What is Xilinx XC4VSX55-10FF1148I FPGA ?

The XC4VSX55-10FF1148I combines Advance Silicone Module Block (ASMB™) with wide range of features in order to increase FPGA efficiency and make it superior over past generation of Integrated Circuit devices. The XC4VSX55-10FF1148I hails from the SX family of Virtex-4 group, other two members of the Virtex-4 group are LX and FX. The Vortex-4 SX family provides solution to the Digital Signal processing applications and operations. The temperature grade of these devices is Industrial so these devices can tolerate a diverse range of temperatures starting from -40 oC to 100 oC. As per the ordering information, XC4VSX55-10FF1148I devices are not offered in Pb free state. The XC4VSX55-10FF1148I IC comes with speed grade of -10. Package type is called FF and number of pins in these devices are 1148.
These integrated circuit devices are offered in market with maximum user I/O of 640. Total I/O banks available in XC4VSX55-10FF1148I IC devices are 13. RockletIO Transceiver Blocks, Ethernet MACs, and PowerPC Processor Blocks are absent in these ICs. Number Digital Clock Managers (DCMs) and PMCDs available in XC4VSX55-10FF1148I are 8 and 4 respectively. 18 Kb blocks in block RAM of XC4VSX55-10FF1148I 320 in total while maximum block RAM is clocked at 5,760 Kb. 512 XtremeDSP Slices are available in these IC devices. Array of rows and columns in these devices is set as 128 x 48. It contains 55,296 Logic Cells and 24,576 slices. Maximum distributed RAM Kb in XC4VSX55-10FF1148I is 384. Voltage supply range for optimal function of XC4VSX55-10FF1148I device is 1.14 V to 1.26 V. These devices are offered with surface mount mounting type. Packaging or casing of XC4VSX55-10FF1148I is termed as FCBGA.

The XC4VSX55-10FF1148I device Package Combination and Max I/Os:

The XC4VSX55-10FF1148I comes in a packing of 35 x 35 mm. it contains maximum user I/O of 640.

System Blocks specific to XC4VSX55-10FF1148I:

The XC4VSX55-10FF1148I device is offered with various system blocks such as Flexible logic resources, Xesium Clock Technology, Xtreme DSP Slices, Integrated Block Memory, Select I/O Technology, ChipSync Technology and Flip chip packaging.

XC4VSX55-10FF1148I FPGA Overview:

The XC4VSX55-10FF1148I are capable of Input and output I/O blocks. IOBs in these devices can be configured and programmed in several categories. These configurable categories may be single ended or a differential operation, optional SDR and/or DDR, output block coupled with selectable SDR and/or DDR, regional clocking sources, dedicated I/O. These IOBs support several single ended standards in XC4VSX55-10FF1148I devices such as PCI-X and GTL etc. Similarly, the IOBs also support several differential standards such as ULVDS, Hypertransport™ and LVDS etc.
Configurable Logic resource in XC4VSX55-10FF1148I devices is comprised of 4 slices. While each slice is capable of having 2 function generators, storage elements, logic gates, multiplexers, and look ahead chain.
Boundary scan attribute is also present in XC4VSX55-10FF1148I. This attribute can help in methods to approach and program Virtex-4 family devices.
The XC4VSX55-10FF1148I devices are easily programmable through loading bitstream in to internal program memory via different modes such as slave serial mode, master serial mode, salve and master selectMAP mode or Boundary Scan mode.

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