What are the Properties and Advantages of the Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 Laminate?

PCB materials are a core component of PCB fabrication. The fabrication of a circuit board shouldn’t entail the use of toxic components. These days, the demand for halogen-free PCB material that offers low loss is on the increase. Fabricating PCBs that are safe for the environment is very crucial.

Panasonic Corporation designed a core material to help address signal loss problems. This corporation identified properties for a material that would help reduce signal loss. The Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 is that material. This article seeks to provide further information on this PCB laminate.

What is Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 Laminate?

Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate is a low transmission loss material. This laminate is specifically designed for high speed networking equipment. Also, this material is free of halogen and antimony. Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate offers great through-hole reliability. Also, this material meets the specification of IPC 4101/ 130/ 127/ 128.

Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 is a high Tg laminate ideal for large volume data transmission. Also, this material offers high speed data transmission.


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Properties of Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 Laminate

High decomposition temperature

Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate features a decomposition temperature (Td) value of 380 degrees Celsius. This is a high decomposition temperature value. Therefore, it can perform well under a high temperature without decomposing chemically.

Low dielectric constant

The dielectric constant of this material is very low. Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate has a Dk value of 4.1 and 4 at 1 GHz and 10 GHz respectively. Also, this laminate has a stable Dk across a wide frequency and temperature range. This is a major reason this material offers low loss transmission.

Excellent glass transition temperature

The glass transition temperature of Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate is 190 degrees Celsius at DMA. Therefore, this laminate is a high Tg material. However, at TMA and DSC, this material offers a Tg of 165oC and 170oC respectively. Also, it offers great performance when used in different temperature degrees.

Low dissipation factor

The dissipation factor of Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate is very low and stable. Also, this laminate has a Df value of 0.01 AND 0.013 at 1 GHz and 10 GHz respectively. Dissipation factor measures the degree of loss when electricity in an insulating system discharges. Low Df PCB laminates are more efficient as an insulator.

Low water absorption rate

The water absorption rate of Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate is 0.14%. Therefore, this material can withstand humid operational environments.

High volume resistivity

This electrical property is very crucial in a PCB material. Volume resistivity indicates the extent of the insulation resistance of a laminate’s surface. Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate has a volume resistivity of 1 x 10⁹ MΩ · cm. Also, this high volume resistivity value is beneficial to high frequency applications.


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Processing Guidelines for Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 Laminate

Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 and R-1570 are similar to the conventional FR-4 material. Therefore, it is important to store it in a dry environment. You should prevent any scratching or bending on the laminate surface. You can store this laminate in its original case. Also, you should store the R-1570 prepreg in a dry environment.

When preparing the surface of this laminate, it is important to carry out some instructions. Use the standard chemical to clean the regular shiny copper. You can clean the reverse treat copper by using industry standard chemicals.

Also, you can use brown or black oxide. There is an alternative treatment. You can use a peroxide/sulfuric etch technology. Ensure you dry the finished layers to get rid of surface moisture and absorbed moisture.

The thickness of the multilayer package will determine the curing temperature time. Also, you should adjust laminate parameters based on the stack thickness and board thickness. The weight loss of Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate is greater than that of R-1766. You can adjust the desmear parameters based on the stack count and board thickness.  The weight loss ratio of this laminate is between 1.7 and 2.3.

Features of Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 Laminate

Lead-free soldering

This laminate has lead-free soldering. Therefore, it adheres to the RoHS standards. Also, this means that this PCB laminate is free of lead. Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 is compatible with lead-free processing.

High heat resistance

Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 features high heat resistance. This material can withstand a high temperature operational environment. Also, the thermal properties of this material contribute to this feature.


This PCB laminate is free of halogen. It contains no halogen constituents. In addition, this PCB material is free of antimony. Therefore, Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 is an environmentally friendly PCB material.

Great through hole reliability

PCBs that need stronger connections between their layers often require through hole reliability. Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 offers great through hole reliability. Therefore, it is an ideal PCB material for such applications. Through reliability is also necessary for multilayer circuits.

Low transmission loss

Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate features a low dissipation factor and dielectric constant. The dielectric constant is 4.1. This laminate has a dissipation factor of 0.01 at GHz. These properties contribute to the low transmission loss of this material. Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 is an ultra-low loss PCB laminate.


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Handling and Storage Guidelines for Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 Laminate

PCB designers need to handle Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate with great care. Also, the storage of this laminate is very crucial. Here are some guidelines on how to store and handle this laminate:

  • Ensure you wear a protective mask and gloves when handling this laminate.
  • Clean the laminate immediately if there is a spill on the floor. This will help to prevent powder dust from flying.
  • Avoid exposing the laminate to direct sunlight. Also, store the laminate indoors at acontrolled temperature.
  • Powder dust can be generated during processing. Therefore, ensure you have local ventilation equipment.
  • When handling this laminate, avoid exposing it to water.


Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate meets the demand of networking equipment systems. This PCB material comprises great electrical and thermal properties. Panasonic is a well-recognized PCB material manufacturer. This article has shed more light on the Panasonic MEGTRON2 R-1577 laminate.

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