What is xilinx XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E ?

The integrated circuit device XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E is a product of Xilinx Technologies. This group of devices is equipped with 320 I/O in total. As far as the ordering information of these XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E devices is concerned, these are termed or specified as Extended devices in terms of temperature grade as these IC devices can easily survive and function really well in a wide temperature span which can vary between 0 oC and 110 oC. These IC devices are defined as low power and low speed devices due to presence of -L2. Obviously, these devices are in speed as compared to -1 speed grade IC devices but quite slower in speed when it is compared to higher speed grade devices such as -2 and -3 grades. These IC devices come up with the value index of 5P containing lid and flip-chip with ball pitch of one milli meter.

The XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E devices can perform best when the optimum voltage supply is 0.85 V. These devices are equipped with 474,600 total logic cells and 433,920 CLB flip flops.

FPGA or Field Programmable Gate Array is the main category of these XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E Integrated devices. Series for these integrated circuit devices is called as XCKU5P series. These ICs come up with surface mounting sometimes termed as SMT mounting or SMD mounting. While these devices are offered in FBGA-900 casing which is termed as Fine Ball Grid Array. Associated data transfer rate with XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E integrated circuit device is 32.75 Gb in one second. Also, these ICs are really prone to moisture. 16 number of transceivers are available in these integrated circuit devices. 216,960 CLB LUTs are also available. Distributed Ram of the XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E device offer 6.1 Mb coupled with block RAM which offers 16.9 Mb. The block Ram sometimes also termed as embedded block RAM or EBR in short form. The XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E device also contains 64 Ultra-RAM blocks and 18 Mb Ultra-RAM. These devices are designed with four CMTs. In default design of these ICs, 208 HP I/O and 96 HD I/O are available. These are the typical properties of XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E Integrated Circuit devices. The KU5P group also offers 1,824 DSP slices and one system monitor.

Power Supply Requirements for XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E:

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For the appropriate operation and programming of XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E integrated circuits devices, there are some fundamental current or voltage supply requirements. For example, these IC devices need at minimum 1800 milli Ampere current (in addition to ICCINTQ) for appropriate power up and configuration. Power on supply of 770 milli Ampere is required for ICCINTMIN in addition to ICCINTQ. For ICCOMIN, a minimum of 50 milli Ampere power on supply is required for these devices in addition to ICCOQ. The XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E shall not be programmed if minimum power on supply of VCCINT is not available as per the data sheet specifications.

Temperature Requirements:

The integrated Circuit devices of XCKU5P-L2FFVB676E family can bear a wide range of extreme storage temperatures. For example, these ICs can bear as low as -65 oC temperature and as high as 150 oC storage temperature.

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