James Victore

Directed, Shot & Edited by Hillman Curtis. Produced by Hillmancurtis

I chose to film James because of his posters. I didn’t know him or much about him at the time but I had seen a few of his pieces and had fallen in love with them. I also liked that he was doing work that was politically subversive at a time – the height of the Bush Administration’s popularity – when it seemed as if a lot of creative people were too discouraged to do so.

I showed up at James’ loft live work in south Williamsburg and liked him immediately. James was very outspoken during the interview, using foul language and cussing out politicians. I kept this stuff in the film and lost Adobe as a sponsor because of it. That wasn’t a bad thing. My goal with the Artist Series had always been to keep other people’s money out of it …the fact that Adobe sponsored these little films before anyone else was doing these things was pretty cool but, from that point on, I paid for them myself.