Guide to SPEEDUINO PCB Circuit Boards Assembly

Speeduino is a leading brand for the production of hardware components and also firmware services. There is a large network of community members associated with this name, and several projects have been successfully completed with the help of professionals. It has become one of the major PCB assembling gears in no time. 


1. DIY Friendly

Speeduino has one major objective of providing DIY-friendly PCBs and their components that match the needs of their clients so that they can develop a stronger bond with their customers on all counts. 

2. Community

The community provides different services, such as PCB manufacturing and assembly. The customers can not only get a single-piece unit or can order an entire PCB assembly. The technicians also deal with PCB designing as well. 

3. Proven

The brand is a tried and tested one in this case. They have successfully delivered 500-1000 PCB assemblies with no flaws. It is a viable system to cope with the technicalities such as PCB components and assemblies. 

4. Open everywhere

Speeduino carves a unique path for engine management. It acts as a bridge between one community to another. It has no parallel in terms of outstanding functionality of engine management. It has many features, such as being user-friendly, easy to use, and comes in an affordable price range. 

This system renders open-source firmware, open-source hardware, and fully open documentation. It gives a big edge to its users that many ECU producers lack these days. The system has the ability to design and integrate the PCBs in an effective and effortless manner. 

The system has impressively helped the technicians with 500-1000 integrations, and these are exactly the desired ones as per the expectations of their customers. All these assemblies come with an affordable price range so that everyone has equal access to their services. 

SPEEDUINO PCB and Tuner Studio

Online and Offline tuning

Flexible Logging and Tuning 

Speeduino works with Tuner Studio software which has the ability to tune and configure. It helps the systems such as Speeduino with data logging and helps in the easy replay with the help of the Mega Log Viewer application.

All of this comes together to enable smooth reviewing, analyzing, and improving every inch of the tune. The user interface is not complicated or confusing. The following are some important specifications of this system: 

  • Fully customizable dashboards for ease of usage.
  • Tuner difference reporting (Local tune vs. controller) that gives options to the user. 
  • 3D and grid editing of maps for improvement. 
  • Automatic restore points to save time. 
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity are additional features. 
  • Unlimited length logging for different reasons, such as for feasibility. 
  • Ability to add and store notes for reminders and referring. 
  • Real-time and offline tuning as per the needs of the user. 
  • Multi-project support to deal with different natures of projects. 
  • Customizable gauges for effective execution. 

SPEEDUINO PCB V0.3 Circuit Board 


It is one of the famous shields of Speeduino as it is reliable to use for 1-4 cylinder injection and ignition applications except excluding direct-injected engines. It connects with screw terminals for flawless test wiring and prototyping too. 

Board Features 

There are many salient features of this board, such as:

  • four injector channels, unlike other boards. 
  • 4 Ignition outputs for different purposes, such as effective usage. 
  • Fully protected input channels such as CLT, IAT, TPS, and O2 for ease.
  • Optional VR conditioner mount on crank and cam inputs that create feasibility.
  • MAP sensor mount location for convenience. 
  • four medium current spare outputs (Eg, Fuel pump, thermal fan, and many more) that are important for a shield like this. 
  • All I/O through screw terminals on the board to assist the users. 
  • Proto area with IO, SPI, and power breakouts which is an impressive feature. 

Board Assembly

If someone needs a link in case of board revisions, then it is better to consult with the Bill of Materials (BOM) of your specific board. The assembly, which includes the attachment of all the components by following the ‘hole’ approach, is easy to execute. However, in all cases, the following factors need to be kept in mind to avoid any complications:  

  1. All resistors 
  2. All diodes (Including LEDs) 
  3. All capacitors
  4. Remember that C14 and C16 are among the polarized capacitors. It gets more inevitable to install them in an appropriate manner. It is better to mark these capacitors with a plus sign for easy identification. 

Board Configuration

The board can be installed in more than one way, which depends on the nature of the hardware and configuration as well. 

Board default outputs

The functions of Speeduino are adjustable. It means they are not confined to any kind of restrictions. The user can also adjust the outputs of this system to Board Default. 

SPEEDUINO PCB 0.4.1v Circuit board

The Speeduino project is a user-friendly Engine Management System (EMS or also called ECU). It is cost-efficient and also open-source for the users. It includes hardware, firmware, and software components that are the major constituents of a standard EMS. 


This repository comes with all the available and in-use hardware designs, which might be interesting for several users. Technicians and professionals from different regions of the world have come together to produce these designs that have become an integral part of boards. 

Where to Buy SPEEDUINO PCB? 

The users can find different sellers with Speeduino designs, such as from the community or from their website. The returns made from these sellers are gathered back to the relevant projects, such as if they need rectifications and development. Due to the open-source feature, the users can develop their customized hardware as well.


The customer support from their end is in the form of a community. There are several people actively engaging with each other in the community. So that the confusion, doubts, and queries of the people can be addressed as early as possible. Following are the platforms where you can find the Speeduino community quite easily: 

SPEEDUINO PCB Contributors

This project came into existence due to the teamwork of all the associates. The technicians responsible for coding and testing this system worked to the best of their abilities in this regard. Anyone can be a part of the contributors frontier of Speeduino by exploring the community forum. 

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