ELIC PCB, Design and Advantage You Must Know

Printed boards are of many types with different layers. They range from single to double and double to multiple layers. Nowadays, devices are complex and have multiple layers.

Usually, people think they may have thick and heavy layers of PCB. Due to (ELIC) technology, PCBs are now thinner and lightweight even though they have more layers. ELIC means Every Layer Interconnect, and that’s why these PCBs are famous as ELIC PCBs.

Let’s dig deeper to learn more about ELIC PCBs.

 What is ELIC PCB – Design and Advantages

ELIC is a new technology that helps engineers to interconnect many layers of PCB. These layers are very thin and flexible. For example, its thickness is very low if a PCB has ten ELIC layers.

That’s why all ELIC PCBs show extreme functionality compared to ordinary PCBs. Almost every electronic device has an ELIC PCB. ELIC technology is greatly helpful in making HDI PCB. These printed circuit boards have fine spaces and higher-density wiring. These multiple layers PCBs have copper-filled stacks. In-pad micro-vias make them enable interconnection.

 How to design ELIC PCB?

The ELIC manufacturing process starts with simple steps

First of all, like simple printed boards, you need a design. You can use different software for designing. Then use the material for the layering and components. You are going to make high-density interconnects, so laser drilling will help you. It helps to complete the ELIC PCB stack. Laser-drilled micro-vias make better connectivity among all layers. There is no need to drill holes.

The Component selection is also very important in ELIC-capable PCBs. Sometimes high-pin count can cause problems. The External coating also plays an important role in increasing interconnect density.

ELIC PCB stack has copper-filled layers. These layers have micro in pad vias; these vias are useful to interconnect different components among the layers. Copper filling and layers help to increase the structural integrity of the board. It also prevents dimpling in the interior micro vias. Micro vias are vital for producing functional connections among the layers. 

In this way manufacturers of PCBs can use it to magnify the interconnect density. inner signal layers also have power planes.

 Advanatges of ELIC PCB

ELIC PCB has many advantages that are ideal for modern machines and devices. These PCBs have fewer complications.

  Small and High flexible

These PCBs are highly flexible, and that is why they are part of many portable devices. They adjust even in smaller spaces. These PCBs are thin and require smaller space to adjust. It helps to produce small devices that consume less electricity. These PCBs are ideal for hi-tech devices such as smartwatches. it increases the data transfer rates.

 A better option than rigid PCBs

 Rigid PCBs are hard to adjust in small devices, so ELIC PCBs are the best alternative to these rigid PCBs. So bending and other functionalities are easy with these printed boards. Their inner layers are interconnected and compact. So these boards provide you with high functional density. In simple words, folded rigid-flex boards are possible due to this technology. 

Excellent heat dissipation performance

Initially, heat dissipation was the biggest problem for multi-layer printed boards. Layer count is not a problem now. It means you can make circuit boards with several layers. ELIC PCBs have thin copper layers, which help in quick and effective heat dissipation during the machine’s working. It also increases the lifespan of the board.

 Excellent conductivity

 Although these PCBs have multi-layers and all layers connecr. Better connectivity results in better conductivity. Every layer can catch electric signals. They can work well in the interconnect density. Copper-filled micro vias also help in conduction.

High reliability makes them ideal for sensitive devices

 What is Interesting is that ELIC PCB? requires less time to assemble. That’s why they show high functionality and reliability.

Better endurance for high temperatures

 Ordinary PCBs don’t work well in high temperatures. High heat, temperature, and humidity affect their functionality. ELIC HDI PCBs show better endurance for high temperatures. For this reason, they show better performance in every environment.

 ELIC Printed circuit board uses

 ELIC HDI PCBs have multiple uses in the computer fields. Microchips and memory cards have ELIC PCBs. Similarly, high-speed devices need ELIC PCB stackups.

 ELIC boards help reduce the size of rigid HDI flex boards due to the layer interconnect. They provide you with precise control over all advanced ELIC HDI boards. Above all, ELIC PCBs are extremely useful. These are the needs of the modern era.

 These ELIC printed boards brought a revolution in the field of medicine. They helped a lot in improving the performance of medical equipment. Cellular communications are also possible due to these printed boards.

 How HDI PCBs are different from ordinary PCBs

First of all, they are small and compact. Layers strongly interconnect with each other. Proprietary technology allows strong signal strength throughout the boards. In ordinary PCBs, this strength is compromised by the hole and loose wiring. So it doesn’t matter how many layers your board has. You can have proper conduction and signal density all over the board.

 ELIC boards don’t require any impedance matching. You can route them in any direction. That’s why they are more functional.

There is an extra layer of copper between each pair of ground planes. This results in more copper fill as compared to traditional PCBs. This helps to create pathways for vias in ELIC boards.

Wrapping up the thing 

At first glance, an ELIC printed circuit board looks like a traditional printed board. But the ELIC HDI is far more complex; at first glance, you can’t imagine its functionality or its unique features.

ELIC PCBs are highly functional. Every layer interconnects with each other. That’s why they show better performance as compared to standard PCBs. Their high flexibility makes them ideal for micro machines and portable devices. Above all, you can’t deny that ELIC HDI boards are important in modern machines and devices.

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