10 Top-Rated Electronic Assembly Services in Spain

Spain represents an intriguing destination for plenty of electronic enthusiasts, and that includes me. The vibrancy of the electronic industry complimented by favorable regulations has led to a lot of investment and the emergence of electronic assembly services ltd companies. Therefore, it cannot become that difficult to get a top electronic assembly service ltd company, right? Well, the truth, contrary to what you might think, lies in the fact that picking a leading EAS provider in Spain can prove difficult.  So why does this scenario arise, and what leads to this? How can you pick the right top-tier electronic assembly services in the industry?


How to Pick a Top Electronic Assembly Services Provider

If you want a top assembly services provider for your electronic products, you have to get yourself the best EAS (electronic assembly services) company in Spain. The country has plenty of electronic manufacturing and assembly companies. Additionally, we all know how difficult it can prove to pick a top electronic assembly services ltd company from this pool of electronic assembly solution providers. It becomes easy to get confused and end up with the wrong choice for your electronic assembly service needs.

You, therefore, need to have a carefully thought-through strategy to pick the best EAS provider. So what does it all entail? How can you ensure that you end up picking a top-rate electronics assembly service ltd company for your needs?


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Fundamental Considerations

  • It always helps to consider the rating of the electronic assembly provider.  Digitization and increased access to the internet make it possible to access ratings online. Ratings come from a convergence of diverse considerations. It includes the reputation of the company, its history, and industry experience, besides aspects like quality of assembly, cost, etc. Therefore, such ratings can become ideal where they prove available as an indicator of the quality stature of a company’s assembly process.
  • Personal preferences. Your preferences should also anchor your decisions in choosing a top electronic assembly provider for your electronic needs, for example, regarding the electronic assembly firm’s location. Some individuals prefer to avoid extra costs with shipping or transportation costs and would rather have an assembly provider near them. Therefore, it plays a central part in determining the best solutions provider for your electronic assembly needs.
  • Available reviews can always prove insightful in telling a story regarding the capability of the electronic assembly services ltd company, primarily from previous and current customers. Suppose the client’s experiences prove bad or good. In that case, their insights, whether good or bad when dealing with the assembly firm, will offer valuable insights in gauging the company’s suitability to your brand and assembly needs.
  • Additionally, it plays a key role in the determination of a top electronic assembly firm. Here, you can opt to depend on close and trusted contacts who have dealt with the electronics assembly firm. It can always come as a trusted family member, an industry peer, close friend, etc.

However, you cannot stop at this but delve deeper and make further considerations, especially on the potential electronic assembly services company. Below are some crucial considerations you must take into account.


Considerations for Choosing a Top Correct Electronic Assembly Service Company

ElectronicS Assembly Services

  • Does the EAC possess extensive experience dealing in the electronic assembly of products? History and experience, primarily when long, acts as a primary pedigree indicator in the industry and reinforces confidence in the company’s capacity and ability to assemble electronic product solutions with quality and precision.
  • Is the EAC’s investment in cutting-edge tech and equipment for the assembly process obvious? A lot of leading electronic assemblers adopt modern tech and equipment in the assembly process. Such an assembly infrastructure attests to the professionalism level, longevity, and quality of their services.
  • Is the electronic assembly company in compliance with the laid down industry regulations? Plenty of top-rate electronic assemblers possess certifications of various kinds, demonstrating their compliance with regulations of the industry. It becomes an important aspect when you consider the difficulty of achieving and maintaining such status in the industry.
  • What product testing is on offer, and how extensive does it prove during and after the assembly? You always have to endeavor to discuss product testing in the design phase of the production process. Additionally, it also becomes crucial after assembly to ensure everything works as you had anticipated in the design phase. Further, the nature and kind of product testing need to guide you on the ideal electronic assembly firm for your electronic assembly requirements. It can entail component engineering management, component obsolescence management, and product lifecycle support.
  • Can you term the firm’s communication as effective and transparent? The electronics assembly firm requires a demonstration of communication, consistency, collaboration in the electronic assembly pipeline. Every top electronic assembly firms have this attribute.
  • Can the electronics assembly company prove flexible in the handling of revisions in the product design? Can the firm deliver promptly? The need to illustrate the firm’s capacity to handle the assembly services of the high-mix low volume has to demonstrate the system’s dynamism.
  • Can you deem the electronic assembly firm an ideal cultural fit? It always proves vital to speak a similar assembly language concerning the electronic assembly and production process.  A top assembler will know the requirements that need addressing to finish the task at hand on time besides possessing the applicable certifications and legalities of working on specific products or programs.
  • What strategy of managing traceability does the electronic assembly firm have? For instance, the supply chain process needs traceability as a vital part in tracking production, assemble numbers, match replacements, and recall faulty products or components.
  • Does the electronic assembly company have a VOC program to monitor the levels of service? VOC describes the feedback from customers, especially in detailing their expectations and experiences when it comes to your assembly services and product outcomes.
  • Can the electronic assembly company align its model of business to suit yours? True partnerships in the assembly and manufacturing of electronic products become pivotal, and executive leaderships must open their minds.


