What is Xilinx XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I FPG

The XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device belongs to the Virtex-4 Family. This family is the product of Xilinx technologies, and it combines Advanced Silicone Module Block also known as the ASMB™ with various modifiable features to increase abilities of FPGA related to design specifically. The Virtex-4 family consists of three groups of Integrated Circuits known as LX/SX/FX. The XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device comes from the SX group of Virtex-4 family. The XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device is capable of providing efficient for Digital Signal Processing operations. The XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device is decorated with Xesium™ Clock technology which has prominent features such as DCM blocks, PMCD also known as phase matched clock dividers and differential global clock. This Virtex-4 family device is equipped with XtremeDSP™ slice and hierarchal smart memory which contains distributed RAM, dual port RAM blocks, selectable pipeline stages and configurable FIFO logic. The XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device support DDR and DDR-2 RAMs. These devices are also come with pre-installed SelectIO™ technology. The XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device comes with arrangement of 128 rows and 48 columns. Number of logic cells in these devices are 24,576. Maximum distributed RAM Kbits in these devices are 384. Number of XtremeDSP™ Slices are 512. The 18 Kb block RAM of XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device is equipped with 32 Kbits while maximum block RAM is designed as 5,760 Kbits. Total number of DCMs is 8 in this XS family along with 4 PMCDs. Total I/O banks in these SX devices are 9 in addition to maximum user I/O of 320.

As far as the ordering information of XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device is concerned, this device is designed as to have -10 speed grade. These devices contain 1148 total number of pins. Presence of “G” in part FFG is indicative of the fact that XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device is Pb or Lead free. The XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I device is of Industrial grade and it can withstand a wide range of extreme temperatures ranging from -40 oC to 100 oC.

The XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I device Package Combination and Max I/Os:

The XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device is offered in size of 35 x 35 mm. This device comes with maximum I/O of 640.

System Blocks specific to XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I:

XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device is offered with state-of-the-art Xesium Clock technology, which is capable of flexible frequency synthesis, double operation mode, lowered output jitter, Low power function, improved enhanced frequency, and wide phase shift range. These devices are offered with flexible logic resources enabling these devices to enhance the speed by 40% as compared to previous generations of ICs. These logic resources contain up to 200K logic cells and cascadable variable shift register.

XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I FPGA Overview:

The XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I Integrated Circuit device contains Select I/O blocks which are able to perform configured single ended or differential operations, input block due to availability of single or dual data rate (SDR or DDR), output block (Optional SDR or DDR), bidirectional block, and deskew circuity. The Select I/O presence enable these devices to have dedicated I/O and default data serialization.

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