What Does a Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer Offer?

For cable assemblies, there is a need to make use of the most appropriate internal materials. This is to ensure that it functions correctly. A custom cable assembly manufacturer focuses on finding the best specifications to deliver the best cable assembly solutions. You can work with the top cable assembly manufacturers to deliver custom solutions to serve your vehicles or medical devices.

What are the Applications of Cable Assemblies?

With the best custom cable assembly, you can be sure of having optimal functionality. The company provides cable assemblies having the standard specification to be useful in common applications. Also, we know that different industries usually require different solutions; therefore these companies provide the customized solutions so as to meet your demands.


A top custom cable assembly manufacturer manufactures cable assemblies for the aerospace industries meeting the industry requirements. Their services include the supply of important cabling products to serve vehicles including flight vehicles.


A good number of medical devices require precise and intricate cable assemblies. This is done noting that the lives of humans will be at stake. Also, top custom cables feature the right inner machinations so as to make sure they function correctly.


The GPS systems for different agricultural purposes require accurate custom cables assembly solutions in connection with the radio navigational systems. Also, companies offer custom solutions for whatever industrial control systems you might be making use of.


A professional custom cable assembly manufacturer dealing in automotive cable assembly deliver car light cables, A/V signal cables, In-Vehicle Infotainment, agricultural machinery cables, and more. Also, the company deals with manufacturing of different wire harnesses and vehicle cables to different automakers globally.

Portable Devices

The top custom cables assembly manufacturer offer complex and simple cable assemblies for mobile phones, as well as different consumer electronics utilizing video and audio systems. Communication and networking devices needs the best inner workings so as to reach the best audiences.

To conclude this section, we will say that these companies have a team of specialists that will work with customers closely to help in determining the best design for your cable assembly which suits your needs. Also, with their manufacturing expertise, you can be sure that they will supply your demands and deliver quality products.

What are the Differences Between Custom Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies?

 Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Many people usually confuse wire harness with cable assemblies. We understand this misunderstanding, because some people usually make use of both terms interchangeable. Here, we have to settle the differences between the both of them because wire harnesses and cable assemblies usually possess unique purposes.

A major feature differentiation both of them is in their composition. This is taken from their names. This means that we have to separate the cables from the wires. Simply put, wires are present in cables. Also, wires are seen as single conductors and are usually available in different materials.

What is Cable Assembly?

This is also a cable harness. This is a combination of cables or wires that are packed onto a certain jacket to function as one unit. Also, these jackets make use of heavy-duty materials like

  • Vinyl
  • Shrink-wrapped thermoplastic
  • Polyethylene
  • Chlorosulfonated neoprene
  • Chlorinated polyethylene
  • Thermoplastic rubber
  • Chlorosulfonated polyethylene

Cable harness is usually useful in transmitting power or information signals. With respect to the applications, the cable assemblies come in different customization, cable construction, size, length, and color. Custom cables have a major function, which is simplifying the structure of the complex installation into a much simple structure. This helps in saving space.

Electrical engineers help in designing the cable assemblies so as to withstand any harsh environments. This is why their designs usually work with factors affecting the durability, shape, and size of the product especially regarding moisture, heat, friction, compression, and abrasion.

What are the Functions of a Wire Harness?

A wire harness is a sheath for cables or wires. Also, they share common cable assemblies to protect the wires against any environmental exposure. Furthermore, wires already feature outer covering or individual jackets of their own. Also, wire harnesses keep these cables or wires in a single unit.

Therefore, people interchange the meaning of cable assemblies and wire harnesses. This confusion is because the two elements gather cables and wires in a sheath. Wire harnesses offer low-cost electrical solutions. Also, they might fail to tolerate constant damages that threaten cable and wires they protect. Therefore, they don’t offer benefits like cable assemblies. Also, they aren’t as sophisticated as cable assemblies.

