32 Layer PCB – Multilayer Board for Advanced Electronics

There is increasing development in the electronic industry. Therefore, there is more need for advanced multilayer boards. In today’s world, there are more demands for lightweight and smaller PCBs. With strict quality management, multilayer boards are ideal for most applications.

What is a 32 Layer PCB?

A 32 layer board is an advanced multilayer board that features 32 copper layers. These layers are sandwiched to function as a PCB.  The manufacturing of this board doesn’t require conventional etching methods. 32 layer PCB manufacturing requires high precision to ensure quality control. Therefore, manufacturers incorporate advanced manufacturing methods in fabricating this board.

Multilayer boards are usually required when engineers need to embed all electronics in a small PCB. Manufacturers mount electronic components on the top and bottom layers only. 32 layer PCBs are commonly used in high-density applications. This is because this board offers enough space for mounting crucial components. With a 32 layer board, it is very easy to manufacturer lightweight devices.


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What is a 32 Layer PCB Stackup?

A 32 layer PCB stackup is the arrangement of several layers on the board. A PCB stackup comprises several PCB layers. Manufacturers use a machine to achieve this. This machine sandwiches several double PCB layers. An insulating epoxy layer known as prepreg sandwiches these layers to become one.

Prepreg is a core material in a 32 layer PCB stackup. This material plays a significant impact in layers arrangement. A double layer PCB is the primary building block of multilayer boards. A double-sided PCB fabrication technique makes it easy to fabricate multilayer board.

The top layer and the bottom layer of a multilayer PCB stackup is very important. This is because manufacturers mount electronic components on them. However, you can have electronic components between stackup.

A 32 layer PCB comprises signal layers, power planes, and ground planes. Manufacturers use a signal layer as the top layer and the bottom layer. The middle layer can include the signal and plane layers. A 32 layer PCB stackup comprises more than 10 signal layers. When there are more layers in a board, the pin density reduces. A 32 layer board is an advanced and complex multilayer PCB.

The stackup requires more conductive layers and dielectric material. This is because this board is commonly used in high-end devices and applications. A 32 layer PCB stackup is important before the layout design.

32 Layer PCB Fabrication

The fabrication of a 32 layer PCB begins with a software design. This helps to provide the layout. Assembly details are important for a 32 layer PCB. For the inner layers of a 32 layer board, manufacturers must ensure “clearance trace to plated hole edge.”

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 32 Layer PCB

There are several multilayer boards in the PCB industry. The type of multilayer board you use depends on the requirements of the application.  It is important to consider certain factors before using a 32 layer board.

Operation frequency

This refers to the parameters and the capacity of a board. A 32 layer PCB is ideal for use in operating capacity. This board is ideal for use in applications that require fast signal transmission.

Number of density and signal layers

Signal layers and pin density determine the number of layers in a PCB. The number of layers increases as the pin density reduces.

Lead time

It takes more time to manufacture an advanced multilayer board like 32 layer PCB. However, the lead time can reduce if you can pay more.


A 32 layer PCB is very expensive to manufacture. Therefore, it is important to consider the manufacturing costs of this board. To achieve the highest capacity, it is important to consider the manufacturing costs.

Layer Distribution in 32 Layer PCB

The arrangement of layers in a multilayer PCB is of utmost importance. Here, dielectric materials and conductive layers bond using a soldermask. A 32 layer PCB comprises evenly spaced layers. It is important to consider some factors when distributing layers on a board. Firstly, consider the distribution of the signal layer. Secondly, the distribution of the power supply layer.

Good layer distribution can help to achieve a balanced stackup. In a balanced stackup, the cross-sectional structure and layer surfaces of a PCB are symmetrical. Also, balancing the dielectric thickness in your stackup is ideal for layer distribution.

In a 32 layer PCB, the signal layer makes up both the top layer and bottom layer. Manufacturers distribute layers based on several factors. The number of layers in a board will determine the layer distribution. In an even layered board, there is an even distribution of layers. Proper layer distribution is very important in a 32 layer PCB stackup.


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Applications of a 32 Layer PCB

In the real world, a 32 layer PCB is commonly used for producing many complex devices. For several industries, this board has become a better alternative.  A 32 layer board is suitable for use in applications like:

Computer systems

You will find a 32 layer PCB in motherboards. This board has got save-spacing feature and high functionality. Therefore, it is commonly used in producing several computer electronics.


The industrial system uses high-power and high-end machines. Sometimes, these machines work under high temperatures. Industrial devices feature a 32 layer PCB due to its ability to withstand high temperatures.


In the automotive industry, there is a high demand for multilayer boards. You will find a 32 layer board in engines sensors, headlight switches, and more.


High signal transmission is an important aspect of the telecommunication industry. A 32 layer PCB is highly functional when it comes to signal transmission. You will find this board in satellite and GPS applications.

Medical devices

The healthcare systems aren’t left out. Most medical devices feature multilayer boards. Today’s medical devices are compact and complex to produce. Hence, the need for a 32 layer PCB in their production.


A 32 layer PCB is an evenly layered board with great features. This board can withstand varying temperatures. Therefore, it is used in high-end applications. Several machines in different sectors feature a 32 layer PCB.


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