How to Choose the Best EMS Company in Singapore

Choosing the best electronic manufacturing companies in Singapore is not an easy task. This is because there are many of them out there and it may be confusing choosing one over the other.

Before deciding to work with any, you should know what electronic manufacturing services are and what you should expect from this manufacturer.  The company’s production and manufacturing capabilities is a very important factor you should look into before you make your decision.

This is why we have written this article to guide you to make the best decision. We have also reviewed the best ems companies in Singapore and hope you can make the right choice.

What are Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)?

Companies involved in electronic manufacturing services (EMS) play a huge role in the designing, assembling, production, and testing of electronic components as well as assemblies of printed circuit boards for the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Furthermore, these EMS companies can offer different manufacturing services, which include designing, assembling, and testing.  At some point during the manufacturing, these EMS companies can be contracted.  There are companies that need the customer’s design file only before going ahead with the development of the product, sourcing of the necessary components from a reliable and trusted distributor, and finally, the assembling and testing of the final product.

Also, providers of Singapore electronic manufacturing services that specialize in PCB assembly may need customers to give the design, as well as assembled samples and components for the manufacturing. In addition, EMS companies may offer extra onsite services, like PCB etching. They may also offer these services through a different contractor.

Furthermore, electronic manufacturing deals with different automation levels. This depends on the project and the company. Furthermore, companies producing large products usually utilize heavy form of automated manufacturing.  Also, providers that deal in small production or prototypes typically use the manual method to assemble PCBs. This is to help save cost and time that could have been wasted when setting up the equipment for automated assembly.

Designing and Testing

Asides from the manufacturing, a good number of service providers offer designing and testing of electronic products in addition to manufacturing them.


Here, design services have to do with different related actions, which take place after you determine the product needs and specifications of the customer as well as before the manufacturing or the assembly even takes place.  

Also, the company may initially provide a concept for the product giving details of the project’s main objectives as well as preliminary specifications.  In addition, this company may conduct some research by conducting interviews for users of the product, consulting the professionals, and exploring already existing products.  When the two steps above takes place, then the product can be developed and tested. Also, the customer gets a prototype for approval.


Once a product run or prototype is completed, EMS companies can provide at least one type of product testing. Below are some testing types

  • Agency compliance testing makes sure that all products meet the quality and safety guidelines of the standards of a certain agency.
  • Automated optical inspection makes use of a computer in analyzing printed circuit boards so as to locate any defect. This includes improper hole, etching issues, excess solder and broken traces.
  • Analytical laboratory testing helps in assisting failure investigation, research as well as development, and quality control.
  • Functional testing helps in simulating the normal function of the assembly to test the general operational characteristics and features.
  • Environmental testing helps in simulating the intended environment of a product. Also, the environmental tests can vary the vibration, humidity, and temperature of the environment in order to test the resistance of the product.
  • X-ray testing makes use of imaging techniques (non-destructive) in providing a serious analysis of the assembly.
  • In-circuit testing has to do with probing of the individual components inside the circuit. This is just to help in testing their operation.

Production and Manufacturing Capabilities of EMS Companies

The EMS companies may deal in at least one production size and manufacturing technique.


When we talk of electronics manufacturing, it involves many different electronic products. These include the following.

Printed Circuit Boards

These are flat boards, which hold the electronic components.  Also, the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers crowd printed circuit boards with components that help in the creation of printed circuit assemblies. In addition, they may possess the capability and ability to function using different board types.  

Printed circuit boards are usually assumed to have boards that are manufactured rigid, hard, and inflexible.  On the other hand, you can bend the flexible PCBs. Also, it is useful in medical, automotive, and instrumentation applications. In addition, the rigid-flexible printed circuit boards have rigid boards that feature flexible interconnects.

In addition to these, these companies may also deal with any of the PCB technologies. These include surface mount or through hole.

For surface mount, the soldering of the components is done on the board’s top. Also, they are usually less expensive and smaller, in contrast to the THT components. Considering manufacturing, the pick-and-place equipment of today helps in mounting SMT components accurately and quickly.

For a through hole, the mounting of the components is achieved when their leads are inserted through holes that are drilled inside the board.  Also, the soldering of the leads are then put in place on the board’s opposite side. Also, THT components are usually wave soldered or hand-soldered to PCBs during production.


From the name, it involves the manufacturing of little semiconductor components. Also, it includes chip-on-board devices as well as flip chips. Now, flip chips are known as ICs, which link to the external circuitry making use of the solder bumps that are deposited into the chip.  Also, they are usually useful in some small electronics, pagers, and cell phones.  Chip-on-board devices deal with the bonding of the bare dies to printed circuit boards.


These devices deal with the sourcing, detection, and the control of light. These electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies may help in assembling laser modules, fiber optic receivers and transmitters, and optical switches.


