Where to buy xilinx XC4VSX35-11FFG668I fpga

Primarily Virtex-4 family consists of 3 major group of integrated circuits known as LX, SF and SX. These are Field Programmable Gate Array groups. XC4VSX35-11FFG668I is from SX group. This is an industrial device in context of temperature grade. These devices can give optimum operational results in vast temperature ranges of -40 oC to 100 oC. The XC4VSX35-11FFG668I major area of application in daily life are medical equipment, 5G Technology, different electronics, Wifi technology, AI and industrial instrumentation. XC4VSX35-11FFG668I offers speed grade of -11. It is also offered in Lead (Pb) free material as well. This device contains 668 pins. XC4VSX35-11FFG668I offers easy solutions to DSP applications also known as Digital Signal Processing application. If array of Rows and columns is considered the XC4VSX35-11FFG668I is equipped with 96 rows and 40 columns. Its distributed RAM maximum capacity is 240 Kb. While block RAM at maximum is 3,456 in addition to availability of 192 18 Kb blocks. Number of DSP Slices (Xtreme Technology) in XC4VSX35-11FFG668I is 192 and number of digital clock managers is eight. Furthermore, every DSP slice in the IC is made up of three components termed as adder, accumulator and 18 x 18 multiplier. PMCDs of this family of devices stands at four in total. Number of I/O banks are eleven and maximum user I/Os are 448 in total. State of the art technology like Processor blocks, MACs and Transceiver blocks are not available in XC4VSX35-11FFG668I. The XC4VSX35-11FFG668I integrated circuit devices operate best when given the optimal voltage supply of 1.14 V (minimum) to 1.26 V (maximum). Total number of CLBs are 3,840 with each CLB consists of 4 slices. This integrated circuit device is offered by the Xilinx with FCBGA packaging. These integrated circuit devices are surface mounted.

The XC4VSX35-11FFG668I device Package Combination and Max I/Os:

The dimensions of XC4VSX35-11FFG668I 27 by 27 mm and it comes with user 1/O of 640. The XC4VSX35-11FFG668I is equipped with 668 total pins.

System Blocks specific to XC4VSX35-11FFG668I:

The XC4VSX35-11FFG668I offers a range of system blocks which make these group of ICs prominent and far more efficient than others. One of the prime system blocks is Xesium Clock technology which is offered with twenty Digital Clock Manager Modules containing phase shift and precision deskew. Xesium clock technology can produce flexible frequency and it offers dual operating module. In addition to Xesium Clock, flexible logic resources as system blocks are also a prominent feature of XC4VSX35-11FFG668I. The availability of flexible logic resources support in improvement of XC4VSX35-11FFG668I speed by almost 40% when compared with past generations of ICs. Another system block of XC4VSX35-11FFG668I, is decorated with 10 Mega bite of memory, optional pipeline stages and designated routing enabling this group of Integrated Circuit devices to improve their speed by 100% from the previous series devices.

XC4VSX35-11FFG668I FPGA Overview:

The SX group of IC devices is offered with I/O banks containing the choice of configuration in various segments for example single ended operations and differential ended operations, optional SDR or DDR.

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