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10 Top-Rated Electronic Assembly Services in Spain

ElectronicS Assemblies


Established in 1973, the electronic assembly and manufacturing services company dealing with the production of radiant hobs, electrical cooking, touch controls, and tubular elements. The company comes highly rated, certified, and with over 1100 employees the world over. It is located in

Company highlights

  • Five production locations world over
  • Compliant with industry standards and regulations
  • Over 47 years in industry experience
  • Over 1100 global employees
  • Manufacturers and assembles diverse electronic heaters and other heating systems

Products offered

  • Controls for cooktops
  • Radiant heaters
  • Tubular heating elements
  • Radiant heaters for ovens
  • Controls for ovens

#2. RayMing PCB and Assembly

Founded over 15 years ago, the industry leader specializes in the manufacturing, assembly, and fabrication of printed circuit boards. The company’s operations involve printed circuit boards of diverse types for diverse application areas across the world. What’s more, it comes as a certified box build assembly manufacturer.

The company has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, though it possesses a global presence.

Company highlights

  • Manufactures and assembles PCB and other allied products
  • Small to mass volume production
  • Over 15 years of PCB box build industry experience
  • Produces diverse PCB products for diverse markets and industries
  • Certified and compliant with international industry regulations and standards
  • Global presence


Products offered

  • Flexible-rigid PCB
  • HDI boards
  • Aluminum boards
  • High-frequency circuit boards
  • Rogers
  • Teflon


Established in 1999, the company comes as a highly rated specialist in electronic engineering. The company comes as a certified electronics provider delving in pneumatics, charging point installations, and electronic engineering.

The company deploys the latest technologies and machines to provide quality assembly and manufacturing of electronic systems and products.  It is located in Madrid, Spain.

Company highlights

  • Over 20 years of industry experience
  • The company offers diverse product solutions
  • Compliant with industry requirements and regulations (UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008, UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004)

Product solutions offered

  • Charging point installation
  • Pneumatics (Installation and commissioning, Boiler inspection – Level AB or C tests)
  • Electronic Engineering


Founded in 1987, the electronic manufacturing and assembly services company provides top-rated electronic and electric-related solutions to its clients. The company comes as a certified assembler and manufacturer of switchgear manufacturing solutions owing to its world-class assembling and manufacturing facilities. It is located in Madrid, Spain.

Company highlights

  • Compliant with industry standards and regulations (ISO 9001,UNE-EN-ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
  • Focuses on design, manufacture, assembly, repair, commercialization, and revision of electrical switchgear
  • Diverse switchgear assembly and manufacturing product solutions
  • Provision of diverse manufacturing and assembly services

Products offered


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BGA Electronic AssemblY


With a demonstrated industry experience of over 50 years, the electronic assembly services company proves highly rated. It delves into the manufacture of electronic components for industrial automation, with a diverse product solution range. Established in 1969, the company comes as a certified electronic assembly solutions provider and is located in Barcelona, Spain.

