The Capabilities and Features of an Online Circuit Board Maker

These days it is very easy to create your own circuit board online. With the availability of several circuit board makers, you can make unique designs and achieve a functional circuit board at your own convenience.

Also, circuit board makers help to improve your creativity. PCBs play crucial roles in the electronics industry. These boards make up electronic systems. Hence, all phases involved in creating PCBs are very important. A wide range of PCB services integrate online PCB makers.

What is a PCB maker?

A PCB maker helps you design and develop printed circuit boards. Also, this PCB maker is software programs that help you create a circuit diagram and a PCB design. In addition, this PCB maker helps you in placing components on your circuit board. With a PCB maker, you can create a functional board easily.

PCB makers are usually online software. There are a wide range of online PCB maker you can choose from. In the next section, we will be discussing the types of online PCB maker available you can use for your PCB project. PCB services integrate online PCB maker in the design and manufacturing process of printed circuits.

Online PCB maker features a wide range of design tools and capabilities. Some of these design tools are high-density design, live support, 3D viewers, and autorouting among others.

Top Online PCB Makers


CircuitMaker offers free PCB design services and software. It is a broad PCB community that enables users to work and share knowledge. Also, CircuitMaker helps you turn your ideas into reality. The tools in CircuitMaker won’t limit your capability or imagination. It has got the right features that can help you create a good circuit board design.

The CircuitMaker as a free circuit board design editor has the necessary capabilities needed for designing high quality PCB layout and schematics. Also, you have no limits on board area or layer counts when using CircuitMaker. This free online PCB maker is here to help PCB schematics and layout an easy task for you.

Also, it is ideal for first-timers and beginners. CircuitMaker comprises a massive component library with hundreds of thousands of components. The schematic editor of CircuitMaker is very easy to use just like Altium Designer. Furthermore, this online PCB maker has robust routing capabilities. For instance, the interactive routing modes comprise hug, obstacle ignore, obstacle avoidance, and hug-and-push.


EasyEDA is one of the most efficient online PCB makers. This PCB maker offers comprehensive features, capabilities, and library. Also, EasyEDA features a user-friendly interface. Therefore, it is suitable for a novice. If you are using EasyEDA for the first time, you will find it easy to get around it.

EasyEDA helps you get more creative with your PCB design. This software has some tools which are very helpful when designing and creating a circuit board. Also, the Autorouter tool can help you make traces. This tool is ideal for small PCBs. It isn’t ideal for big projects as there might be some errors. Therefore, manual routing is advisable for big projects. PCB services utilize manual routing for their big projects.

In addition EasyEDA offers you 3D preview and Gerber files. The 3D viewer on this software will help you see what the final PCB will look like. EasyEDA is an easy and powerful online PCB maker with lots of advanced features. You can get an instant quote of your PCB from this platform.


Regardless of what you want to have on your bare PCB or the type of design you want, Digi-Key is the right online PCB maker to use. This easy-to-use online PCB maker features intuitive tools to make your work easier for you. Furthermore, Digi-Key helps you create PCB boards by evaluating your requirements and comparing your prices.

Digi-Key ensures it creates PCB boards that meet with user’s requirements. Also, this free online PCB software creates high-quality PCB. It is ideal for hobbyists and professionals. With Digi-Key, you can upload Gerber file and compare various board house offers. Only Digi-key and your manufacturer can have access to your Gerber file.

Also, this software has various tools, services, and features that can be helpful in your circuit board design. You can get quotes on your bare PCBs from several board houses. Also, you can get instant quote from this PCB software. With Digi-Key you can get the best design experience. This software effortlessly connects you to details of the circuits design process.


This is another reliable online PCB maker you can always opt for. Altium has a wide range of tools and features. It features a design environment with documentation and simulation, layout routing, and more. With its powerful conversion tools, you can perform easy data migration. Furthermore, Altium’s schematic editor is very easy to use.

With Altium’s interactive routing, you can easily perform PCB routing. You can slide, push, walkaround, and slide. Also, it features a native 3D circuit board design. Altium allows you to interact and partner with designers in a 3D design environment. You can work on projects with other community members. Altium helps you to maximize the power of your team to carry out your projects.

Also, Altium allows you to capture your intended design with the help of variation management, design verification, and transparent netlist creation. You can create advanced PCBs with the intuitive navigation provided Altium. Also, this online PCB maker has a library with a wide array of components


If you need an open source and free online PCB maker, KiCad is a perfect option. KiCad features PCB routing, diagram management, and 3D modeling capabilities for engineers. This online PCB maker helps you transform your creative ideas into a real functional PCB. You can get your instant quote and design custom PCBs with this software.

KiCad allows you to place components on your bare board easily. Also, KiCad is ideal for both beginners and professionals. A wide range of PCB services integrate KiCad when creating printed circuits. . Component placement in KiCad is very easy to do. Also, KiCad allows you to include your mechanical components and custom parts.


There are a wide range of online circuit board makers. These circuit board makers offer different capabilities and functions. Ensure you opt for the right PCB maker for your PCB project.

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