Is the FR4 Tg150 Useful in Printed Circuit Boards?

This article reveals what the fr4 Tg 150 material is all about. Therefore, before choosing the fr4 tg150 for any application, it is very important that you read through this guide. This will assist you in making a decision if it suits your application or not.

Please continue reading to understand what fr4 tg150 has to offer.

What is Fr4 Tg150?

fr4 tg150 is the main base of printed circuit board temperature. Here the materials of the PCB start changing from the solid state into the soft and rubberlike state.

What we mean is that your printed circuit boards’ base material will be unstable once you decide to operate it at a temperature above 150 degrees. The group that the fr4 tg150 is medium Tg. This is because the value stands between the low or standard Tg and the high Tg.

Having 150 as the Tg value in mind, you’ll know the operation limit of your temperature. So far you remain below the temperature mark of 150 degrees, the PCB base’s stability will stay mechanical stable.

If the temperature of glass transition of your PCB surpasses 150 degrees centigrade, then you may cause fires. It can also cause damages to the base materials of your printed circuit board. Asides from this, it will lose its turgid and hard solid state becoming rubber like and soft.

Furthermore, the components of your printed circuit board may start burning. This may destroy the entire machine.


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Hole Size and Minimum Spacing possible on PCB fr4 tg150

The same way that Tg is very significant to PCB, you have to also pay attention to the holes sizes and spacing. Different hole sizes and spacing are available, which works best under some Tg arrangements.

Furthermore, spacing plays a significant role in providing room for arranging the components on the PCB. Asides from this, you’ll depend on the spacing so as to offer the best board freedom testing.

Also, with the appropriate hole size, you will get the best possible mounting foundation. Therefore, with all these in mind, try to maintain the spacing of the PCB at least 2 mil. Also, for the hole size, it should have a minimum of 0.15 mm.

Different Surface Finishes for PCB Fr4 Tg150

There are different surface finishes for the PCB FR4 Tg150. These finishes will help in improving the printed circuit board’s image.

Asides from its outward appeal, this surface finish forms an interface between your printed circuit board and its components. Furthermore, these surface finishes protect the copper circuitry, which is usually exposed. It also provides solderable surfaces.

Below are some of the surface finishes for printed circuit boards. These surface finishes are what you may have on printed circuit boards with fr4 tg150.

What Method is Best for the Testing of PCB Fr4 Tg150?

You can test the PCB fr4 tg150 making use of three main methods. These methods will offer you the best value range. They are dynamic mechanical analysis, thermal mechanical analysis, and differential scanning calorimetry.

Despite these different techniques available, the testing’s main guidelines will be under a specific category. Also, despite all these methods, the standard one is best for successfully assigning the right temperature for glass transition.


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Fr4 Tg150 Vs Fr4 TM150: What are the Differences?

Differentiating between fr4 tg150 and fr4 tm150 is in the definition. For fr4 tg150, it is the temperature of glass transition at a value of 150 degrees centigrade. This means that, once this temperature gets to 150 degrees, the solid has to change from solid to something rubber-like.

FR4 TM150, on the other hand, is PCB material’s melting temperature. This temperature has a value of 15o degrees centigrade. What we mean is that, the materials of the printed circuit board will change from solid to the liquid state once it reaches 150 degrees.

In conclusion, fr4 tg150 tells us the temperature at which the printed circuit board changes from its glassy state to a rubber-like form at a 150 degrees. Furthermore, Tm150 has to do with the temperature at which the printed circuit board changes from the crystalline form to the amorphous state. This happens at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.

Does Crystallinity Have an Effect on FR4 Tg150?

The printed circuit board material’s Crystallinity as well as that of amorphous polymers usually has an effect on the macromolecules’ mobility.

When the Crystallinity is at a lower degree, the temperature of glass transition (Tg) usually increases. Also, when amorphous polymers’ Crystallinity increases, there will also be a rise in the temperature of glass transition.

What we mean is that, a rise in the material’s Crystallinity produces a subsequent rise in the temperature of glass transition (Tg).

Benefits of Using PCB Fr4 Tg150

The higher a polymer’s temperature of glass transition, the higher its mechanical stability. This implies that you should get more benefits once you raise the temperature of glass transition.

Below are some benefits you get from using PCB fr4 tg150.

Thermal Expansion Becomes Lower

At fr4 tg150, the PCB polymer materials’ thermal expansion becomes extremely low. This explains which it behaves that way in high temperatures. To explain further, we mean that despite the rise in operating temperatures, you’ll see extremely low thermal expansion rates.


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Longer Durability for Delamination

Also, you will worry less concerning the separation and delamination of the printed circuit boards from the usual bonds. With this freedom, you will easily get a much longer period using printed circuit boards having minimal delamination chances.

Resists High Temperature

A PCB polymer material having fr4 tg150 usually increases the materials’ resistance to extremely high temperatures. What we mean is that, a rise in the temperature of glass transition results in a rise in its resistance to higher temperatures.


We hope we have been able to answer all possible questions regarding the fr4 tg150. If you need some clarification on any area, please notify us.

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