Company highlights

  • Over 50 years of industry operation
  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards
  • Manufactures and assembles diverse electronic products
  • State of the equipment and technologies for the manufacturing and assembly processes

Products offered

  • Level relays
  • Timers
  • Level sensors
  • Control relays
  • Accessories
  • Saving packs
  • Industrial IoT


Established as GUILERA in 1953 and officially rebranded GUILERA SA in 1981, the company proves highly rated. It specializes in the provision of electronic, automotive, and industrial solutions. With its industry

Company highlights

  • Focusses on research and development, manufacturing, and assembly of electronic products
  • Compliant with all the regulations and standards required by the industry regulators (ISO 14001,ISO 9001)
  • Manufactures and assembles diverse electromechanical equipment solutions for diverse industry markets
  • Collaborative approach with clients in delivering manufacturing services and products

Products offered

  • Motor controllers
  • Control units (ECU)
  • AC / DC converters
  • Electromechanical and electronic relays
  • Flashing units
  • Timers
  • Regulators
  • Buzzers
  • Battery separators


As a leading light in the electricity distribution industry, the electronic and assembly service company comes with years of industry experience providing industrial magnetism-related manufacturing and assembly services and product solutions. It is located in Gijon, Spain.

Company highlights

  • Diverse services including repairs, technical assistance, and testing
  • Compliant with industry standards and regulations (ISO 45001 certification)
  • Numerous electronic products
  • Latest technologies, skilled workforce, and modern equipment to facilitate production and assembly

Products and services offered

  • Magnetic lift
  • Magnetic separation
  • Electric equipment
  • Diverse applications
  • Reconstruction and repairs
  • Testing
  • Technical assistance


Initially established in 1962, the company has passed a series of acquisition and merger periods with the current branding starting in 2013. It is highly rated in engines and generators research and development, assembly, and manufacturing. The company is located in Berango, Spain.

Company highlights

  • Supply a global market
  • Excellent and around-the-clock customer support
  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards
  • Acts as a reference company for industrial, hydroelectric, and marine sectors
  • Manufacture, assembly, and repair of engines and generators for diverse sectors

Products solutions offered

  • Synchronous and asynchronous generators
  • Synchronous and asynchronous engines


The Gijon-based company comes as an industry leader in producing or manufacturing, though it also assembles electronic products. It mainly deals in manufacturing and assembling components in grounding, welding, catenary, and power resistance.

The company is located in Juveria, Gijon area of Spain.

Company highlights

  • About 50 years of industry experience
  • Deals in the manufacture and assembly of diverse connector electronic products
  • Targets diverse sectors
  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards (ISO 14001,ISO 9001, ISO 45001, UL 467)

Products solutions offered

  • Aluminothermy welding of copper
  • KLK-WELD Material Selector
  • KLK-WELD procedure
  • Mold
  • Cartridges
  • KLK-WELD Team
  • Safety data sheets
  • Procedure for welding
  • Power resistors
  • Grounding
  • Catenary
  • Catenary Tram (Flexible)
  • Rigid Catenary
  • Retractable Catenary


The highly-rated electronic assembly company comes as a certified operator specializing in manufacturing and assembling electronic products for diverse sectors. It got established in 1978 and assemble quality and diverse electronic products. It is located in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, Paseo De Casares, Spain, and has skilled staff, the latest equipment, and technologies to produce excellent assembly services.

Company highlights

  • Provides diverse product solutions
  • Quality machines, equipment, and technologies for assembly and manufacturing
  • Skilled workforce
  • Serves different sectors
  • Over 40 years of industry experience

Products offered

  • Tighten Terminals
  • Slicers
  • Punching machines
  • Bending machines
  • Hydraulic bombs
  • Dies / Punches / Punches
  • Crimping Tools
  • Cutters
  • Crimping dies/Knockouts/Punches
  • Punch drivers
  • Curvadoras
  • Hydraulic pumps

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