Top 7 Electrical Harness Manufacturers and Suppliers

A wiring harness is an electrical wire sheath that protects and organizes several different types of cables. Wire harnesses are typically made from thermoset or thermoplastic materials and can protect cables from environmental hazards. Materials including polyvinyl chloride, vinyl, TPE, polyurethane (PU), and PE all yield a variety of colors and sizes that find use in industries such as forklifts, the military, and the aviation industry.

A wiring loom is the best option when a bundle of wires with separate connectors would take up too much room. Wires are more resilient in the form of bundles. Therefore wire harnesses find applications in places where vibration might ordinarily affect the performance of individual wires. The suppliers of electric wiring loom and wire harness assembly are the subject of this article.

1.     YAZAKI

Yazaki Company ranks among the top five hundred as a prominent global enterprise for wire harness assemblies. It has been operating with success for the past seventy-seven years since its inception in 1941. Most of the Company’s output consists of automotive electrical wire bundles, supply chain, different measuring meters, tools, HVAC equipment, and solar water heaters.

Over two hundred thousand people work in the Yazaki Group, having four hundred and sixty-eight factories and thirty-six Chinese branches in forty-four countries.

Shanghai is home to Yazaki’s Chinese Investing Company Limited, which opened in 2006. The Company’s major focus is on the production, distribution, and retail of automotive wire harness instruments and auto parts.

This organization also acts as Yazaki’s centralized factory manager in China. Yazaki’s clientele consists primarily of automotive manufacturers in Europe, Japan, the United States, and China.

The Company provides its worldwide customers with the highest quality services possible, so it is always innovating and expanding its development capacities.


In 1917, one of the leading and custom manufactured wire harnesses producers, “Sumitomo Wiring Systems,” was established. The Company originally produced electrical wiring. It has since expanded to become the leading vehicle wiring harness manufacturer in the world.

It has been very present on the international stage, having established a stable clientele by astutely anticipating and responding to shifts in the marketplace and making good use of the expertise it has acquired in electric wires.

Currently, the auto industry is experiencing a transformation that will only happen once every hundred years. We need advancements in technologies like automated driving, electrification, sharing, and communication networking. Our “connecting and linking” concept in the auto wire harness industry will serve as the foundation for future innovations designed with the customer’s needs in mind.

3.     LEONI

LEONI provides custom wire harnesses, technologies, methods, and solutions for energy information management to the automobile and other industrial sectors all over the world. Listed on the German stock exchange, the Company will generate sales of 4.1 billion euros in 2020, employ over a hundred thousand people across thirty countries, and be among the biggest and most well-known companies in the world by that year.

Leading global producers of automobiles, trucks and auto parts are among LEONI’s most important clients. Data transmission and connectivity, healthcare, the processing sector, transport, power and construction, automation systems, machines and sensor systems, and the maritime industry are just some of the other sectors that LEONI serves with its services and products.

Access to individualized service is guaranteed by a global network of more than ninety research and development, manufacturing, transportation, and service facilities. Trust LEONI as your solution supplier thanks to our top-notch research and development and system knowledge.

4.     LEAR

The Detroit, Michigan-based Lear Corporation has been providing electronic and electric components and vehicle seating since its founding in 1917. The Company’s extensive vertically integrated capabilities in the realm of seating supply the automobile industry with premium seating featuring metal bars, cushions, fabrics, and leather textiles.

Furthermore, Lear is one of the few international providers of electrical and electronic system architectures for whole automobiles. Lear can supply full-electric power distribution solutions for both standard electrical layouts and more advanced, high-power, and hybrid setups. All the major automakers in the world are catered to with their products and services. Used in more than four different car models.

Lear has a global workforce of designers, engineers, and manufacturers from 38 different nations. The main office for China and the Asia Pacific is in Shanghai, whereas the main office for Lear is in Southfield, Michigan, America.

In 1996, Lear Corporation first entered the Chinese market. As of the year 2020, the Company will have opened a total of forty-four production sites throughout over twenty cities in China, in addition to three engineering R&D facilities.

5.     Fujikura

Fujikura was founded in 1885, and ever since then, the Company has used the communication technologies it has developed through the study, development, cable assemblies, and production of cables and wires to provide its customers with high-quality services and products in four different industries: power, communication and information, electronic parts, and automobiles electrical apparatus.

Fujikura has been doing business in China since 1994 when it first set up shop in Beijing and it is providing highest quality products. Since 1996, the Company has maintained additional offices in Shanghai, where it has primarily focused on the development, marketing, and sales of products. With the loosening of WTO requirements, the two headquarters combined in 2003 and formed in Beijing Waigaoqiao free-trade zone.

Organizations in the Fujikura Group based in China manufacture a wide variety of communication, energy, and electronic components, including FPC circuits, harness assemblies, cable assembly, automotive wires, fiber optics, optical fiber cables, UHV cables, industrial cables, OPGW, elevator cables, power supplies, and more. Their focus is on expanding markets for innovative goods made using state-of-the-art technology.


In 1902, German entrepreneurs Schubert and Kromberg set up shop. Forty different countries are home to more than 50 different factories and forty-eight thousand workers. The bulk of the business’ output comprises electrical accessories for automobiles. Electrical cables, ABS safety harnesses, specialized wires, connections, and plastic components are all included in this category.

Most of the items get sold to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), while the remainder gets sold to premium component makers. The Company has excellent research and development and design capabilities, making it a key supplier to premium automakers. We begin working together during the modeling phase and finish the ideal design based on our observations and past work.

As Kromberg & Schubert’s research and development hub in China, the engineering department is in charge of the creation of wiring harnesses, looms and processing methods. These are primarily for the creation of whole car wiring looms for German clients.

7.     APTIV

Aptiv PLC is Delphi Automotive. Aptiv is a worldwide technology business with headquarters in Dublin, United Kingdom. They work to create safer, smarter, and more linked services for transportation in the future.

Aptiv’s global workforce of over hundred and eighty thousand spreads out over the globe to better serve the Company’s international clientele. Faster adoption of software-defined electric vehicles is a top priority for Ampofo. Thus the Company has developed adaptable and smart platforms to address the industry’s most pressing problems. In 2021, Ampofo generated 15.6 billion dollars in sales around the world.

In 1993, Aptiv joined the Chinese market. Since then, the Company has created a robust research and development and production presence there. With three global technological offices and eighteen manufacturing locations, it serves as a point of contact for Chinese customers.

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