About Xilinx XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I FPGA

XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I belongs to the family of Virtex®4 which has improved programmable logic design abilities as it combines Advance Silicone Modular Block (ASMBL™) with wide range of adaptable characteristics. Virtex-4 consists of three platform families namely LX, FX, and SX. The Virtex®-4 family is upgraded version of previous Virtex product families. XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I like other platforms under the umbrella of Virtex®-4 is manufactured on advanced and futuristic 90 nm copper process based on wafer technique.

XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I Main Features:

Virtex®-4 family is a one stop solution for various applications like logic applications, Processing of digital signals processing applications (offered by XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I) and embedded platforms applications. This family is equipped with Xesium clock technology having the ability to block digital clock manager coupled with phase matched clock dividers and differential global clocks. It contains Smart RAM memory hierarchy thanks to distributed RAM having capability selected pipeline stage and programmable FIFO logics. XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I device is equipped with SelectIO™ technology containing 1.5- 3.3V I/O operation. Virtex®-4 family comes with Flip-chip packaging also having the option to choose Lead free packaging.

XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I System Blocks:

As explained earlier Virtex™®-4 family employs Xesium Clock Technology which is capable of maximum 20 Digital Clock Manager modules. The technology consists of phase shift coupled with precision clock deskew, adaptable frequency synthesis, double operating modes, enhanced I/O frequency, better phase shifting resolution. XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I device is capable to operate on Low-power with decreased output jitter. Virtex®-4 family is comprised of flexible logic resources and capable of distributed memory with notable features such as 40% improvement in speed compared to past devices majorly due to having 200,000 logic cells. This family system comes up with 500 MHz Xtream DSP slices (with maximum 100% upgrade in speed when compared with past devices) having dedicated multiplier (18-bit x 18-bit), multiply adder blocks, elective pipeline and 48-bit accumulator for improved performance and MACC respectively. XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I device System Blocks are also equipped with 500 MHz integrated memory with prominent characteristics such as maximum 10 Mb block memory (integrated), elective pipeline stages (for better performance), multi-level FIFO support logic, Double port architecture, Byte-write ability, and steadfast cascade routing.

Overview of Virtex-4 FPGA:

To carry out superior-performance and concentrated-density system designs, Devices which falls within the domain of the Virtex-4 family come up with user programmable gate arrays having several programmable elements and embedded cores.

FPGA Features of Virtex®-4:

Programmable I/O Blocks are present in Virtex®-4 family having operations such as single ended or differential, input and output blocks with elective single or double data rate register, devoted Input & Output resources, and default serializer and deserializer. These I/O Blocks validates various single-ended standards (such as PCI, LVTTL, GTL and GTLP etc.) and differential signaling standards as well. Configurable Logical Boards in Virtex®-4 FPGA including XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I are consist of four slices. Virtex®-4 devices are also hold the block RAM feature having equipped with resources such as configurable, independent 18 Kb true dual port. All of the Virtex®-4 family devices are equipped with 32 global clock MUX buffers with maximum blocks availability of 20.

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