Everything You Need To Know About SEEED PCB And Its Cost Of Production

Seeed is a functional hardware provider in the IoT domain. The company also helps different producers with their products and services if they need any consultation. The company has many partners in technology and cloud domains.

The enterprise is important to consider when it comes to a variety of hardware options and sensor modules that have the ability to get incorporated with different IoT devices.

Shenzhen is one of the major suppliers of Seeed and empowers the company to offer adept services to its clients and customers. The company has a manufacturing capacity of 5000-10,000 products. The company operates in China. 

Cost Of Production Of SEEED PCB

The company offers quotations in terms of customizable electronics. The clients consult Seeedstudio PCB in this regard. The company works with the help of a large network of suppliers. The consumers can also get the quote by executing Open Parts Library, where they upload the PCB Gerber and BOM files in this pursuit. The services offered by the company are flexible and also budget-oriented.

The products are also affordable. The customers have to choose between the stencil and unstamped boards. The unstamped boards are much more affordable than the stencil ones. The company offers PCB assembly, which helps in lowering the overall cost of the services. None of the circuit parts go wasted in any case. 

The budget is much higher with SeeedStudio OPL than consulting other distributors for this. In this regard, the PCBA calculator is beneficial for determining accurate costs. The professionals from Seeed are able to deal with procurements. The file uploading feature is also beneficial in saving time and expediting other processes. 

The consumers have to upload the rest of the files after determining the PCB design and type of PCB assembly. The website gives all the guidelines for this process. If they need a design with 3D images, then a ZIP file is mandatory, which contains all the necessary information. These files should be on Seeedstudio. After that comes the list of circuit components that you need for the assembly. 


The ordering system initiates with a form. This form contains different products for the clients regarding PCB projects. The entire user interface of the form is easy, and anyone can explore it without any difficulty.

The website also renders relevant help links if anyone gets stuck at any point while learning about the form page. All the PCB producers require a file that contains information. These files should be in Gerber format. Several PCB tools are available that allow the installation of extensions that support this format. 

After that, the user is supposed to tap on the “Add Gerber Files” button. The files get uploaded, and they need to be archived in the form of ZIP or RAR formats. The uploaded files can be further processed with the help of Gerber viewer. It is a good tool to analyze the PCB project prior to sending it to Seeedstudio. 

Pro Tip: It is beneficial to print out the PCB project on paper before preparing the Gerber files with all the required components, along with analyzing the space and footprint regarding these components. This printout is the actual manifestation of the exact size of the circuit board

Seeed Pcb Preparing Order

After uploading the file, it’s time to select from the options like base material, quantity, PCB color, and surface finish. It depends on the requirements of the user, which help them determine the options.

These variables are also involved in setting the price of the entire production. Any changes will directly influence the price as well. The shipping cost relates to the checkout step. The last step is to add the product to the shipping cart. 

Checkout And Order Procedure Of SEEED PCB

The users must log in to the system for the purpose of executing checking out and ordering. The company takes about four days to complete production. The shipping, however, depends on the type of shipping method selected by the user. If someone uses DHL, then it is a pricy method.

All the payments can be made via Paypal and credit cards. The company sends a confirmation when the customers have received the order. The system allows easy tracking of the order status. The user gets the confirmation through an email. 

Shipping and Receiving procedure of SEEED PCB

If a user orders on a Friday, then they are more likely to receive their order on the coming Tuesday. The production takes only four days, while shipping can have a delay as per the selected shipping method. The orders are shippable in a small envelope. The orders are available in bubble wrap to avoid any breakage and damage.

The company also sends different solder masks. The silkscreens rendered are of high quality in terms of reading. The pads are also useful for perfect functioning. The shapes produced for the PCBs are good as well. The products go well with hot air soldering since they are previously tested and go through an extensive validation process after production. 

 Why choose SEEED PCB?

1. Supported by the supply chain resources in Shenzhen, which gives this company an edge over the others. 

2. Fully digitalized inquiry process to eliminate human error.

3. Recognized by multiple media within the industry for better exposure. 

4. The standardized manufacturing process for enhancing quality. 

5. Manufacturing Expert consult service to help clients. 



The Seeed Studio OPL is reliable for people who love DIY approaches. The services offered by the company are easy to access. These are also affordable, unlike other PCB producers. The design tool offered by the company is also beneficial to use.

It helps in fast prototype production as well. The company is dependable for customizable services and the production of PCBs and prototypes. The OPL system is easy to execute for ordering purposes.

The company is befitting for in-house services too. The professionals have expertise in delivering their clients as per their needs with effective solutions to their problems which last longer.

Due to this reason, the company has no parallel when it comes to exceeding the expectations of their online and offline clients both. 

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