Why You Need Quick Turn Rigid Flex PCB for Your PCB Project

There is a rapid increase in the demand for rigid flex PCBs. Therefore, production is rising at a fast rate as a result of this increased demand. The production of quick turn rigid flex PCBs begin as soon as they undergo testing. Some rigid flex PCB users opt for quick turn rigid flex PCB in order to avoid delay in production and delivery.

What is Quick Turn Rigid Flex PCB?

Quick turn rigid flex PCB is a rigid flex circuit board that is quickly fabricated and assembled. The manufacturing of this PCB is usually carried out within a short while. Also, a rigid flex PCB is the combination of rigid board and flexible circuit. Rigid flex production processes are more challenging than rigo board production.

 A quick turn rigid flex PCB is crucial during the preproduction and full production phases. Inconsistent time frame can result in rushed testing and product delays. This would lead to a poorer quality PCB in the long run.

Timing is very crucial when it comes to quick turn rigid flex PCB. However, speed doesn’t determine quality. Quality is very crucial at every stage of the rigid flex PCB production. Quick turn PCB ensures that customers get their circuit board faster.

Quick turn rigid flex PCB production company need to review the bill of materials and the design to know what the project requires. Also, the manufacturer will need the approval of the file before commencing with the assembling and manufacturing process. After this, the manufacturer will need to assemble the procured parts and materials within a short time frame.

Factors that Determine Quick Turn Rigid Flex PCB Assembly Cost

It is crucial you know some factors that can impact cost before you request for a quick turn PCB assembly quote. There are many factors that affect the cost of rigid flex PCB assembly cost.

Cost of labor and machine power

PCB manufacturing and assembling require expertise and skills. The cost of labor and equipment put into the fabrication of this circuit board influence its cost. Also, quick turn circuit boards require fast lead time. Therefore, the production of these circuit boards requires more technicians. More technicians mean more cost. Also, the type of machines used for production will influence overall quick turn rigid flex PCB cost.

Number of layers

Rigid flex boards are available in different types of layers. There are single sided, double sided, and multilayer boards. Multilayer rigid flex boards are more complex to produce. Also, more layers result in added complexity. The production of multi layer boards require more time too. Therefore, the cost of quick turn rigid flex circuit board will be higher when there are more layers involved.

Turnaround time

Most quick turn PCB manufacturers employ teams that work day and night to ensure fast delivery of products. The turnaround time is the time frame it takes to complete the production of a printed circuit board. Also, quick deliveries result in additional cost.

Packaging and shipping

There are several options for packaging and delivery of PCB products. These options vary in terms of the urgency of the PCB project, the PCB assembly, and size. Therefore, quick turn PCB manufacturers often consider this cost before summing up the total cost of quick turn PCB production.

Benefits of Quick Turn Rigid Flex PCB

Quick turn rigid flex PCB offers a lot of benefits.

Fast production time

In general, quick turn PCB production takes a very short time. Production is usually completed within a day or 2 days. There are manufacturers that offer delivery in the next 24 hours after ordering.

Ideal for PCB prototyping

A quick turn PCB is suitable for PCB prototyping. This is because quick turn boards are usually completed within a short time. Also, these boards are ideal for designers who are working are working on new ideas.

Saves cost

Another major benefit of quick turn rigid flex PCB is that it saves cost. Since production runs within a short time, the cost of producing each circuit board reduces. Furthermore, a reliable quick turn PCB manufacturer procures components at a cheaper price. Therefore, this reduces the overall cost of production.

How to Choose a Quick Turn Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturer

There are several quick turn manufacturers available out there. The type of manufacturer you work with determines the quality you get. Remember, speed is not all that matters when it comes to the production of quick turn rigid flex PCBs. Well, it can be very easy to choose a suitable manufacturer for your quick turn rigid flex PCB project if you consider some factors.


To get the best results, you need to choose an experienced manufacturer. Experienced manufacturers always have great skills and expertise in rigid flex production. You can inquire about your manufacturer’s client base. Checking the reviews of satisfied customers is a good indicator that your manufacturer adopts the best method.

4 layer flex pcb

Turnaround time

PCB assembling companies offer various delivery schedules. However, quick turn manufacturers must be able to deliver their PCB products within a very short time. The essence of rendering a quick turn service is to deliver printed circuit boards in a short period. However, it is crucial to choose a quick turn rigid flex PCB manufacturer that sticks to its schedule.

Quality control

Speed isn’t everything. Quality control is crucial in quick turn PCB production. Choose a quick turn PCB manufacturer that adopts the best testing methods. Also, ensure your PCB manufacturer has the right PCB certifications. When your manufacturer has the right certifications, it indicates how efficient your manufacturer is. A good quick turn rigid flex PCB manufacturer won’t compromise quality for speed.


Quick turn rigid flex PCB manufacturers should adopt state-of-the-art equipment and processes in its production. Even experienced manufacturers require cutting-edge equipment to fabricate high quality boards.


Opting for quick turn rigid flex PCB assembly is the fastest method of getting your PCB delivered on time. Also, it is a suitable option for those who need quick-time-to-market. In a competitive environment like the PCB industry, you can’t afford to delay your product ideas. Quick turn PCB assembly services offer the best quality PCBs regardless of the complexity of the design.

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