Agency, Director, Production Studio?

I work directly with clients, collaborating, brainstorming and generally filling the role of agency and production studio. I also work as a hired director under an existing agency. The studio is located at 132 Summit Street #4, Brooklyn, NY, phone is 917-679-2725 and email is Below are some examples of work from both Agency and Director roles:


For the SVA series I concepted the series with SVA then wrote, produced and shot the pieces using the subject's own words in the copy. Abrams/Victore was concepted by James Victore and I came in to figure out how best to capture it. Bobbi Brown Real Women was sort of a moving photoshoot and my job was to best capture the personalities of the women.

Hillman CurtisDirector

I directed four broadcast commercials and several web spots for IBM/OgilvyOne which went on to become some of the most viewed commercials of 2010. The Josh Davis film was shot for RGA and Ride, Rise, Roar was the first feature I've directed.

Hillman CurtisBio

David Hillman Curtis is a filmmaker, designer and author. His film work includes "Ride, Rise, Roar", a feature length documentary on David Byrne which premiered at SXSW 2009, as well as several national commercials for Ogilvy/IBM, online commercial work for Rolling Stone, Adobe, Sprint, Blackberry and BMW and the popular documentary series "Artist Series". He has also produced nine short narrative films; "Bridge", was selected as one of only seven shorts for the GenArts 2009 festival in New York, "Embrace", and "Spinal Tap" each won "Best Dramatic Short" Webby Awards.

As a web designer David has designed sites for Yahoo, Adobe, Aquent, the American Institute of Graphic Design, Paramount and Fox Searchlight Pictures among others.

His three books on design and film have sold close to 150 thousand copies and have been translated into 14 languages.

David Hillman Curtis' work has been featured in numerous design publications worldwide. He has also lectured extensively on design and film related subjects throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. He was nominated for the Cooper Hewitt National Design award in 2009.

He generally goes by his middle name, Hillman.

Hillman CurtisBooks & DVD

Flash Web Design is Out of Print (or should be).

Over 90k sold, Translated into 14 languages

"The book itself, a stunning piece of artwork, communicates to everyone from Web designers and movie directors, to publishers and project managers. No matter who you are or what title you hold, if you're involved in new media, you will benefit from this book". - Marc O'Brien

"Now to this stunning, full-color book. What does Curtis mean by "making the invisible visible"? From the standpoint of the new media designer, it's finding inspired ways to bring together the many disparate elements available in new media, using them to transcend literal meaning, and to communicate emotions and themes with newfound power".


MTIV (Making the Invisible Visible) is an indispensable guide for the new age of media design. This book is about how to achieve the results that bring in profits and make you a better designer. AIGA

"The outstanding strength of the book and the reason to plink down $34.99 ($23.09 at Amazon) to buy it , is its autobiographical element. Reading how Curtis has used New Media as a way of reconnecting with life through art will interest anyone seeking to take advantage of the low cost of DV production and to join this revolution in storytelling, whether the project be muse-inspired or market-driven. "
- Brandon Hopkins,
The Independent

"The objective and technical side of the book is excellent. Curtis is not a filmmaker by training or education; what he has learned has been through trial and error and simply by doing it. And wanting to do it. So his explanations come off as buddy-tales of caution and discovery, oozing optimism for anyone interested in following their digital video dreams."
- Armin Vit - Speak Up

"Stop Making Sense" is a tough act to follow, but David Byrne gives his younger self a run for his money with "Ride, Rise, Roar," an energizing concert film drawing strength from young choreographers whose creations amplify both the weirdness and the idealism in Byrne's songs and lend his stage performance a visual impact particularly well suited for big-screen exploration.
- Hollywood Reporter

This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no humdrum concert documentary. Alternating between black-and-white behind-the-scenes glimpses and full-color footage of live performances, filmmaker David Hillman Curtis offers a singularly satisfying package that may be more popular on homevid, but will play better in theaters where exuberant ticketbuyers can sway in their seats.
- Variety

Byrne Doc Ride, Rise, Roar Burns With Strange Grace. Ride, Rise, Roar is a downright beautifully shot