just a sideof the printed circuit board has a copper coating. This means it has good conduction.
  • Furthermore, this CEM 1 PCB has the ability of achieving a similar level of electrical and mechanical properties of the FR4 PCB. Thus, it has every ability to replace the FR-4. This is more expensive.
  • Also, it is useful in producing printed circuit boards with one layer. These PCBs usually have a lighter weight in contrast to others.
  • In addition, you can design and manufacture them easily. They also have a simple nature.
  • Connecting the electronic and electrical components such as inductors, capacitors, and resistors, are usually done on one of the sides of the printed circuit board. This is why the whole production becomes cheap.
  • Also, CEM 1 PCBs are great for producing products on a very low budget. Furthermore, they are relevant in applications requiring bulk manufacturing. These applications include remote control, printers, radios, calculators, and more.
  • It is also easily to produce a lot of devices at a fair price and within a very short time
  • In addition, it presents a great balance between the dissipating performances of the heats whenever it is used in manufacturing LED lighting
  • This PCB type possesses great physical strength. This strength can offer the necessary support to all the mounted components.
  • Also, it possesses a good temperature of glass transition. It also has a better dissipation of heat and stores electric energy.


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CEM 1 PCB Applications

The CEM 1 PCB is applicable in numerous fields. Let’s consider them

  • Computer peripherals
  • They are useful in the production of simple applications such as home appliances, calculators, remote controls, and toys. Asides from this, they are great for manufacturing LED lighting.
  • Great in producing industrial controls, phone systems, instrumentation, hard drives, UPS systems, and converters.
  • Also, they are useful in the manufacturing of control relays, automatic dashboards, power monitors, and printers.
  • Tools used in performing surgery are manufactured using CEM 1 LED printed circuit boards.
  • Medical scanning technology uses the CEM1 PCB as well.
  • Test equipment, amplifiers, line reactors, traffic systems, also use the CEM1 PCB


CEM 1 PCB has a lot of great features and benefits. You can also apply them in so many applications. The only limitation of the CEM 1 PCB is that it is only useful for one-sided printed circuit boards.


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