Therefore, wire harness is specially designed for safe environments. These environments don’t expose the wires to several changes in temperature that would threaten their functionality. Also, these environments don’t expose them to constant friction. Any damage to it can result in wire exposure and electrical hazards. Therefore, ensure you consult an expert to help you know if your project demands specialized products.

Benefits of Custom Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies offer protection to cables and wires against harsh conditions. These specialized products are ideal for use in a wide range of industries like medical, aerospace, and military among others. Custom cable assemblies specialize in meeting the demands of a particular application.

One can simply say custom cable assemblies offer a specific purpose. Irrespective of the complexity of the purpose, custom cable assemblies maintain high quality based on their unique demands. Also, custom cable assemblies provide other benefits like:

Accurate performance

When your machine or device comprises specific materials, this ensures the general project offers the appropriate purpose. A machine can only function well if all its parts are well optimized. Also, custom cable assemblies offer this optimization to verify the functionality of a product.

Complete control

Custom cable assembly offers total control over the design process. It is different from off-the-shelf cable assemblies that don’t provide complete control. With precise materials, you can ensure the functionality of application without any problems.

Tailored materials

With the right tailored materials, you can get your cable assembly based on your specifications. Customizing your cable assemblies will help you meet your BOM and drawing specs. Also, you may get consigned components and depend on your manufacturer to source the materials.

Certified quality

 These assemblies ensure that you get components that have been tested. These components have gone through specialized tests. Also, these tests help to ensure if the custom cable assemblies can withstand certain conditions during their use. The testing stage involves ideal adjustments to ensure functionality and durability.

Save money

Another way to save money is by customizing your cable assembly. Since this cable assembly is specifically designed to meet your needs, it will save you a few bucks.

What Services does a Cable Assembly Manufacturer Offer?


Prototyping looks into how several versions of a product come together. Also, prototyping ensures maximum efficiency of process. It is a real-world test of the design and production stage which includes global logistics. Also, prototyping involves looking at sourcing models and how different components function when tested under harsh conditions.

Also, any version that meets the parameters for the project can progress into the next stage which is small batch manufacturing. During the prototyping stage, it is advisable to spend extra time. This can help to pay huge dividends as regards availability, longevity, and product quality.

Volume manufacturing

A custom cable manufacturer offers large volume manufacturing. Also, this manufacturer integrates fully automated and semi-automated pieces of equipment. With these pieces of equipment, these manufacturers can offer large volume manufacturing. Also, these manufacturers work with a dedicated team of professionals who devote their time to offering quality products.

Cable design and engineering services

This manufacturer offers the perfect cable design and engineering services. These manufacturers should discuss application, quantity, and type of cable assembly with their clients. This information will enable their team to offer a perfect solution that works.

 Also, the integration of cutting-edge modeling and designing software, these manufacturers can put all components together virtually. This will help to have a view on how all components can work before extruding the first wire.

Pre-production testing

Testing is always crucial during production as it helps guarantee the functionality and performance of a product. Therefore, a cable assembly manufacturer ensures they test every single of their products. Also, this will help to ensure the polarity and integrity of the cable assembly before shipping. Cable assemblies can undergo the most stringent tests to ensure they can perform the appropriate functions. The testing processes are always handled by professionals.

Qualification sampling

This is one of the services rendered by a cable assembly producer. This manufacturer has a qualification program that is specially built around validation. Therefore, every step in the process has received validation for offering accurate information to keep track of consistent results. Also, operational qualification helps to ensure that small batch sampling meets some defined parameters.

Qualification sampling ensures the final products are functional and high-quality. Therefore, make sure you look out for this service in your manufacturer. Also, this manufacturer should have the appropriate certifications approved by the industry. This means that the services and processes of your manufacturer is well approved for delivering high quality.


Cable assemblies play a critical role in electronics manufacturing. These assemblies are widely used across industries like aerospace and military. Environmental factors affect devices used in the military industries.

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