What is Xilinx XC4VSX35-10FFG668I FPGA ?

XC4VSX35-11FFG668I is an industrial temperature grade scale device which can withstand diverse temperature fluctuations during operations. The operational temperature for this IC device may vary between -40 oC and 100 oC. The device is designed with FCGBA type of packing which is termed as Flip Chip Ball Grid Array System. XC4VSX35-10FFG668I is a surface mounted device usually offered with SMD or SMT mounting type. It comes with -10 speed grade and offered with Lead (Pb) free material. A total number of 668 pins are available in XC4VSX35-10FFG668I. This is a product from Xilix Inc., and it falls under the category of Field Programmable Gate Array also termed as FPGA. XC4VSX35-10FFG668I belongs to Virtex-4 family. Other prominent device members of Virex-4 family are LX and FX while XC4VSX35-10FFG668I belongs to SX family. The XC4VSX35-10FFG668I FPGAs are capable of providing efficient and easy solutions to Digital Signal Processing applications and operations. This family of FPGAs have found its way in many day-to-day applications like internet, WIFI, 5G, medical appliances, industrial automation and control, small and big electronics, and Artificial Intelligence as well.

Best voltage supply range for XC4VSX35-10FFG668I FPGAs operation is 1.14 V to 1.26 V. These devices offer maximum user I/O clocked at 448 having total 11 I/O banks. Blocking systems like Transceiver blocks, processor Blocks and MACs are not available. This SX family of FPGAs is designed with eight Digital Clock Managers. 4 PMCDs are also available. Distributed RAM is clocked at 240 Kbit at maximum in these devices. Block RAM is clocked at 3,456 Kbit at maximum while a total of 192 18 Kb blocks are present inside block RAM. Rows and Columns array in XC4VSX35-10FFG668I FPGAs is presented as 96 x 40 with availability of 34,560 Logic cells, and 15,360 slices. Each of the configurable logic block consists of four cells equivalent to a maximum of 64 bits. Each of the Xtreme DSP slice is comprised of and added, an accumulator and one 18 by 18 multiplier.

The XC4VSX35-10FFG668I device Package Combination and Max I/Os:

The XC4VSX35-10FFG668I FPGAs comes in package combination of 27 x 27 mm and offers 320 I/O maximum. While MGTs are not applicable to this family or group of FPGAs.

System Blocks specific to XC4VSX35-10FFG668I:

The XC4VSX35-10FFG668I FPGAs are equipped with diverse nature of system blocks. These devices contain Xesium Clock Technology (up to 20 DCM modules, modifiable frequency production, double operating modes, lowered input jitter, low poer operation, increased phase detectors), Flexible Logic Resources (40% speed improvement, maximum 200K logic cells, variable shift registers),500 MHz Xtreme DSP Slices (18 x 81 multiplier, accumulator, adder, 100% speed improvement), SelectIO Technology (960 user I/Os, vast I/O standards selection, powerful performance, differential termination, improved signal integrity, memory interface support), and ChipSync Technology (Integrated with SelectIO, dedicated I/O, default data serializer and de-serializer).

XC4VSX35-10FFG668I FPGA Overview:

Some of the prominent features of FPGAs in XC4VSX35-10FFG668I are availability of DSP Slices, CLBs, Global Clocking, Block RAM, Boundary Scan, Routing resources, and Input & output blocks.

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