WURTH PCB: Values & Benefits For Custom Design Circuit Boards

The company is trustworthy when it comes to premium quality electronics and individual components. The famous products introduced by the company include chokes that are commonly used for power lines.

The services offered by the company are the installation of electrical products and appliances, the assembling of electrical parts, and other financial services for a large consumer base around the globe.

We are going to discuss a detailed review of this company. Let’s dig deeper into its universe!

What is Wurth PCB?

The Wurth Group is a flagship producer of printed circuit boards and operates from Hamburg. There is a huge workforce at the back end of the company that originates in Germany. The portfolio of the company in terms of products is stellar.

It includes electrical tools and gear used for the assembly and installation of electrical products. As of now, the company has successfully launched more than 100,000 products in the market that address customer needs and problems.

A large network of distribution sites assists the company in meeting its goals and exceeding client expectations. 

What are the Values of Wurth PCB?

1. One family

The attributes of the company include its long-term relationship with its customers and allies. This is why the company has proven to be successful in delivering to the best of its abilities for its consumer base.

Due to the existence of the company, today, many people are able to enjoy the essence of their lives in a feasible way. Its products are suitable for different people from various walks of life. The company pays heed to its partners and contributes to them to innovate more solutions for the customers. 

2. Inspire

The company has been inspiring many budding enterprises and PCB producers as well. It takes great pride in its devoted team that pushes the stance of the company forward in the market.

The company has been maintaining its enthusiasm for so many years. The company believes in a practical approach and executes all the viable strategies to make its clients happy and satisfied. 

3. Expertise

The technicians of the company are also experts in their league. Their skills are enough to make their way through all the challenges of production and invent new ways to make the usage of the company’s products easy manner. The professionals and associates work on their proposals and ideas to set the direction for the company. 

4. Genuine

Over the years, one major factor that has helped the company partner with several allies is the genuine nature of the company. The company works on authentic and valid relations.

The partners also feel comfortable doing business and step forward with the company to devise new ways and solutions for the ease of their consumer base through their products and services. 

Benefits of Choosing Wurth Printed Circuit Boards

The printed circuit boards offered by the company are versatile. These come from a wide range of siblings and different types of printed circuit boards. The company specializes in all printed circuit boards and their forms.

Depending on the size and requirements of the client’s project, the company successfully delivers the products to the clients. There are different agencies included in the consumer base of the company. The sales team of the company predicate over 100 employees for promising results and more conversions by all means possible. 


The REDCUBE SMD is from the group of surface-mount electronics and devices. It offers the handling of high-power electronics. The attributes of this device are lesser resistance and heating. These features are crucial for the fine performance of surface mount devices. It regulates heat dissipation and maintains density as well. It controls the connections by making a right angle between them so that these can hold a powerful force that gets produced. It is easier for the implementation of the porotypes and bulk production. 

· RED CUBE Terminals

RED CUBE terminals from the company are interesting for their powerful connections as a viable solution that helps with lesser resistance and regulated heat production as well. These terminals follow an approach of press-fit or through-hole and are also supportive of plugging configurations. These terminals are friendly to currents up to 400-500 amperes. 

· Wurth PCB Mount Fuse Holders

The mount fuse holders are another remarkable product from the company. These are special layouts for a special type of board-mount circuit protection implementation and requisite applications. These are supportive of the variable ranges of voltages that are important for the functioning of several electronics. These feature an outstanding dielectric voltage as well. These are coated with commercial-grade nickel, and their structure is reliable for the prevention of rusting and corrosion. There is no limit to their standard sizes as well.


The Wurth WR-TBL series terminal blocks are another spectacular invention from the company. These offer a large range of options in terms of connections. These work with the modular terminal block to meet the trends of the market. These blocks are crucial for the UL/cULus lists and are typically used in the production of different electrical products. Another benefit is that these have a dedicated clamp for pressure and a special cable outlet for ease. The spring system makes the entire installation feasible for the technicians each time.

· WR-TBL connector

The WR-TBL connectors also have regular applications in different sectors. The spring system attached to these connectors is of two types. These are either pluggable clamps that manage the pressure or UL/cUL. There are several pin configurations that range up to 12 pins in total. These connectors are RoHS compliant, which is an excellent feature for their reliable usage. 

· WR-TBL plastic housing

The WR-TBL series 3611 houses a cable mechanism that is pluggable in nature. These are important for the variable electrical connections. Such a cable mechanism is important for modular terminal blocks that can deal with the demands and fluctuations in the market. There is an entry for the vertical cable that offers an entry of 3.50mm maximum. 

· WR-TBL SMT Spacer

Wurth WR-TBL SMT spacer terminal blocks are also from the large category of terminal blocks offered by the company. These have a crucial implementation in different sectors around the globe. These are flexible to customize as per the project’s requirements. These exist in different styles and come with a compelling feature called Global wire thickness. Besides these, there is a specific clamp mechanism and a design that is easy to plug in and plug out. 

The company takes its protocol and production guidelines in a stringent way. It never compromises on the warranty of its products. The customer support of the company is highly active and addresses the client’s problems as soon as possible through consultation. 

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