SVA: Naomi

Directed & Edited by Hillman Curtis, Written by Hillman Curtis, Arianna Orland, & Naomi White.

I love the script for this one. The line “made up of mirrors and glass, looking both inwards and out”, is one of my favorites. Naomi’s portrait is very nice too. We set it up in an abandoned apartment next to her own and it worked out nicely.

A funny aside: Naomi works for Grey Advertising and when she showed this around the office the folks at Grey decided they wanted to feature their creatives in the same way, so Naomi called me and diplomatically asked for the contacts of the DP and crew. I was left out! I guess the Grey creatives figured ┬áit was such an simple concept they’d borrow it and direct it themselves. Ben showed me the resulting films and they were shot beautifully but were somewhat indulgent and lacked emotional resonance. I was both relieved and disappointed.