What are the Features and Applications of Fr4 Tg170?

If you have been searching for some reliable information regarding the Fr4 Tg170, you are in the right place. This article will assist you in comprehending all the aspects of the Tg170. Please continue reading as we throw more light on the topic.

Fr4 Tg170: What is it?

Fr4 Tg is a high temperature for glass transition whereby the solid materials of printed circuit boards change into a material that is rubber-like.

You can go ahead to operate the printed circuit board using Fr4 Tg170 using high temperatures so far it doesn’t surpass the 170 degrees Celsius temperature.

Features of the FR4 Tg170

The most appropriate way of identifying glass epoxy resin fabric-based copper clad laminates is checking its features. It is important to check its features because it describes the Fr4 Tg170 in detail.

Below are some of the features of the Fr4 Tg170, which you have to identify.

Great Properties for Thermal Delamination

You will discover that when weakening the PCB laminates’ bind, there is usually a difficulty. This implies that printed circuit boards having Fr4 Tg170 possess great and strong laminate bonds, which won’t give away even when they are at extremely high temperatures.

No Lead Materials

This assembly of the Fr4 Tg170 is usually lead-free. This makes them very safe whenever you’re using these materials. Furthermore, it also reduces any possibility of environmental pollution.

Great Heat resistance

As regards the high temperature, you will also discover that Fr4 Tg170 possess great heat resistance. This is why you will not have damages on any device having Fr4 Tg170 when under high temperatures. Note that, for this to happen, it must not surpass 170 degrees centigrade.

Anti-CAF Properties

Fr4 Tg170 also possesses anti-CAF properties. This helps in the prevention of damages, which could have happened due to oxidation. With Fr4 Tg170, you can be sure that these properties will increase the durability of your product.

Applications Using the Fr4 Tg170

There are many applications that require high temperatures during their operations. When using these applications, it is necessary that you consider using the Fr4 Tg170 material.

Below are some of the materials where the Fr4 Tg170 is useful.

Communication Equipment

Note that the majority of communication infrastructure usually passes through high temperatures and heat. To make sure that the equipment functions effectively, there’s a need that the thin printed circuit boards have Fr4 Tg170. This will help to enhance its performance.

Computer Applications

Advancements in technology today impact computers greatly even under temperatures that are high. This is one good reason why computers having Fr4 Tg170 materials in them have the ability to handle high conditions of temperature.

Office Automation Equipment

To be able to achieve different tasks, there is a need for you to have printed circuit boards having Fr4 Tg170 material. With this high temperature, it will be easy to withstand any high temperature condition.

Materials Necessary for the Manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards of Fr4 Tg170

Different materials are useful when it comes to the manufacturing of PCBs. In order to manufacture Fr4 Tg170 PCBs, there are some specific raw materials you have to choose. Some of them include:

  • N4000-6 & N4000-11
  • MCL-E-679
  • FR406, FR408, IS410, & DS370HR
  • S1170 & S1000-2

Quality Certifications of the PCB Fr4 Tg170

When you make use of high-quality materials, you will be sure of having a longer durability and better performance. Ensuing that the materials are of high quality is only possible if you check the quality certifications.

Below are some of the major quality certifications, you must check closely. These include RoHS, UL, ANSI/AHRI, ISO, and CE quality certifications.

Using PCB Fr4 Tg170 on a Multilayer Printed Circuit Board

It is very possible to use PCB Fr4 Tg170 on a multilayer Printed Circuit Board. This is because the majority of multilayer PCBs have extremely high temperatures.

Asides from these circuit boards, it is possible to also have the PCB Fr4 Tg170 on other printed circuit boards. These include rigid-flex, flexible, rigid, single layer, and double layer PCBs.

Customizing Printed Circuit Boards Having Fr4 Tg170

Customization of printed circuit boards with Fr4 Tg170 as its temperature of glass transition is possible. The only thing you should do is to provide your manufacturer with the order information regarding the Fr4 Tg170 type needed.

Also, if you already have a design, you can do well to share the details. However, if this is not the case, you may team up with the design team. With this, they will check every step of the design with you.

Once you are through with the design, then you must test it. This is by creating a prototype using your personal specifications.

Then, if this works out well, then you can go ahead with manufacturing the custom PCB process using Fr4 Tg170.

Fr4 Tg170 Size Limitations

Regarding printed circuit boards having Fr4 Tg170 degrees centigrade, there is no size limitation. You will pick the right PCB Fr4 Tg170 materials size with respect to the specifications for the applications.

Asides from this, you may need to rely on Fr4 Tg170 materials’ standard sizes.

What are the Benefits of PCB Having Fr4 Tg170?

The main advantage you’ll get from PCB Tg has to do with its grouping under high temperature for glass transition. One of the best benefits of working with a PCB having Fr4 Tg170, is its stability. Below are some other benefits.

Great Heat Dissipation

Materials useful in manufacturing Fr4 Tg170 possess high capabilities for heat dissipation. You won’t experience any heat burdens.

Great Insulation Reliability

The Fr4 Tg170 has great insulation properties, which prevents heat and electric currents from leaking. Furthermore, this special property raises the PCB material’s advantage whenever it is very efficient.

Greater Processability

As a result of the high Fr4 Tg170, it becomes simpler and easier to process Fr4 Tg170 printed circuit board materials. This makes Processability simple because it is near to the best temperatures for processing.


Fr4 Tg170 comes with lots of great benefits, especially when used with PCBs. We have discussed its features and benefits, as well as its applications. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

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