Why You Should Choose the Best Manufacturer For Your 10 Layer PCB

Printed circuit boards have different applications in our world today. High-tech devices on the other hand feature a large number of circuits that have complex configurations. Adding up these circuits may be difficult if layers of stackup are not added.

Also, you will also have to control its durability, as well as the process necessary for the high-quality production of the printed circuit board. In this article, we will be discussing what a 10 layer PCB is, 10 layer PCB stackup is, 10 layer pcb manufacturer, 10 layer pcb stackup. We will also explain why you should choose the best manufacturer for your 10 layer PCB. Please read on as we explain the topic further.

What is a 10 Layer PCB?

This is a printed circuit board having 10 layers. They perform excellently well because there is a strong connection present between the return plate and the signal, coupled with a string coupling found between the ground/control planes seen in the middle of the board. You must do the routing of this signal of high speed to the plane’s signal layer.


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Bonding the 10 Layer PCB’s Signal Layers

For this configuration, the pairing method for the signal level is pairing the first and tenth layers (these layers carry signals with low frequency), combining the third and fourth layers, and then the seventh and eighth layer (these layers have high-speed signals).

When you pair the signals like this, the planes present on the 2nd and 9th layers help in guiding the signals with high frequency present on the board’s inner layers.

Furthermore, the signals of the third and four layers are separated or distanced from the 7th and 8th layers by the ground plane/midpoint control pairs. For instance, you may route clocks of high-speed on any of the pairs, and you can transfer the address to a different pair as well, protecting the lines of the bus against pollution with the dominant planes’ clock noise.

What is a 10 layer PCB Stackup?

The stackups of 10 layer PCB are multilayer printed circuit boards, which are useful when you need six routing layers.

Also, you can use the 10 layer PCB stackup in any application requiring the right electromagnetic conductivity for your applications. 10 layer PCBs possess excellent performance because they have a tight coupling.

Furthermore, this excellent performance is due to the shielding of the PCB stackup’s signal layers of high speed. Asides from this, this stackup features many pair or ground planes. The coupling of these pair or ground planes are tight at the 10 layer PCB stackup’s center, thereby boosting and promoting its performance.

Also present are signals of high speed, which are routed on its signal layers. You will find these signal layers in-between the pair planes and ground planes.

All these are features you will find on a 10 layer PCB stackup. This will help in boosting the whole performance of the PCB.

Materials Used in Manufacturing 10 Layer PCB

10 layer printed circuit boards are made up of many layers, which you can laminate in order to form the stackup.

Now, among these layers, different materials exist, which can be used in making the ten layers. From the top layer to the bottom, we have many materials, which include:

  • Solder mask materials
  • Substrate materials
  • Copper materials
  • Silkscreen materials

These substrate materials are composed of glass epoxy materials that you may also call FR4 materials. They are fire retardant. Furthermore, they offer the most effective foundation for your 10 layer pcb.

If you are searching for a cheaper alternative, you may consider the use of phenolics and epoxies that easily lose lamination. Also, during the process of soldering, they produce a strange foul smell, which makes them less expensive.

Copper is another material that you may laminate to the substrate making use of heat and adhesives. In contrast to other materials, it is usually thin on the stackup. Also, it serves as a conductive material.

Applications of the 10 Layer PCB

With the 10 layers PCB, it becomes possible to mix different devices like low noise and power amplifiers. Furthermore, you no longer need separate components for the 10 layer PCB, such as couplers and filters. Also, you can integrate them directly into the multilayer circuit structure. You can place long delay lines on more than one layer.

So many industries will enjoy utilizing the 10 layer PCB. This is due to the great benefits it offers. Below are some applications where you can apply the 10 layer PCB.

  • Automotive industry
  • Aviation and aerospace industry
  • Defense and military industry
  • Medical industry
  • Industrial processing
  • Computer electronics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Telecommunications


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How do you Electroplate a 10 Layer PCB?

During PCB plating, you can deposit a thin copper layer chemically by the hole wall. This line is completely computerized, with overhead cranes used in transporting the panels via some rinsing and chemical tanks. Majority of printed circuit boards having at least two copper layers makes use of the through holes in connecting the conductor present between both layers.

In order to achieve the accurate connection, you will need to coat the holes’ walls with copper of 25 microns. Next, you electroplate this thickness; however the walls of the hole will be resin and a glass cloth that is non-conductive.

Choosing the Best Manufacturer for your 10 Layer PCB

It is best to work with manufacturers that offer customers with top-notch services, coupling with offering high-quality printed circuit boards. This is because 10 layer pcb fabrication doesn’t come easy.

Also work with manufacturers that can offer flexible alternatives to meet the needs of customers. Furthermore, your manufacturer must be one that delivers products on time.

Choose 10 layer PCB manufacturers that have vast experience and is ready to contribute to the success of each customer. They will also deliver extraordinary expertise and personal experience.


As mentioned earlier, a 10 layer PCB is a printed circuit board having 10 layers. They are applicable in different areas and they are great for your technological needs.

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