What Is The Average Circuit Board Cost, And What Factors Determine The Pricing?

PCB has different variations that are variable on the basis of quality, durability, intensity, and price ranges. The average range of a standard circuit board starts from 50 cents and ends at $300 if we talk about the production.

The average price also varies on the factors like layers, the number of all the components, and additional features regarding these circuits. A PCB that has more layers will be expensive to buy.

Since the layers make them a complex PCB and the production is equally extensive, so it demands more service charges. 

Factors Included In Determining The Printed Circuit Board Cost

1.     Types of Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Manufacturing

PCBs have three typical methods for assembly. These are through-hole assembly and surface mounts assembly and might be a mixture of both types of assemblies. PCBs that are produced for SMA assembly are much more affordable than other types of assemblies. The reason is that the through-hole method needs drilling and manual working as well.

These factors make this assembly an expensive one. However, the through-hole soldering method is a durable technique since it offers a strong linkage among the circuit parts. SMA assembly is not extensive, unlike through-hole soldering. Different counterparts like capacitors and transformers are included in the through-hole type of assembly. 

2.     PCB Components Alignment and Placement

Another factor that directly influences the PCB price is the positioning of the counterparts. Some positions on the PCB are really challenging that need more precision while placing the circuit parts. This can increase the price range of the service offered by the technicians. 

3.     How many components are there for PCB manufacturing?

If a PCB has a large number of components, then the price range will increase simultaneously. The production price directly depends on the number of counterparts of PCBs.  

4.     What’s the size of package or components?

The package sizes can also increase the price. In this case, it is better to use those packages that match the guidelines and manufacturing standards that will alleviate the production cost.  

All the counterparts of PCBs need a distinguished type of attachment during assembling. The method is different for all of them. PCBs with big, complex, and intricate counters are more expensive, unlike others. 

5.     What’s the size of batch and PCB Quantity?

The quantity and batch size of PCBs matter a lot. These greatly influence the production cost of PCBs. If someone needs PCBs in bulk, they need to spend a huge amount of money as well. The batch size will actually determine the actual cost of PCBs in total.  

6.     Preparation of required parts

Some PCBs function on the integration of special parts. These special parts will have different preparation demands as well. The processing of these parts also induces more expense on the PCBs. The standard parts are more likely to keep the cost under budget.


7.     What’s the BOM average of total circuit board cost?

The BOM is actually a bill of materials. It helps in the evaluation of all the expenditures on the PCB. So that the user can include or exclude the important counterparts from the list. The user can also use affordable alternatives for expensive counterparts. 

8.     Use of Materials and Layers by PCB manufacturer

Thinner bare boards are much more affordable to use. It creates a negative influence on the overall expense regarding the PCB. That’s why it is better to choose an appropriate bare board. The width of the bare board and the number of layers determine the cost as well. The users can choose from different layers, materials used, and many more for PCB production prices. 

9.     PCB Cost for Coating

Some PCBs need a proper coating for efficient performance. There are different options available to choose from affordable coatings. Coatings play a huge role when it comes to selecting from the batch size and re-purposing your PCBs for different causes depending on various PCB applications.  

10. Need of Tests

Different test requirements can increase the cost as well. Some quality analysis tests regarding the performance and working of different PCB parts can accelerate the expense. The tests depend on the type of PCB the user is building. In this case, professional consultation matters a lot.  

aoi test

11. Shipping Cost of PCB board and Delivery Time 

Shipping and delivery of orders are both such factors that can disrupt the budget of a user. Different regions require more shipping tax on all counts. This is why it is beneficial to go for affordable options on all counts. 

How can I save money and lower assembly costs and circuit board cost?

· PCB Design to reduce costs

The PCB designs are important to consider to determine the PCB production price. These can help in reducing the overall cost too. The height, width, shape, and function of the PCB determine the actual cost.

It is beneficial to make sure that the PCB does not include intricate components and redundant layers. So that these can be excluded to dramatically lower the price, even minor holes, rings, and compartments can increase the cost that needs to be excluded. 

· Quantity and manufacturing process

Bulk production reduces the price as well, depending on the trends in the economy. It means if the PCBs are produced on a large magnitude, then the cost per unit reduces at the same time. It might not fit well for those users who need a PCB for personal usage, but it greatly helps in the large-scale manufacturing of PCBs. 

Why the circuit board cost increases?

Printed circuit boards have different production materials, including solder, fiberglass, and polymer inks. The layers of these circuits are made from Silver. The fiberglass and polymer inks are for regulating the heat that is generated by these circuits. The materials used in the circuit production are more likely to create an impact on their manufacturing cost as well. Since these expensive metals are for executing more frequencies, these induce more cost in this aspect. The expertise and the equipment used for the production of these circuits also increase the cost.

The skilled technicians demand variable payments from the manufacturers, which can be different from one region to the other. In the case of more demand for such circuits, the cost gets reduced. It is always beneficial to produce printed circuit boards in more quantity to meet the needs of the users, and thus it regulates the cash flow in a smooth manner as well. 

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