The Relevance of FR4 Tg140 in Printed Circuit Board

If you have been searching for some reliable information regarding the Fr4 Tg140, you are in the right place. The FR4 Tg140 is known as the normal Tg PCB and is applicable in game players, communication equipment, LCD, VCR, TV, computer, etc.

This article will assist you in comprehending all the aspects of the Tg140. Please continue reading as we throw more light on the topic.

FR4 Tg140: What is it?

fr4 tg140 is the main base of printed circuit board temperature. Here the materials of the PCB start changing from the solid state into the soft and rubberlike state. We mean that your printed circuit boards’ base material will be unstable once you decide to operate it at a temperature above 140 degrees.

The group that the fr4 tg140 is medium Tg. This is because the value stands between the low or standard Tg and the high Tg. With 140 as the Tg value in mind, you’ll know the operation limit of your temperature. So far you remain below the temperature mark of 140 degrees, the PCB base’s stability will stay mechanical stable.

If the temperature of glass transition of your PCB surpasses 140 degrees centigrade, then you may cause fires. It can also cause damages to the base materials of your printed circuit board. Asides from this, it will lose its turgid and hard solid state becoming rubber like and soft.

Furthermore, the components of your printed circuit board may start burning. This may destroy the entire machine.


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What Surface Finishes are Compatible with FR4 Tg140?

For sure, there are surface finishes that are useful on PCBs having Fr4 Tg140. These surface finishes are useful in improving the printed circuit board’s overall image, with a temperature of glass transition at 140.

Below are some surface finishes, which you can select to use for your printed circuit board. These include:

Please take note that any surface finish you use for your PCB will not affect the temperature of glass transition’s performance.

Quality Certifications of the PCB Fr4 Tg140

When you make use of high-quality materials, you will be sure of having a longer durability and better performance. Ensuing that the materials are of high quality is only possible if you check the quality certifications.

Below are some of the major quality certifications, you must check closely. These include RoHS, UL, ANSI/AHRI, ISO, and CE quality certifications.

FR4 Tg140: What are the Benefits?

You can choose the best materials for your printed circuit board on various applications just by having some knowledge of the Tg. Using the FR4 Tg140, also comes with other benefits.

Low water absorption rate

Printed circuit boards with fr4 Tg140 are useful in applications that carry a lot of moisture. Also, you can believe that they will not permit easy water entry into printed circuit boards.

High insulation properties

Having the Tg at 140 degrees means that you will face no issues while insulating the PCB. This means that you shouldn’t worry about the leaking of electric current, due to its high insulation properties.

Great aspects for manufacturing

With fr4 Tg140, it becomes easy for you to gain access due to its great aspects for manufacturing. Also, manufacturers find it very familiar. This is why it is easier and simple to manufacture.

High Arc Resistance

Furthermore, with Tg 140, you will get great abilities for insulation, which will help in sustaining surface discharges. With a 10 ma of current or more, having Fr4 Tg140 means high arc resistance. This happens especially without electrical or structural damages.


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FR4 Tg140 Applications

There are many applications that require high temperatures during their operations. When using these applications, it is necessary that you consider using the Fr4 Tg140 material. Below are some of the materials where the Fr4 Tg140 is useful.

Computer Applications

Advancements in technology today impact computers greatly even under temperatures that are high. This is one good reason why computers having Fr4 Tg140 materials in them have the ability to handle high conditions of temperature.

Communication Equipment

Note that the majority of communication infrastructure usually passes through high temperatures and heat. To make sure that the equipment functions effectively, there’s a need that the printed circuit boards have Fr4 Tg140. This will help to enhance its performance.

Office Automation Equipment

To be able to achieve different tasks, there is a need for you to have printed circuit boards having Fr4 Tg140 material. With this high temperature, it will be easy to withstand any high temperature condition.

FR4 Materials you can Use Asides FR4 Tg140?

In order to maintain 140 as the temperature of glass transition, there’s a need to make use of materials, which will alter the state at a temperature of 140 degrees.

However, if the need arises to exceed Tg140, other materials are available, which you can use. Some of these materials include the following.


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Thickness of the FR4 Tg140 Board

Note that, there are no specific sizes regarding the thickness of the Fr4 Tg140 board. What we mean is that you can select and utilize any thickness for the board. Just ensure that it suits the requirements for your application.

Furthermore, in any standard board, you will discover that the thickness of the PCB falls within the range of 0.05 – 3.5mm. However, you have to maintain the temperature of the glass transition. It must be at the usual 140 degrees centigrade.

How can you Test PCB Fr4 Tg140?

You can test the PCB fr4 tg140 making use of three major methods. These methods will offer you the best value range. They are dynamic mechanical analysis, thermal mechanical analysis, and differential scanning calorimetry.

Despite these different techniques available, the testing’s main guidelines will be under a specific category.


We hope we have been able to explain what FR4 Tg140 is and what it offers. If there’s a need for more clarification, please let us know.

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