How to Choose the Best PCB Assembly Supplier

The process of PCB Assembly is not an easy one. This includes all large scale and prototype PCB Assembly. The entire process needs the expertise and experience of many years. In addition, PCB assembly is a complex job which needs high precision and zero defects.

Furthermore, not all Companies offering PCB Assembly Services are reliable or can be trusted. Contract manufacturers or OEMs can’t make any mistake because the slightest error could lead to great loss to the two companies involved.

With so many providers of PCB Assembly Services and PCB manufacturers all over the world, choosing one may become an issue. This is one reason why we have done our research to review the best PCB assembly suppliers.

Below are the best companies offering PCB assembly services in the world, which you can rely upon.

Best PCB Assembly Suppliers

Rayming PCB & Assembly

Rayming PCB & Assembly is known as a PCB assembly manufacturer based in China that provides full PCB assembly in Shenzhen. In addition, Rayming has the ability to provide partial turn-key and turn-key assembly services for printed circuit boards. Asides from PCB assembly, they are also included among the PCB assembly manufacturers. They offer PCB fabrication too.

For the full turn-key PCB assembly, Rayming handles the entire PCB assembly process, even to the final assembly. These includes printed circuit board manufacturing, procuring of the components which are all 100% original, PCBA testing, and monitoring the quality of their PCB assemblies.

For the partial turn-key assembly, the customer will be the one to bring the printed circuit boards and some of the electronic components. Rayming P[CB & Assembly will then take care of the remaining work.

There are so many reasons why you should work with Rayming. They have the best quick delivery, fast response service. Also, their support team is large and they have more than 6000 clients. They are also very reliable and you can trust them to deliver high quality PCB assembly services.

Rush PCB

This is one of the top printed circuit board manufacturers and PCB assembly companies in the United States. They deal in different medium and small production runs, with minimum order limit exempted, as well as the fastest lead times. In addition, they provide their professional services in the Industrial, Medical, Communication, Automotive, Aerospace, as well as other very demanding industries.

Rush PCB has the expertise and experience in offering all the three PCB assembly types. These include PTH, SMT, and mixture (which involve both PTH and SMT PCB assembly services. Working with Rush PCB for your full turnkey PCB assembly capability and expanded PCB capabilities, you will be able to achieve a faster time to the market for your products.

Journey Circuits

This is another PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing company that is based on the United States. The company is known as one of the largest and leading PCB assembly providers in the USA. Some of their services and products include Stencils, PCB Assembly, and PCB Manufacturing.

In addition, they offer economical, reliable, and high quality PCB assemblies for different printed circuit board types and printed circuit boards. These include flex PCB, multilayer PCB, LED PCB, rigid-flex PCB, Promo, and display boards.

Furthermore, the company provides its pcb assembly services in different fields. These include instrumental industries, power, automotive, computers, aerospace, industrial, medical equipment, and communications.

Advanced Circuit International

This company is a world class supplier and manufacturer of Antenna, Microwave, and RF printed circuit boards. It has a manufacturing facility in United States, India, and Brazil, and you can trust them to deliver high quality PCB assemblies.

ACI provides PCB assembly services of high reliability. They are applicable to many fields. These include Telecommunications, Defense, Aerospace, Microwave/RF, Medical devices, cable assemblies, and more. This company mainly focuses on Antenna, RF/Microwave, rapid prototyping, multilayer PCBs, and PCB assembly services


This company is based in the California area of the United States. It is a top-class PCB Manufacturer that offers Custom PCB Assembly services, PCB Manufacturing, PCB prototyping, and fabrication, all to meet the requirements of the customer.

Their highly trusted and world class printed circuit boards and PCB assembly services are useful in many industries. These include Medical, Telecommunication, Mobile Phone, Defense, Aerospace, Solar Energy, Renewable energy, and Rigid flex PCB.

RedBoard Circuits

This is a PCB Assembly Company based in the United States. However, it is linked with Taiwan and China. Its headquarters is in the United States; however, its printed circuit board manufacturing is in Taiwan and China.

Furthermore, this company has grown consistently to be one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of printed circuit boards. Also, it provides a full service or one stop PCB needs in different cases. Among all these areas include Epoxy plugging, double sided PCBs, Metal and Aluminum Core, Radio Frequency and Microwave, single sided PCBs (printed circuit boards), Counter sink and castellated holes.

Generally, RedBoard Circuits offers high quality PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing for different industries.


PCBWay is a PCB assembly manufacturer that is seen as the company that can meet all your circuit board needs. It is interested in many aspects of PCBs. It provides PCB assembly, custom PCB design, PCB prototyping, and PCB manufacturing.

Furthermore, if you are seeking a full service or one-stop PCB need like fabrication and quick shipping, be rest assured that this company will take care of that. Asides from this, the speed at which it offers its services is hard to compare in the entire PCB industry. All thanks to its Pick and Place Machines that can perfectly and accurately process about twenty eight thousand SMD components every hour.


From the name, we can say that this reveals what you should expect when working with this company. This company has been able to upgrade its services with its decade of experience in the PCB market of China. All through this period, the company has offered different PCB services. These include custom prototype, PCB assembly, and mass value fabrication.

Furthermore, this company is greatly interested in PCB manufacturing for some industries. Some of these industries include commercial, medical, industrial, aerospace, automotive, military, and education


This is another top PCB assembly company who has done so much in the PCB industry. It is situated in China and offers different full services. This means that there is no need to outsource any significant aspect of your PCB manufacturing and design to other companies.

There are some things which make this company unique. These include designing PCBs, procuring different components and parts required for PCB production, and Turnkey PCB assembly. In addition, the company also offers PCB prototyping, multilayer PCB manufacturing, and more.

Shenzhen Mincom Technic

Shenzhen Mincom Technic is a company that caters for all the needs of a large number of PCB buyers. It has its headquarters in China, but its extensive services cover the foreign market too.

Its staff strength is more than 500, and with its expertise in the printed circuit board industry, you can be sure that this company will meet all the customer’s requirements and needs. Some of the services that this company renders include PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly and SMT. Also, this company has successfully broken into other markets aside from that of the Chinese.

Tips on How to Choose the Best PCB Assembly Supplier

The success of any PCB Manufacturing has to do with the PCB assembly company that is working on your project. Once you have gotten to the assembly phase, you want to ensure that your printed circuit boards are now in safe hands. However, if you will be outsourcing this task, how will you be confident enough regarding your PCB assembly manufacturer choice? Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice.

Identify your needs

Different companies and different projects require many requirements to ensure the success of the project. Before you work with any PCB assembly company, take some time to identify all you need to achieve and then search for manufacturers that can offer these services.

Work with a good timeline

Just like other projects, you will desire a PCB assembly company that can produce your products faster. Rushing to make this decision will have a similar consequence of completing the pcb assembly process in a rush. You may end up losing rather than saving time.

Consider the Experience

Some PCB assembly companies usually have different expertise levels with different jobs or projects. Furthermore, there are some manufacturers that suits your project better based on the mode of assembly. Make sure that the experience of your partner matches what you need for your project.

Verify the Quality Control

Regular testing, as well as quality control, are two ways that PCB assembly companies will verify that your project is going on smoothly, all through the process. Ask the manufacturer about their testing methods, equipment used, and certifications.


 The best PCB assembly suppliers will always be there to offer you the very best services. There are some tips you need to work with before choosing a pcb assembly supplier. You can also choose from the companies we have reviewed above.

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