What is Xilinx XC3S50AN-4TQG144I Price

The XC3S50AN-4TQG144I device belongs to Spartan-3A FPGA family. It is a high performance Industrial only device. The other devices from the same family are XC3S200A, XC3S400A, XC3S700A, and XC3S1400A. These devices are low cost and show extremely high performance making them very efficient. The XC3S50AN-4TQG144I device contains hierarchical memory architecture called SelectRAM™. It is a fast block Ram with up to 576 Kbits and 176 Kbits of efficient distributed RAM. The XC3S50AN-4TQG144I device comes up with Thin Quad Flat Pack also called TQFP containing 144 pins. The suspend and hibernate modes of these devices help in reduction of system power. These devices are equipped with multiple voltage and multiple standard interface pins. QUIETIO feature is also built in in XC3S50AN-4TQG144I devices enable them in reducing switching noise. These devices are designed from hot swap compliance and completely compliant with 3.3V with +/- 10% tolerance. The XC3S50AN-4TQG144I devices are capable of transferring more than 640 Mb/s data rate as these are equipped with DDR RAM supported up to 400 Mb/s. These devices are also equipped with abundant and modifiable logic resources.  XC3S50AN-4TQG144I devices have one column of block RAM. The block RAM contains a dedicated multiplier. The Digital Clock Meter in in these devices is positioned at the top. The Spartan-3A family exhibit rich routing network.

XC3S50AN-4TQG144I Properties:

XC3S50AN-4TQG144I devices contain Fine pitch Ball Grid Array also known as FBGA Array. These devices are equipped with 50,000 system gates with 1,584 equivalent logic cells. These devices consist of programmable logic array of 16 rows and 12 columns with 176 CLBs (one CLB is equal to 4 slices thus making 704 total slices). XC3S50AN-4TQG144I devices contain 11,000 distributed RAM bits with 54,000 bits of blocked RAM. This family have three dedicated multipliers and comes with design containing 2 Digital Clock Managers also known as DCMs. The two Digital Clock Managers are mounted on the top. User I/O pairs 0f 108 and 50 differential I/O pairs are also present in XC3S50AN-4TQG144I. This family of Spartan-3A FPGA contains 144 Pins and comes up with Thin Quad Flat Pack. These devices can operate really well in diverse temperature range of -40°C to 100°C

Quiescent Current Conditions:

The XC3S50AN-4TQG144I are designed for Quiescent VCCINT supply current of 20 mA, Quiescent VVCCO supply current of 2mA, and Quiescent VCCAUX supply current of 8 mA.

I/O Timings:

The clock to output timings setting of XC3S50AN-4TQG144I devices vary between 3.18 ns to 3.42 ns with Digital Clock Manager (DCM) usage and 12 mA device is in use at fast slew rate. On the other hand, output timing settings of these devices vary between 4.59 ns to 5.02 ns when no Digital Clock Manager is in use with operation of 12 mA device at fast slew rate. Digital Clock Manager jitter is included in all explained output timings.

Pin to Pin setup times for the IOB input path for XC3S50AN-4TQG144I devices are set between 2.45 ns to 2.68 ns with Digital Clock Manager (DCM) usage and no configured Input delay. While pin to pin setup times for the same device are set between 2.55 ns to 2.76 ns with no Digital Clock Manager (DCM) usage and with programmed input delay. Hold time for XC3S50AN-4TQG144I devices are set at -0.36 ns to -0.12 ns when DCM is in use with no programmed input delay and Hold time vary between -0.63 ns to -0.58 ns when no DCM is in use with programmed input delay.

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