MJWI20-24S12: A New-Generation and High-Performance DC-to-DC Converter

MJWI20-24S12 is a DC-to-DC converter by MINMAX. The company has been manufacturing this type of converters for over 30 years, so you can rely on the performance and quality of the MJWI20-24S12.

Commitment to Quality Service Delivery

MINMAX has been committed to offering customers value for their money. The manufacturer thrives on the need to offer products that have the best power density characteristics, as well as reducing the sizes of these products.

Thus, you can be sure of getting a combo of size miniaturization and high-power density from the MJWI20-24S12 DC-to-DC converter.

How Does the Converter Work?

MJWI20-24S12 is a DC-to-DC converter designed to offer the highest levels of performances, while making power and signal transmission flexible.

For that purpose, the converter has optimized the converter modules to help set the standards for the highest power densities.

High Efficiency

MJWI20-24S12 also offers one of the best efficiencies, in terms of operation. This is offered first via the circuit topology that enables the converter to attain up to 85% efficiency. In addition to this, it improves the temperature range from a minimum of -40˚C to a maximum of +85˚C.

Understandably, a DC-to-DC converter, and indeed, any consumer electronics’ integral component, needs to be regulated. For that reason, this converter has been equipped with the ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage range. This allows for the input and the output voltages to be under “tight” regulation.

Converter Protection

MJWI20-24S12 is also shielded from some potential dangers. For example, it uses the combined functions of overvoltage and the undervoltage protection to regulate the converter when the voltage goes below or above the predefined values.

There is also the short-circuit protection in place to prevent the converter from bypassing current or voltage while in use.

One other safety measure for MJWI20-24S12’s use is the compliance with the safety approval requirements, as enshrined in the UL/cUL/EC/EN 62368-1(60950-1). The MJWI20-24S12 DC-to-DC converter also has the CB Marking and the CB Report.

Compact Design

MJWI20-24S12 doesn’t take up much space, just like most of the other (converters) by MINMAX.

The small form-factor design includes an ultra-compact 1-inch x 1-inch package and one of the smallest encapsulated 20-Watt converters shielded in a metal package.

Technical Properties

Below are this DC-to-DC converter’s attributes:

Output Current (minimum to maximum)0 to 1670
Maximum Load89
Input Voltage (Range)24
Maximum Capacitive Load1200
Input Current (maximum load to no load)938 to 40
Output Voltage12
Reflected Ripple Current50
Over Voltage Protection15

MJWI20-24S12 Additional Features

Below is a list of some of this DC-to-DC converter’s additional features:

  • Trimmable output voltage
  • Remote On/Off
  • Insulated baseplate
  • I/O Isolation of 1500 VDC

Information about the MINMAX Range of DC-to-DC Converters

There are several converters manufactured by MINMAX, but the DC-to-DC converters stand out the most. Aside from the aforementioned properties of MJWI20-24S12, there are many other features yet-to-be talked about.

These are some of the additional details of the DC-to-DC converters manufactured by MINMAX:

1. Strict Regulatory Compliance

One of the banes of working with a DC-to-DC converter is the uncertainty surrounding the compliance. You want to be sure that it is compliant with the existing rules.

In the case of MINMAX, the company makes sure that the variety of DC-to-DC converters it produces meet the requirements of the IEC/EN/UL62368-1 international safety regulations. It also has mechanisms in place to ensure the compliance of these converters with the existing EU CE electromagnetic compatibility regulations.

Making sure that these converters comply with the aforementioned regulatory policies is the basic step. MINMAX has also went on to set-up an electromagnetic wave verification laboratory. The laboratory complies with the IEC International Standards.

One of the highpoints of the laboratory’s contribution is the certainty that the converters are not in proximity or in close contact with the surface or body of the other electronic components when in use.

2. MINMAX Makes DC-to-DC Converters for a Wide Range of Applications

This manufacturer makes all converters to fit into specific applications. From the industrial to railway, medical and ultra-high isolation applications; these DC-to-DC converters meet all the requirements.

For the railway applications, these converters offer the following benefits:

  • Optimization for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout.
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range
  • Thermal management design optimization
  • The power range of these converters range from a minimum of 3 watts up to a maximum of 150 watts.
  • These converters support a wider operating ambient temperature range
  • The railway DC-to-DC converters also offer full encapsulation for blocking interference.

The converters for the medical applications and related devices have the following features:

  • A completed abnormal protection function
  • Isolation offered up to 5KVAC with a reinforced insulation.
  • An overall optimization of the electrical performance.

The following benefits are obtainable with the MINMAX DC-to-DC converters for industrial applications:

  • Up to 4x power density increase
  • Support for multiple packaging options and size minimization
  • Excellent efficiency up to 92%
  • Optimization of the overall electrical performance
  • Support for a wider power range, between 1-watt and 150 watts.
  • These types of DC-to-DC converters offer up to 75% savings in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) space.

The ultra-high isolation applications benefit from the following:

  • CMTI: 15KV/µs
  • Isolation up to 5KVAC with a reinforced insulation
  • A completed abnormal protection function
  • A working voltage up to 1000Vrms

The MJWI20-24S12 DC-to-DC converter is also ideal for the following applications:

  • Space-critical devices and applications
  • Battery-operated equipment
  • Distributed power architectures in both industrial and communication electronics.

3. The Converters are Compatible

MINMAX took care to make the range of DC-to-DC converters compatible with the target applications. The compatibility also extends to the modular design, which allows for the converters’ upgrade without distorting the existing circuit diagram.

4. Better Thermal Performance

MINMAX also places a premium on the performance of the applications or target devices. For that reason, it offers a wider working environment temperature range, a professional thermal structure design and uses high-quality components.

Final Words

MJWI20-24S12 is a DC-to-DC converter with support for a variety of output voltage options, fully-encapsulated packaging methods and conformity to all the pin specifications and standard dimensions for several industries.

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