THN 30-2411WI Offers the Highest Power Density for Direct Current Conversion

THN 30-2411WI is a higher-power Direct Current to Direct Current (DC-to-DC) converter. Manufactured by TRACO Power, the converter offers up to 30 watts of power conversion. While that is an outstanding feature, there are many other things you need to know about THN 30-2411WI.

In this article, we analyze the datasheet; highlighting the major components and relevant features.

Surge Voltage

Despite being a DC-to-DC converter, THN 30-2411WI helps in regulating the voltage. The voltage regulation in this regard is via the support for surge voltage, which helps in keeping the converter when its operating capacity goes beyond the maximum voltage rating.

From the datasheet, it has a surge voltage rating of 50 VDC maximum for the 24 Vin models. The 48 Vin models have a rated surge voltage of 100 VDC maximum or 1 s maximum.

Support for a Wide Range of Regulations

The surge voltage regulation is primary. There are other secondary regulatory features in place to keep THN 30-2411WI’s functions at the optimum. These include a:

  • 25% / 100% asymmetrical loading for the cross regulation.
  • 0 to 100% load variation.
  • Vmin to Vmax input variation.

The aforementioned have different models, such as the single output models, and dual output models.

THN 30-2411WI’s General Specifics

Below are some of the features that make up the broader THN 30-2411WI DC-to-DC converter.

1. Current Isolation

Current or power supply is isolated in THN 30-2411WI because it uses the isolated module – a dedicated module that helps in keeping off dangerous current from entering the device.

When it comes to how an isolated module works, considerations are usually on the shock protection, which is a feature that prevents inappropriate current usage in the wrong places.

You shouldn’t rely on THN 30-2411WI in this regard because it doesn’t actually offer shock protection. As a functional insulation isolated module, all it offers is protection for the converter’s operation and not to protect the target device(s) from shock.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of other isolation features that make THN 30-2411WI unique. these include:

  • A 1’500-pF maximum isolation capacitance.
  • A 1’000 MΩ minimum isolation resistance.

2. Isolation Testing

The functional insulation feature protects the overall operations of THN 30-2411WI, but there are some isolation testing features that make it all unique.

The isolation testing features are used to detect THN 30-2411WI’s voltage and these include:

  • 1’000 VDC for the Output to Case
  • 1’600 VDC for the Input to Output
  • 1’000 VDC for the Input to Case

3. Environment-Related Properties

By default, DC-to-DC converters using an isolated module don’t often include shoch protection. Due to the target applications, THN 30-2411WI needed to have this feature and that influenced the choice of environment-related properties to fill that void.

It includes thermal shock and vibration, all provided by the MIL-STD-810F.

4. Output Power

The power or current given out by the converter is up to 30 watts. That is why it is acclaimed to be one of the highest power density DC-to-DC converters.

5. THN 30-2411WI is Efficient

It is one thing to invest in a power conversion device and another to get value for money. How feasible is it for the converter to be efficient?

THN 30-2411WI is highly-efficient, because of the full load range of up to 92%. This feature allows for the converter to offer the highest efficiencies possible, across several applications requiring a full range load operation.

It is for this level of efficiency that THN 30-2411WI is typically preferred when working on applications requiring up to 85˚C operating temperature.

6. THN 30-2411WI Offers Precise Operations

THN 30-2411WI also offers precise operations in the form of an ultrawide 4:1 input voltage range and precisely-regulated output voltages that work perfectly even when put under “no load” conditions.

7. Control Adjustability

THN 30-2411WI supports a remote On and Off control, which works with an adjustable output voltage. Besides, this remote control and the low-input current when put on “minimal load” make THN 30-2411WI ideal for the battery-operated devices and systems.

8. Wide Range of Applications

The battery-operated systems are not the only applications or devices supported by THN 30-2411WI. The others include:

  • Industrial electronics
  • Communication electronics
  • Mobile equipment
  • Distributed power architectures
  • Instrumentation devices

9. THN 30-2411WI has Many Protective Features

A successful operation or functioning of a power conversion device depends on the voltages to be converted, the supported applications and how “defensive” the converter is. The defense here is a way of keeping the converter safe during operations and in that regard, THN 30-2411WI has some mechanisms in place.

The first protective feature is called the over-temperature protection. As the name signifies, it is used to prevent the malfunctioning of the THN 30-2411WI DC-to-DC converter peradventure it goes beyond the rated temperature.

There is also the under-voltage lockout that tends to “lock” the converter from further operations when it goes below the recommended voltage. In this instance, the rating is 7.5 VDC (minimum) / 8 VDC (typical) / 8.8 VDC (maximum) for the 24 Vin models. The rating for the 48 Vin models is 15.5 VDC (minimum) / 16 VDC (typical) / 17.5 VDC (maximum).

There is also a feature meant to further the protection of this converter. It is the enclosing of THN 30-2411WI in a shielded metal case that also has an isolated baseplate.

The other supported protective features are:

  • Internal Pi-Type input filter
  • Output voltage adjustment
  • Reflected ripple current
  • Up to 250 µs typical (25% Load Step) transient response.

How to Maximize Your Use of the THN 30-2411WI

Some DC-to-DC converters offer excellent Direct Current (DC) conversions, but are limited in some ways. We are pleased to see that THN 30-2411WI supports some other improved features that increase this converter’s operations.

The first on the list is the 3-year product warranty that gives you many months to maximize the converter to be sure it is fully-operational.

THN 30-2411WI also boots faster, with a maximum start-up time of 30 ms.


With a fast boot time and a longer product warranty, THN 30-2411WI allows you to maximize the power conversion capabilities. Rest assured that it can convert Direct Current (DC) in real-time even with a higher load capacity of 10’000 µF maximum.

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