All You Should Know About Complex PCB Assembly

Choosing a reliable Complex PCB Assembly manufacturing company could become a very stressful and challenging task. Moreover, there are some ways with which you will be able to narrow your options down.

When in the PCB marketplace to source your printed circuit board, there is a need for you to know some important problems. Some issues you may have to include are: record of customer service, production capabilities, responsiveness and flexibility, quality standards and more. For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on the important things you need to know regarding complex PCB Assembly.

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What is a Complex PCB Assembly?

The short way of calling complex PCB assembly is complex PCBA. This is the assembly of printed circuit boards or placing of the components on the PCB which you have already fabricated. There is a little difference between PCB manufacturing and Complex PCB Assembly.

The former involves the fabrication of the circuit board, while assembly on the other hand has to do with placing the different components onto the empty circuit board to help it to develop properly and into a well functioning board.

Furthermore, assemblers can place these components either mechanically or manually. Due to its precision and accuracy, mechanical Complex PCB Assembly is known as the best possible choice

How You Should Choose Complex PCB Assembly Technology

Choosing PCBA technology has to do with many issues. If you’re working on a specific budget and you require boards which will serve you well, you may choose those that are manufactured using the SMT technology.

If your problem isn’t money, then you work with the through-hole complex PCB assembly. Also, do you desire boards which can withstand frequent or repeated stress and vibration? If this is the case, the through hole technology will be the best complex PCB assembly method to use.  Furthermore, you can easily conduct SMT assembly in contrast to the through-hole method. Once again, this factor is a very important one to consider.

What is the Process of Complex PCB Assembly?

We will be revealing the actual process of complex PCB assembly. Though no standard way of achieving it exists, here are the five known ways of conducting complex PCB assembly.

Stenciling of the Solder Paste

This step is the very first in the whole process. It has to do with applying the solder paste onto the bare circuit board. This solder paste is known as a stainless steel and thin material. These parts where you will be applying the paste is also where these pieces will have to sit on the complete PCB.

Pick and Place

Once you are done assembling using solder, the next thing is to pick and place the component. You can achieve this process by using a special robotic machine. Though you can achieve this is a manual way, using the machine is the best due to its accuracy

Reflow Soldering

Once the solder as well as the component are now in their rightful place, they must stay in place. In order for the assemblers to make this happen, they have to make sure that this solder paste solidifies properly to hold the components of the board. The best way to achieve this is through reflow soldering.

Quality Control and Inspection

Immediately you are through with reflow soldering, then you need to inspect the board properly to ensure quality control. These are inspection checks that ensure the functionality of your circuit board. In this case, you will be checking the circuit board for quality.

Functional Tests and Final Inspection

Once you are through with quality checks, the next is conducting some final tests. All these tests help in the identification of errors before taking your circuit board into full manufacturing. The main reason for the tests is preventing any costly errors or mistakes immediately the board gets to the market.

Inspection and Testing Process in Complex PCB Assembly

It could be very annoying and frustrating to order a faulty printed circuit board that will not work effectively in different electronic devices. To be safe, make sure that the PCBs are tested and inspected for functionality.

Top manufacturers always minimize possible costs of redoing the PCB manufacturing. This is possible by making your PCB go through tests and inspection before you go ahead to release them into the market. Make sure that the circuit boards are submitted for DFM tests.

When making your PCBs pass through quality and inspection control, you could decide to select manual checks or x-ray inspection. This solely depends on your budget. We advise you to use X-ray inspection, because it is clearly the best. This is because it has the ability to inspect the hidden ability and features present on the circuit board.

The manual tests are usually cheap. However, they may fail to bring out the best results because man could make errors.

Finally, you need to consider using AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection). This technique is important and is useful in testing and producing printed circuit boards. With AOI, you will be able to have fast and accurate inspection of the electronic assemblies. This will allow you to have high quality products after the complex PCB assembly.

Things to Consider Before Choosing your Complex PCB Assembly Provider

If you have been struggling to find a complex PCB Assembly provider, then you are never alone. Below are the necessary things you need to take note of if your complex PCB assembly will be successful.

  • Contact your complex PCB assembly provider. Communicate frequently with your provider to get the very best delivery.
  • Don’t always work with offshore providers
  • Don’t bank on or work with just one supplier. This could put you in a very difficult position
  • Pay special attention to the file formats


We hope you understand what complex pcb assembly is all about now. Complex PCB assembly is the assembly of printed circuit boards or placing of the components on the PCB which you have already fabricated.

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