Where to buy Xilinx XC4VSX35-12FFG668C FPGA

Virtex-4 family consists of 3 groups namely, LX, FX and SX. The XC4VSX35-12FFG668C device belongs to the SX group. This group is capable of providing efficient solution to the problems of Digital Signals Processing (DSP) applications. Number of Configurable Logic Boards (CLBs) in the device are 3,840. One CLB is made up of 4 slices. While total number of logic cells or elements in the device are 34,560. These devices give best functionality when given the optimum voltage supply range of 1.14 V to 1.26 V. The XC4VSX35-12FFG668C device offered with Commercial grade temperature rating as the IC can operate smoothly in fairly wide temperature range of 0 oC to 85 oC. Packaging type of these IC devices is known as FCBGA. The XC4VSX35-12FFG668C device contains 668 pins in total.
The XC4VSX35-12FFG668C devices have a wide range usage in different fields such as 5G technology, Artificial Intelligence, consumer electronics, cloud computing, wireless technology, industrial control, and different medical equipment.

This family of devices is offered with Array of rows and columns as 96 by 40. The XC4VSX35-12FFG668C device is equipped with 34,560 logic cells having 15,360 cells. Number of I/O banks in the device are 11 with maximum user I/O stands at 448. Just like other SX family members, technologies like Power PC processing blocks, Ethernet MACs, and Transceiver blocks are absent in XC4VSX35-12FFG668C. Number of PMCDs are 4in the device while number of DCMs or Digital Clock Managers are 8. All SX family members devices are equipped with 8 Digital Clock Managers. These IC devices are offered with maximum block RAM of 3,456 Kbits 2ith 192 blocks of 18 Kb. On the other hand, these devices are manufactured with maximum distributed RAM of 240 Kbit. It also contains a total of 192 Xtreme DSP slices. Each Xtreme DSP slice out of 192 consists of 3 components i.e., accumulator, adder, and 18 x 18 multiplier.

The XC4VSX35-12FFG668C device Package Combination and Max I/Os:

The XC4VSX35-12FFG668C offered in a packing of 27 x 27 mm. it contains maximum user I/O of 640. The device is equipped with 668 pins.

System Blocks specific to XC4VSX35-12FFG668C:

System blocks such as Xesium clock technology is prominent feature of XC4VSX35-12FFG668C device. This technology comes up with maximum of 20 DCM modules which are further equipped with precision deskew and phase shift. This technology is capable of producing modifiable frequency and it comes up with double operating module.
Presence of modifiable logic resources in XC4VSX35-12FFG668C device make it capable of improving its speed up to 40% as compared to previous generation integrated circuits. Integrated Memory block which is also part of XC4VSX35-12FFG668C device as a system block is offered with 10 Mb of memory, selectable pipeline stages, dedicated routing. All these attributes of integrated block memory enable this IC device to improve its speed by almost 100% compared to previous generations.

XC4VSX35-12FFG668C FPGA Overview:

I/O banks which are available in these IC devices have to option to be programmed in several categories such as operations (single or differential ended), selectable Single Distributed RAM (SDR) or Double Distributed RAM (DDR).

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