A40MX04-PL68I -Internet of Things -Medical Equipment

A40MX04-PL68I ApplicationField

-Consumer Electronics
-Artificial Intelligence
-Wireless Technology
-Cloud Computing
-Industrial Control
-Medical Equipment
-5G Technology
-Internet of Things

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A40MX04-PL68I FAQ Chips 

Q: Does the price of A40MX04-PL68I devices fluctuate frequently?
A: The RAYPCB search engine monitors the A40MX04-PL68I inventory quantity and price of global electronic component suppliers in real time, and regularly records historical price data. You can view the historical price trends of electronic components to provide a basis for your purchasing decisions.

Q: Where can I purchase Microsemi A40MX04 Development Boards, Evaluation Boards, or 40MX and 42MX FPGA Starter Kit? also provide technical information?
A: RAYPCB does not provide development board purchase services for the time being, but customers often consult about ZedBoard, Basys 3 board, TinyFPGA BX, Nexys4-DDR, Terasic DE10-Nano, Digilent Arty S7, etc. If you need relevant technical information, you can submit feedback information, our technicians will contact you soon.

Q: How can I obtain software development tools related to the Microsemi FPGA platform?
A: The specific choice depends on personal habits and functional requirements to specifically select a more suitable match. You can search and download through the FPGA resource channel.

Q: What should I do if I did not receive the technical support for A40MX04PL68I in time?
A: Depending on the time difference between your location and our location, it may take several hours for us to reply, please be patient, our FPGA technical engineer will help you with the A40MX04-PL68I pinout information, replacement, datasheet in pdf, programming tools, starter kit, etc.

Q: Do I have to sign up on the website to make an inquiry for A40MX04-PL68I?
A: No, only submit the quantity, email address and other contact information required for the inquiry of A40MX04-PL68I, but you need to sign up for the post comments and resource downloads.

Q: How to obtain A40MX04-PL68I technical support documents?
A: Enter the “A40MX04-PL68I” keyword in the search box of the website, or find these through the Download Channel or FPGA Forum .

ICs A40MX04-PL68I Features

Request A40MX04-PL68I FPGA Quote, Pls Send Email to Sales@hillmancurtis.com Now

Xilinx A40MX04-PL68I Overview


High Capacity 

• Single-Chip ASIC Alternative 

• 3,000 to 54,000 System Gates 

• Up to 2.5 kbits Configurable Dual-Port SRAM 

• Fast Wide-Decode Circuitry 

• Up to 202 User-Programmable I/O Pins

High Performance 

• 5.6 ns Clock-to-Out 

• 250 MHz Performance 

• 5 ns Dual-Port SRAM Access 

• 100 MHz FIFOs 

• 7.5 ns 35-Bit Address Decode

HiRel Features

 • Commercial, Industrial, and Military Temperature Plastic

• Commercial, Military Temperature and MIL-STD-883
Ceramic Packages 

• QML Certification 

• Ceramic Devices Available to DSCC SMD

Ease of Integration
• Mixed Voltage Operation (5.0V or 3.3V I/O) 

• Synthesis-Friendly Architecture to Support ASIC Design

• Up to 100% Resource Utilization and 100% Pin Fixing 

• Deterministic, User-Controllable Timing 

• Unique In-System Diagnostic and Verification Capability
with Silicon Explorer II 

• Low Power Consumption 

• IEEE Standard 1149.1 (JTAG) Boundary Scan Testing 

• 5.0V and 3.3V Programmable PCI-Compliant I/O

General Description

Actel’s 40MX and 42MX families provide a
high-performance, single-chip solution for shortening the
system design and development cycle, offering a
cost-effective alternative to ASICs. The 40MX and 42MX
devices are excellent choices for integrating logic that is
currently implemented in multiple PALs, CPLDs, and
FPGAs. Example applications include high-speed
controllers and address decoding, peripheral bus interfaces,
DSP, and co-processor functions.

The MX device architecture is based on Actel’s patented
antifuse technology implemented in a 0.45µ triple-metal
CMOS process. With capacities ranging from 3,000 to 54,000
system gates, the synthesis-friendly MX devices provide
performance up to 250 MHz, are live on power-up, and
require up to five times lower stand-by power consumption
than any other FPGA device. Actel’s MX FPGAs provide up
to 202 user I/Os and are available in a wide variety of
packages and speed grades.

Actel’s 42MX devices also feature MultiPlex I/Os, which
support mixed voltage systems, enable programmable PCI,
deliver high-performance operation at both 5.0V and 3.3V,
and provide a low-power mode.

The MX PCI-Compliant devices are fully compliant with the
PCI Local Bus Specification (version 2.1). They deliver 200 MHz on-chip operation and 6.1 ns clock-to-output
performance with capacities spanning from 36,000 to 54,000
system gates. MX devices comply 100 percent to the
electrical and timing specifications detailed in the PCI
specification. However, as with all programmable logic
devices, the performance of the final product depends upon
the user’s design and optimization techniques.

The MX24 and MX36 devices also include system-level
features such as IEEE Standard 1149.1 (JTAG) Boudary
Scan Testing, dual-port SRAM, and fast wide-decode
modules. The A42MX36 device offers dual-port SRAM for
implementing fast FIFOs, LIFOs, and temporary data
storage. The large number of storage elements can
efficiently address applications requiring wide datapath
manipulation and can perform transformation functions
such as those required for telecommunications, networking,
and DSP. 

All products in the 40MX and 42MX families are available
100 percent tested over the military temperature range. In
addition, the largest member of the family, the A42MX36, is
available in both CQ208 and CQ256 ceramic packages
screened to MIL-STD-883 levels. For easy prototyping and
conversion from plastic to ceramic, the CQ208 and PQ208
devices are pin compatible.

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Xilinx A40MX04-PL68I TechnicalAttributes

-RoHS Non-Compliant

-Product Lifecycle Status Obsolete

-Mounting Style Surface Mount

-Lead-Free Status Contains Lead

-Case/Package 68-LCC (J-Lead)

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