Wireless or Radio frequency (RF) devices are usually utilized in data transfer and telecommunications applications.  Also, the EMS providers may assemble RFID, as well as other wireless and telecommunication technologies.


The electronic manufacturing service companies may deal specifically in some different speeds and levels of production. This depends on the equipment available and their capabilities.


There are providers that create prototypes. These are earlier samples that are made so as to test the concept of the product, after the design. With prototyping, the product delivers its true purpose. Also, note that the building of prototypes is done with less expensive materials in contrast to those used during production.

Back then, manufacturers of electronics made prototypes making use of THT components and breadboards. However, the prototype PCB’s widespread availability permits the manufacturer to produce a prototypes that mirrors the intended product closely. Also, prototyping can happen many times at different points in a project’s planning and design stages.


Usually, the EMS companies specify their capabilities of production volume. Though, the statistics of production volume are relative, you can specify the general guidelines as follows:

Also, providers of low volume providers help in producing small quantities, usually between 1 and 100 products.  Furthermore, low volume is usually synonymous or similar to prototyping.

For providers of medium volume, they can produce about 100 and 10,000 products every year. Every year, providers of high volume can offer over 10,000 units every year.

Specialty Production

Also, manufacturers of electronics may also reveal the specialty techniques for production. This includes cabling services, and quick-turn production. Manufacturers of quick turn can assemble printed circuit boards in a very short time. This is usually 48 hours, after all the components have been received.

Choosing the Best EMS Companies in Singapore

Singapore electronics manufacturing services deals with almost 3000 businesses. Their services have to do with the development, research, design, production, as well as distribution. Most electronics industries operate inside a wide range of major industries which includes satellite communications, wireless technology, and electronics engineering.

Also, for electronic industries, it is very necessary that users engage in the design and production of electronics. Due to the electronics industry’s rising numbers as well as diversity in Singapore, choosing the best electronic designer could be difficult.

ST Engineering

The services and products of ST Engineering include excellent development of products, and offering solutions to product engineering to meet the necessary electronic needs. Innovation drives their business and this is why this production and design company is confident that they can offer the necessary support for customers.

Aside from their very skilled team and workers, the company provides high-tech services and equipment to meet the need of customers for high-performance electronics. Furthermore, ST Engineering possesses a deep comprehension of the challenges that modern IT faces.

You can contact ST Engineering here:

Siltronic AG

Siltronic AG is viewed as one of the leaders in the design as well as manufacturing industries. This company offers solutions to customers in the field of electronic manufacturing and design. This is to ensure the best quality services and products.

Also, Siltronic AG offers silicon solutions via manufacturing of silicon wafer. Asides from this, if this business makes use of high-tech technologies, this company has the ability to manufacture high-quality waffles. This company has vast experience in the industry and its headquarters is in Munich.

You can contact Siltronic AG here:

RayMing PCB & Assembly

RayMing PCB is a top-notch electronic manufacturing services company that offers products of high quality for PCBs. The location of the company’s parent company is China. Though, there is a subsidiary there due to the global nature.

RayMing PCB specializes in the manufacturing, as well as assembling of components of both single and double layer printed circuit boards making use of industry-leading modern machinery. Furthermore, this company deals in manufacturing the components of PCBs. Also, in the printed circuit board market, it is one of the major suppliers of electronic components.

You can contact RayMing PCB & Assembly Here:

C&M Electronic Engineering Services

This company was founded in 1986 to offer consultancy services and to deliver product designs of high quality coupled with product development and product manufacturing. Furthermore, it offers repair services for electronic components and computers.

The company has an accreditation. Also, its main focus is in the design and manufacturing of the circuit boards of PCBs, as well as the designing & installation of circuit boards. This company is situated in Singapore.

You can contact C&M Electronic Engineering Services Here:


Aztech offers full turnkey solutions to its customers globally. The company began in 1983 and is offering quality and manufacturing services to the light and telecommunications industries coupled with the industrial, healthcare, and medical sectors. Also, they are experts in production and design, as well as research and development.

You can contact Aztech Here:


GlobalFoundries is a well-known electronic manufacturer that has a great reputation. Also it is a top manufacturer in the foundries industry. Also, this company offers electronic solutions and products emphasizing on development, production, and design.

The main services that GlobalFoundries offer include post-fab services, wafer program, and mask services.

To learn more about GlobalFoundries


This ems company is a well-known firm, which produces electronic products of high-performance. This firm attends to many industries with manufacturing and quality design services, especially for data and memory and management.

The products offered here includes SSDs, DRAM, NOR Flash, NAND Flash, memory cards, multichip packages, managed NAND, DRAM modules, advanced solutions, heterogeneous-memory storage, advanced computing solutions and more.

You can contact Micron here:


We hope we have been able to enlighten on the types of services that ems companies in Singapore offer.  We have also reviewed the best ems companies in Singapore. All of them offer top-notch services in ems manufacturing. If there’s any aspect of this topic you need more explanation on, please reach out to us here.

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